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12+ Best Romantic GL Manhwa Recommendations in 2023

GL manhwa recommendations

A few days back we shared an amazing list of bl manhwa that Otaku’s should read. When we shared that article on the Youtube Community post we got a comment from our Subscriber that we should make a list of Best Gl Manhwa’s and share it on our website. Our team Thought Why Not & started working on the Recommendation List. Finally, in this article, we are going to share the Best GL manhwa recommendations & the best Yuri manhwa recommendations that every GL manhwa lover should read at least once. All Gl Manhwa & Yuri manga webtoons ( Korean GL Webtoon) shared below are very interesting and with amazing story line-ups that are intriguing and you will end up finishing it in no time. All Yuri or gl enthusiasts will find this article helpful. If you’re interested to know everything about this

Since fans are very interested in top Gl manhwa’s & Yuri manhwas and all the information about this genre of manhwa. Here, we are going to provide the best list of Yuri Manga and Gl manhwa that can be humanly put together.

If by any chance you haven’t read any manhwa present on our list yet, I strongly suggest you read it as soon as you get your eyes on it. This genre Of Manhwa is very exciting and has amazing storylines with great art.

12+ Best Gl manhwa recommendations & Yuri webtoon recommendations for Gl or Yuri lovers

Here are some of the Best gl manhwa recommendations (for girls who love fans) recommendations list that we put together.

1. Girl in the Birdcage

Girl in the Birdcage

Girl in the Birdcage is another exciting Korean GL Manhwa and spicy GL that has a unique and twisted storyline. The prestigious art school Yeonkwang a prestigious school based on art discriminates on the basis of talent. This school is very different than any ordinary school where the life of a talented and normal one is the same.

Moreover, in Yeonkwang every talented student is given everything that they want but ordinary students get nothing but a lecture. However, things become interesting when a girl from a talented group falls in love with a girl from the ordinary department. Read to know what happened next. this gl manga is worth every reader’s time for girls who love manga to know where to read WLW Manhwa check the official website.

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2. The Love Doctor

The Love Doctor

This Yuri manhua & spicy gl is based on Jung Erae, she was a free-spirited person. She didn’t pay much attention to anything whether it was in her real life or in her love life. It was to a point that can be considered her fault. Things become much worse when one day suddenly her college friend creates a ruckus Erae plays with his emotions and did false promises.

Her friend accused her of making false promises and creating a mess in the coffee shop l. After this embarrassing scene, she was kicked out of the job and was hurt a lot.

So to solve this problem she consulted a loved doctor and that doctor was very famous in her consultancy business. But with each passing session, Erae started having feelings for her.

3. Ring My Bell-

Ring My Bell

This Yuri Manhwa & Good Gl Manhwa has an amazing art style and the character’s with an interesting plot. Mia was an artist who worked on webtoons and recently one of her works got a big hit with the help of a famous publisher. Lately, her workload increased so much that she has not been able to give time to her girlfriend.

Moreover, this led to their relationship to ruin and finally, Mia’s girlfriend left her. But since Mia was very devoted to her work she focussed on continuing her work. Later on, writing became burdensome for her as she felt lonely but the entry of a new neighbor changed her life. Read to know what happened to Mia and who is that new neighbor. One of the best Yuri mangas in our collection.

4. Getting to Know Grace

An amazing historical girls’ love manga is based on Korean GL manhwa with a unique style and story line-up. This manhwa is based on discrimination between statuses. One of the major problems of society is portrayed beautifully in the form of a story.

Duke had a beautiful daughter named Andrew whom he provided everything that she wanted. Moreover, because of her highest status, everyone supports her and cares for her but she wants something else.

What she wanted the most was her father’s love and acknowledgment, plus she had a frail body and was sick all year. Herta was the only person who cared for her sincerely. She was her best friend and her personal maid.

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5. Her Tale of Shim Chong

Her Tale of Shim Chong

Her Tale of Shim Chong

The tale of Shim Chong is based on a historical novel with a typical art style and characters. This manhwa can be considered one of the best Gl Manhwa & Yuri manhwas.

Manhwa is based on a girl child who was sacrificed in the sea as a filial child. However, she returned alive to become Empress as God showed sympathy to that child.

