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20+ Best Manhwa Where MC Is Handsome But Hides It

This article contains Best Manhwa Where MC Is Handsome But Hides It for every manhwa lovers who loves to read manhwa with handsome mc or smart mc manhwa and is based on amazing story plot. Best Manhwa Where MC Is Handsome But Hides It is filled with manhwa recommendations which is very interesting as well as promising for every manhwa readers. We are here to provide you best manhwa to read without any problems. All the manhwa mentioned has amazing art and contains overpowered mc who hides his handsome face.

Moreover, the information on manhwa provided below is genuine and you can easily find every manhwa on internet very easily if you want to read any mentioned manhwa without any problem.

List of Best Manhwa Where MC Is Handsome But Hides It

This list contains manhwa with handsome mc, overall this manhwa recommendation is worth reading because mc is op and badass.

My Husband Hides His Beauty

This is a romance manhwa with a male mc whose family were famous as monsters for generations. Lord Erden the lord of Halstead castle wears a mask to hide his scary face from everyone. But one day a lady name Leticia was sent to Halsted to Mary Erden in place of her sisters. Then a rumor spread everywhere that stated that the lady who married a monster’ and was pitied by everyone. However, there was a secret that everyone was unaware of about the monster lord of Halstead.

Later on Leticia fell in love with her husband and did not wanted divorce because her husband was very beautiful and strong. Moreover, she started spreading more rumor about the north and about his husband that he is very scary and this place is not good for normal people. Well of course, overall story is amazing with great art work and manhwa mc glow up . Thus this manhwa where mc is a noble is worth your time do give it a try.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

Manhwa Where MC Is Handsome But Hides It

This is a ruthless mc manhwa that is based on revenge of Yeon-woo who had a twin brother but he disappeared five years ago and no one knows his whereabouts. However, one day his brother pocket watch was returned to Yeon-woo and he found a strange diary in which every detail about his brother life was mentioned. He was now sure that his brother died because of some unfortunate circumstances.

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After reading the diary Yeon-woo wanted revenge for death of his innocent brother. He hides his face with mask because he and his brothers face are almost similar. To know more about this ruthless mc manhwa read the full story. Can be considered as an anti hero manhwa.

Solo max newbie

This smart mc manhwa is an action romance manhwa with op mc that is totally a readers favorite. The main character in this manhwa was a gaming geek who was mad about a game who no one could clear but through endless trials and error he finally cleared the game. However, strangely on day the game becomes reality the tower of trials and monsters started appearing from black portals and humanity was in grave danger. Then all those who was once a player started getting unique powers to protect humanity.

Our mc knows everything about this game so he became a total badass player with endless potential. He sometime hides his face to act as an unknown player who is strongest in the world. Totally a badass system manhwa with op mc worth readers time. An amazing martial arts manhwa with op mc.

I’m Not That Kind of Talent

This smart mc manhwa where mc is anti hero with unique and new story line up for every manhwa weak to strong mc readers so try if you haven’t read this manhwa. Deon hart a weak and sickly person who was the weakest of all tried to survive between the war of human empire and the demons. However, one day during the raid on demon king by the hero of the empire. After a prolong intense battle between hero and demon king hero ended miserably and while checking the hero Deon get caught by demon army. Overall this manhwa where mc looks weak but is strong and can be considered a manhwa with manipulative mc.

But due to a strange misunderstanding Demon king thinks of him as his savior and made him commander in his army. This is a ruthless mc manhwa is total badass and with split personality mc. This is an anti hero mc manhwa where mc is a noble.

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Becoming The Villain’s Family

This is a manhwa where mc is anti hero and story is based on female lead Aria who proposed a marriage offer to young grand duke of valentine family who are rumored to have contract with devils. She hides the fact that she is special and have powers because of her special lineage. Aria hides her face by mask to not attract attention o everyone because she is very beautiful. Moreover, her voice is so unique that she didn’t speak rather converse with the help of note.

The fact that aria died once is still unknown to everyone and she wanted to help the duke of valentine that helped her in her previous life. This manhwa mc glow up is an amazing romance manhwa with handsome mc and fl totally worth your time. This is an amazing anti hero mc manhwa where mc is a noble with romance manhwa with male mc. .

Sleeping Ranker

This system manhwa with op mc is a virtual reality game based manhwa with op mc who hides his face and get a God Rank class in the game. Hyunsung became the descendent of Thananos, the strongest god inside the game. In this manhwa where mc is a god decendent and is powerful. The speed at which Hunsung level ups is totally badass and his play style becomes very popular on social media as well.

The fact that he become Arsura the famous Pro gamer inside the game world is still not known to his sister who is also a pro gamer. This system manhwa where mc looks weak but is strong and total badass with an amazing plot as well as art style. An amazing martial arts manhwa with op mc.


This manhwa weak to strong mc is based on an unattractive ugly male lead named Park Hyung Suk. Hyung suk struggled in everything and was bullied in school a lot. But he wasn’t able to retaliate because things could become more worse for him if he messes with anyone single handedly. However, a strange turn of event occurred and he became the most popular boy in his school with an amazing and beautiful body.

Moreover, his body was strong and well versed in fighting. This miracle changed his life in school from a nerd to famous star boy. People in admired and had crush on his. This smart mc manhwa is totally a ruthless mc manhwa mc glow up with full gang fighting so try if you love amazing martial arts manhwa with op mc.

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I became The Ugly Lady

This manhwa where mc is a noble and has a unique, amazing art and story plot. Sylvia Atlante was a famous Lady of Atlante household but she was famous as an ugly lady in Aristocratic world. Everyone always ridicule and disrespected her because of her fat and ugly appearance.

However, she tried to kill herself while she was locked because her vile act but strangely a transmigration happened to her body and some Korean girl possessed her body and started living in her place. She was aware of future because she had read this novel for passing time. An amazing romance manhwa with male mc.

Return of the Frozen Player

This is an amazing action romance manhwa with op mc named Seo Jun Ho who was once a world class hunter. He never revealed his face and real name to anyone. He was famous as Spectre and with his teammates he cleared the final boss floor while his teamates scarified their life so that he can kill the main boss.

Things turns out real interesting when mc awakened himself from his deep slumber. He and his teammates was in deep sleep for many years after clearing the boss raid. Read to know more how Seo jun helped his previous teammates. A very interesting system manhwa with op mc and leveling system. An amazing martial arts manhwa with op mc.

The Beginning After The End

This romance manhwa with a male mc, the story is about the previous king named Grey who gets reincarnated into a magic fantasy world as a baby. He had his previous life memory and started understanding things very quickly. His family named him Arthur, he started using mana at very early age and made his core while he was a child. Arthur was a Quadra elemental mage with a dragon as a bond. He become an adventurer while hiding his face and used a code name Note as a hunter.

Moreover, Arthur is very handsome with red hair and white slim face, this manhwa where mc looks weak but is strong, badass and handsome. An amazing martial arts manhwa with op mc and .

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