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Write For Us Or Become a Contributor – Anime/kpop/kdrama/TV series/Entertainment

Welcome to Animeindie.com, as of the name you can already guess that we are an Entertainment website Specially dedicated to the world Of Anime, Webtoons, Manga, Manhwa & more. We created this page for all those who want to Submit Guest Posts or want to contribute an article to our site.

If you have any Article or thought that you want to share with the Anime, Webtoons community all over the world then you can do so by submitting your article on Animeindie. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Novice writer or an Advance Writer, we will consider your article as long as it’s meeting the Criteria to submit an Article to our Site. 

Types Of Articles We Accept

As of now, Animeindie accepts Entertainment, Anime, Manga, Manhwa, Webtoons, Fashion, and Webseries-related articles on our Site. If your article is not included in the above-mentioned niche still You can also pitch us your article & we might (100% Sure) Publish it on our site.

There are some Guidelines that you need to follow in order to submit a guest post or become a Contributor at Animeindie.

  • The article should be well-written & should be 700+ words long.
  • We don’t accept copied content & articles should be original with No plagiarism.
  • If you don’t have an article related to your Product then you can mail us. We can write an article for you & publish it on our Site.
  • We currently Accepting only those articles which are written in English.
  • Don’t Use any AI Writing Tool Like Chatgpt & Frase to Write Articles.
  • Send Relevant Copyright Free Images with the Article.
  • Articles should be well-researched & should not contain any false or misleading Information.

How Does Submitting an Article to Our Site Help You?

If you’re planning to write for US entertainment then there are many perks that you will receive.

  • You will get 1-2 Backlinks & linkbacks which can point to your official Work or anything you want to promote. We have tons of visitors visiting our website daily & you can advertise your work with all of them.
  • You can share your Product, thoughts, views, and website with thousands of Tier 1 Country visitors.
  • You can drive High-Quality Tier 1 Traffic to your Site which can improve your site’s rankings.
  • We are Not Only a Website we have an Active Community of 2600+ Subscribers On YouTube, and 1300+ Followers on Instagram which are continuously Growing.
  • Another perk that comes when you become a Contributor to our Entertainment site is that you can share your thoughts with thousands of other visitors that visit our site Regularly.

Here are Some Topics You Can Write About

These are some of the topics that we accept on Your Site. Check out these Topics before writing an Article For us.

  1. Anime News
  2. Anime & Manga Recommendations
  3. Anime Character Facts
  4. Anime & Manga Reviews
  5. K-Drama News & Updates
  6. K-Drama Recommendations
  7. K-Drama Reviews

Apply Today to become a contributor Or Email Us

If you want to Contribute or Write for Us then you can Email us at Teamanimeindie@proton.me

We are looking forward to Your Contributions….

Team Animeindie

Interested in Becoming a Contributor Entertainment Blog?

We always look for passionate & well-versed Writers who have deep knowledge of the subject they are writing on. Your Contributions are welcomed on Animeindie.

What Type Of Articles are Accepted On Animeindie

We Mentioned all the Article Types that we accept on Our Site Above. You can check them out & write an Article Accordingly.