Amazing Manhwa to read: The Beginning After The End

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To read The Beginning After the End Manhwa

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This Manhwa is based on the story of King Grey, Grey was unrivaled in both strength and wealth but he died due to an unknown reason. However, he gets reincarnated into a new world with his memory intact. A world filled with magic and monsters.

Now Grey obtained a second chance to live his life in a new way by correcting his past mistakes. However, underneath the peace and prosperity of the new world there’s an undercurrent threat that can destroy everything.

About the beginning after the end webtoon online

This famous manhwa is based on its light novel whose author is Turtleme. This manhwa is very famous after solo leveling and is ongoing. The beginning after the end light novel currently contains 389 chapters to read. Check out both link to read the beginning after the end manga and light novel.

Pictures of latest Manhwa chapter

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Link to read the manhwa


Link to read the light novel


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