12+ Best Manga where mc can read minds (Mind Reading Protagonist)

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Telepathy manga

Hello Otakus, we are back again with another Recommendation list of Mangas & Manhwa. Today while surfing through a Reddit Webtoons forum we saw a query by a user who was asking for Some Manga where mc can read minds. There were many fewer replies on that post as no one knows many manga & manhwa with this niche. So Our team decided to take the matter into our hands & we started working on the Recommendation list of Manga & Manhwa where mc can read the minds of others.

In this recommendation list, we listed Telepathy manga, Psychic manga, Anime with mind reading mc & manga with mind-reading protagonists as they all have the same genre as the MC of these Manga can see people’s thoughts. You can visit Recommendations to get more exciting & Marvelous Manga recommendations like this.

On What Basis We Picked Manga & Manhwa Included In Our List?

So as you guys can see we ranked Manga & Manhwa with Mind reading Protagonists below. So the first question that may come to your mind is on what basis we ranked them from Top to Bottom. So we searched the internet to find Manga & Manhwa with a similar storyline to our topic & started reading them. We picked out the best from the list after reading them thoroughly. Then we searched on the internet for Reviews & ratings of those Mangas. We also asked our team members to review these Manga & manhwa and rate them accordingly. So finally we compared all the reviews & ratings and on that basis, we ranked this mc with mind-reading ability from top to bottom.

Best 12+ Manga where mc can read minds Recommendations List

So we listed our recommendations below. You can Read the summary of these Manga, Anime & then decide which one you want to Read. So without Wasting any further time let’s Checkout the list of Manga where Mc can read minds.


Spy X Family is one of the most famous Manga out there. It has its own Anime adaptation too which is also one of the most viewed Anime of All time. As you can guess from the name this Manga revolves around a Spy. In order to complete his mission A spy known as Twilight has to make a family. He married a City Hall worker and adopted a girl child. But little to his knowledge his wife & daughter have their secrets of their own.

His wife is a trained Assassin & daughter Anya is a psychic who can read the minds of others. This is why we added this Manga & Anime to our list as one of the Lead Anya has Psychic abilities & can read the mind of others. What will happen? Can they keep their abilities Secret from the world? & Will Twilight is able to complete his mission. Read Spy X Family Manga Or watch its anime adapts to know more.

Telepathic wanderers

Telepathic wanderers (Nanase) is a Japanese Manga whose story revolves around a Beautiful girl who has telepathic powers. Mc of this Manga can read the Mind of others. One day she decided to go back to her hometown and settle there. But her hidden powers make it difficult for her to adjust herself there. However, her life takes a. Turn when she met a young boy Borio who was abused a lot. Norio has his own hidden powers. She takes him under her wing and they go on a journey where they have strange encounters every other day.


Haruka Kotoura is a Normal High school-going girl who has a special power due to which she can read the minds of others. Due to this ability, her parents left her to her grandfather. Even her classmates Don’t like her as she can read their minds. The powers which first sounded like a boon turned into a bane for Haruka.

Due to this, I’ll treat her as a cold Blooded Girl who doesn’t care much about others. But her life takes a turn when she moves to a new school. Even in a new school, many people didn’t like her but there was one who found her power astonishing & interested to know more about it, Yoshihisa Manabe. They instantly became friends & said he will never leave her & be with her lifetime

This Manga / Anime was rated 1,69,160 times on Myanimelist with an average rating of 7.17.

Mousou Telepathy

Ayako Nakano has a special power through which she can read the minds of others. While this power may sound exotic but she never wanted it because it makes her social life more difficult. She can read the minds of her peers and what they want from her too. This alienates her from others as she knows what they think about her and what they want. However, her life takes a turn when she moves to her final year. She met Hayato Toda who was popular among students. She was shocked to know that he has a secret crush on her. Ayako also discovers that he has lewd fantasies of her Every single minute which she has to go through too. Still, she is attracted to him much more than before.

What will happen after this Watch & Read Mousou Telepathy to know..

Eternal Sabbath

Ryousuke Akiba who also goes by the code name ES given to him during a Scientific experiment. He has special power through which he can go into the minds of others & know their darkest secrets and even rearrange their memories. He is over 2 centuries old & uses his special Psychic abilities to survive. Ryousuke doesn’t use his powers for anything selfish, he just uses it to survive in Tokyo & fulfill the goal that only he knows.

Everything takes a 360° turn when he came across Dr. Mine Kujyou. Dr. Mine was shocked to see ES as he challenges her entire knowledge about science. ES was the possessor of the Eternal Sabbath gene which shocked Dr. Mine Kujyou. What Will Happen After This? Is ES will be able to complete his mission or Dr. Mine will destroy his plan? Read Eternal Sabbath to know more.

Saiki Kusuo no PSI nan

Being a psychic is not always a blessing, as Kusuo Saiki discovers. He has an array of supernatural abilities, from telepathy to x-ray vision, but instead of seeing them as a gift, Kusuo sees them as a curse. He longs for an ordinary, peaceful life, free from the constant hassle and inconvenience that his powers bring him.

However, his quest for an ordinary life proves to be A brainer. Despite his best efforts to keep his abilities hidden from his classmates, Kusuo finds himself constantly drawn to the attention of strange and eccentric individuals, such as the dim-witted Riki Nendou and the delusional Shun Kaidou.

Kusuo has special powers that make him different from other people & his peers. He wishes to have a normal life like everyone else, but sometimes it’s hard because his powers make it difficult for him. He tries to keep them a secret, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. He learns that even doing simple things like going to school can be tricky when you have special abilities, especially for a Psychic. Kusuo discovers that having special powers is like going on a big adventure, and he needs to find a way to balance his powers and his wish for a normal life. It’s not easy, but it’s an exciting journey for him.


So these were the recommendations that our team made for you. All the Manga & Manhwa lists are Psychic manga, Telepathy manga & manga where mc can read minds. We listed only the best of the best Manga in the list above so you can be assured that whichever manga you will read you’re reading the best One. If you want more Great Recommendations, Anime News & Updates then visit Animeindie.

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