Apart from the story, this manhwa is very unique and different from the historical novel. Our protagonist in this manhwa, Shim Chong is a beggar who takes care of his father who is blind and is very helpful to others. But she fell in love with the wife of an old minister who was in a very high position. Personally, this is one the best gl manhwa that we read so far. As a fellow Otaku, I know that everyone has a different taste, but as per my taste, this Gl manhwa is a good read for all Otaku’s out there.

6. Maid in Heaven

korean gl webtoon

Another amazing Gl Manhwa Maid in Haven is a mild-romantic Manhwa. Since Sherl Watson was an orphan her father’s friend offered her a maid’s job in a desolate mansion situated in a strange place.

Moreover, there were strange rumors about the place the governor killed his wife in the mansion. After Sherl gets there, one maid tries to kick her out so that she can’t get appointed but ultimately after some incidents, she gets the job.

While working in that mansion she became aware of many secrets and tragedies that happened in the past at that place & affecting the present place too. If you find Mysterious stories interesting then this one is for You.

7. Best Served Cold

This smut yuri manga is about the stories of Minjoo who was ignored by her husband no matter what she did. Even after rigorous tries to please her husband, she doesn’t get any love and affection from her husband. After trying so hard she felt hopeless but one day she bumps into a beautiful girl named Seo Jia. She captivates Minjoo with her beauty and charm. Seo Jia was her new neighbor and things that started as a friendship recently turned into an affair.

However, was everything that easy because Seo Jia had some secrets that might backfire on Minjoo. Read this Gl Manhwa to know what Seo Jia’s true intentions were.

8. The Barefoot Nina

Eunseo didn’t want to transfer to a new school because her mother pressured her a lot. She was transferred to a reputed school. Her new school was very strict in following all the rules and nothing except for studies was allowed in her school.

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Moreover, she tries to work hard but still becomes an outcast and is depressed until she meets Nina, a mysterious girl. She changed her life completely.

Their relationship started as a normal friendship but soon both of them started having feelings toward each other. All those frequent meet on the rooftop leads to another and things turn into love completely. However, Nina had a dark past that Eunseo was totally unaware of and maybe that secret can ruin their relationship. Read this manga Yuri’s recommendation to know what happened to both of them. This is one of the Best manga Yuri recommendations that we have for Yuri smut manga lovers out there.

9. What Does The Fox Say?

After Sungji joined her new firm based on game development she became the center of attention because of her beautiful appearance. All male workers were interested in her. Everyone showed great attention and complimented her to become acquainted with her.

But Sungji was attracted to her female team leader Sumin because of her bold, bossy, and blunt behavior. Read to know how Sungji manages to survive in a competitive environment while trying to get her love Sumin.

10. Would you? Could you?

Would you? Could you?

In college, Yunseo had feelings for Juna since college times but her love became unrequited love as Juna got married. Moreover, due to Juna’s sudden pregnancy, she married her husband which ended in a very bad way.

After years Yunseo meets Juna again and realizes that she still has lingering feelings toward her. Even after Juna has a child she still can’t reject her and wants to risk everything for her. Yunseo is unaware that Saeha has feelings for her. Do read this Korean GL Manhwa if you want to have a binge read.

11. Shimeji Simulation

An amazing ongoing yuri manhwa with a school life plot. This new gl manhwa is heartwarming and is highly rated and appreciated by Gl & Yuri lovers. Do give it a try to know more about this amazing comedy romance manhwa and how the story progresses.

12. Tsuki Ga Kirei Desu Ne (Itou Hachi)

The latest manhwa with amazing romance and comedy that every Yuri/gl lover would love to read. This manhwa is ongoing and is loved by readers. So do give it a try if you love real gl manhwa. Overall story, translation, and art are worth it.

Best Korean GL Webtoon / GL Comics to Read

  • Lilith
  • Elixir
  • Everyday Lily
  • Just Right There
  • Pulse
  • Mage and Demon Queen


Therefore, we conclude our article on Best GL Manhwa recommendations, we sharing some of the best GL webtoons & Yuri webcomics that are present out there. All Manhwa & Manga recommended in this list have good GL manga content. These are all wholesome yuri smut manga and all these are very close to the yuri manga(adult yuri manga ) category. Do check our website Animeindie to get more amazing manhwa recommendations, manga, and anime updates & Also Follow Us On Instagram & YouTube for more Amazing Anime Related Content.

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