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If you are a die-hard fan of best reincarnation manhwa recommendations with op mc and are looking for the best returner manhwa with badass & overpowered mc then this article is a boon for you. Moreover, you can read more amazing returner manhwa with overpowered manga mc, survival manhwa etc. All these badass mc manhwa recommendations along with their links are provided below in this article.

This article contains the best reincarnation manhwa with some revenge manhwa websites for you! to read amazing manhwa online for free. All information provided in this article is genuine and free with regular updates.

Best Reincarnation Manhwa Recommendations:-

Here are some best reincarnation manhwa recommendations with op mc.

Damn Reincarnation Manhwa

Reincarnation Manhwa Recommendations

Damn Reincarnation is very promising manhwa based on Hamel as a male lead. Hamel a badass mc manhwa, warrior who fought with devil’s along with his colleagues to discard their existence. However, unfortunately hamel died in the battle while saving his friend. But a miracle happened and Hamel reborn in future as an infant along with memories of his previous life as Hamel. He became a descendant of Great Vermouth with the bloodline of the Great Hero Vermouth. Hamel now became Eugene Lionhart.

Since, Hamel was already a genius in my past life. But in this life he has everything to surpass even The Great Hero Vermouth with all his previous life knowledges, skills along with Vermouth bloodline. Now, The journey of the second life begins with as Eugene’s Lionhart.

Return of the Mount Hua Sect Manhwa

GenresAction-Comedy-Martial Arts

This manhwa is based on the story of the Greatest disciple of Mount Hua Sect Chung Myung who was the 13th Disciple and one of the 3 Great Swordsmen, Renowned as Plum Blossom Sword Saint who defeated Chun Ma the Heavenly Demon who destroyed the murim world single-handedly.

After big bloody battle, he died on top of the mountain of corpses. Surprisingly Chung Myung reborn after 100 years passed in a body of child and discovered that The Great Mount Hua Sect has degraded and is in miserable condition now. Then he decided to change the sect and bring it to it’s past glory. The Return of the Mount Hua Sect Manhwa has overpowered manga mc & badass mc manhwa worth reading.

Return of the Frozen Player manhwa


This returner manhwa is based on an overpowered manga mc or one can say badass mc manhwa. After sudden evasion of monsters, 5 years ago the world became chaotic and hero with special power emerged. After long hardship the final boss Frost Queen appeared. Five Strongest players in the world along with Specter Seo Jun-ho joined hands and defeated the Frost Queen and strangely fell into a deep slumber. After 25 years a new second floor appeared? And Specter awakes from his slumber.

The hero returns manhwa

AuthorBlack Ajin

The Hero Returns revenge manhwa main character Kim Sung Bin who was the strongest hero and the last hope of humanity died helplessly to protect everyone. Since, he died without being able to stop the chaos in the world created by monsters but a miracle happened and he returns 20 years into the past.
Moreover, this time he has all knowledge and memories of his past life. Now, this time he is determined to defend humanity this time by defeating those vicious monsters.

Do check this hero returns revenge manhwa to see what happened to Sung Bin with his overwhelming power as a returner along with his future knowledges.

Swordmaster’s Youngest son manhwa


Swordmaster’s Youngest son an amazing revenge manhwa is latest with badass mc manhwa Jin Runcandel who was the youngest son of Runcandel family. Since, Runcandel family was one of the most overpowering swordsman family in the continent and our hero was the biggest failure in Runcandel history.

Everyone bullied him and despised Jin greatly such that he got kicked out of the family and died a meaningless death, but was given another chance to live a life worthy of Runcandel.

He had all memories of his past life, future knowledges, overwhelming talent, along with unknown power. This manhwa is worth reading because of its overpowered manga mc give it a try.

Top 10 Reincarnation manhwa list 2023-

These are Top 10 reincarnation manhwa list 2023 that is best of all times and is still ongoing.

The Archmage Returns After 4000 years

This manhwa is based on the story of an archmage Lucus Trumen who fought against the demi gods with his team but got almost everyone got killed and Lucus who was 9th Class mage got Chained by the demigods and was stuck there for eternity but luckily by a sudden coincidence his soul got transfer into a useless boy who was bullied a committed suicide at last.

The Book of Lagier

This manhwa is based on a story of a foolish and ugly prince who was very notorious and had very bad reputation in his kingdom but he was very ambitious and wanted to rule over the continent. So he made a stupid demon contract in order to become powerful enough to rule over his subjects. But he died during the contract and the demon king himself ascended to the human world. Read this manhwa to enjoy the interesting story on how demon king will fulfil his request to rule over the world.

A Stepmother’s Marchen

This manhwa is based on a girl who marries with an old marquis whose wife died and have children. She became step mother at an early age and had to manage the household alone. but after fulfilling her role and while she was returning to a remote place after giving every rights to her children. She was brutally murdered on her way and strangely she came back in past .

Doctor’s Rebirth

This manhwa is based on medical and cultivation where mc was a doctor in his previous life died and got reincarnated into murim world where he saves everyone’s life. Then he became disciple of great physician of this ear and started learning martial arts and medical knowledge.

Villainess Reverse the hourglass

The villainess of the kingdom Aria was beheaded as she was falsely accused for the crime that she didn’t committed. She was falsely framed by her own family had was executed by the royal family. But she came back and decide to take revenge from all those who mistreated her and made her villainess.

Beginning After the end

This is a reincarnation manhwa with op mc and amazing art style. The main character gets reincarnated after getting assassinated while sleeping. Mc was king in his previous life but in this life he was born as a kid of normal household. Although Arthur the protagonist of the manhwa is super talented with magic and swords and also have a dragon as a bond. Overall a total badass manhwa you should read it.


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