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10+ Best Crime Manga of all Time

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Well I believe that you were searching for best crime manga to read and I’d love to tell you that you have landed on the right page. Well as we know that Crime genre deals with storylines full of violence, crime and people standing up to protect themselves from it. Crime is inevitable in every social system.

The Problem of Evil has been discussed by numerous Philosophers like Jhon hicks and others, and to fight evil and crime good always gets up. In the Otaku world we have different Crime Manga with stories of how Evil in humans leads to Crimes and at the same time the good in humans drives them to fight with it.

Crime Manga Story Line

Most of these manga have a storyline where the protagonist is a skilled detective and is on his mission to solve case and fight against crime. The antagonist is cruel psychopathic killer or a genius thief who is well versed in committing the crime and escaping the situation.

List Of Best Crime Manga of all Time

Today we bring you the list of Some really amazing handpicked crime manga recommendations which will be really interesting to read. So Let’s begin with our list!

Death Note

Death Note

Well first and foremost on our list we have “Death Note”. It is a world-famous Crime manga also regarded as one of the best crime manga by many people around the globe. The anime adaption based on this manga remains one of the best anime series over the years. The storyline is really intriguing and grips the reader’s mind.

The Manga is centrally a crime thriller but the elements like fiction, and romance make it more interesting. The plot is set around a young genius Light Yagami who accidentally finds the ultimate power known as the death note using which he could kill anyone at his will. Well in the beginning he starts killing off the criminals but as time passes by he is struck by a moral dilemma and ends up having problems with an equally genius detective L.

The manga is a crime thriller and will surely become one of your favorites as soon as you give it a go. The artwork done is vivid and beautiful so do not forget to check out this awesome crime manga!

Case Closed

Case Closed

Well, this Manga on our list is really unique and has a bit of a surprise element to it. We are talking about “Case Closed” a story about a young detective Shinichi Kudo who unwillingly becomes a part of an experiment that results in serious conditions for him.

Shinichi is a bright teenager who is obsessed with the character of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. He is rigid and determined to become a famous detective like him. One day while he is working on a suspicious case he gets abducted by a Powerful enemy who experiments a powerful drug on him. The drug nearly kills him but he survives, Surprisingly his body is now shrunk to a size of seven years old.

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This accident makes Shinichi take up a new personality as Conan Edogawa and along with his friends, he is set on his mission to find the culprits.

Ouroboros: Keisatsu wo Sabaku wa Ware ni Ari

Ouroboros: Keisatsu wo Sabaku wa Ware ni Ari

Moving on to number three we have “Ouroboros” which is one of the best mystery manga. The plot is set around two orphan kids called Ikuo Ryuuzaki and Danno Tatsuya who have a caretaker who is known by them as Sensei. One day Sadly Sensei is brutally murdered and this shatters the boys.

They are full of the feeling of vengeance and are heartbroken when police officers appointed to catch the Murderer neglect their duty and do not carry on the case properly. Both of them vow to take revenge and set upon their path. Several years later Ryuuzaki is a police detective and Tatsuya becomes a leader of an infamous gang.
They both help each other behind the scenes to catch the real culprit responsible for the murder of Sensei.



Well if you like reading about alter egos and split personalities then we have this next manga called “Switch” especially for you! The story narrates a tale about two detective investigators with quite opposite Personalities and work ethics. Kai Eto a Narcotics Control division newly inducted investigator is full of passion and acts according to his emotions while investigating. He is teamed with a much calm and stable guy named Hal Kurabayashi who is a total workaholic and acts according to his common sense.

As both of them work on cases their personalities clash and things mess up. Kai also has an alter ego issue which when triggered by any event makes him a ruthless and merciless man who does unimaginable things. It’s really interesting to see how both of these opposing personalities come together and solve cases while learning about each other.



On number five we have “Sanctuary”. This manga talks about the horrors of genocide and how they lead to devastating results. Akira Houjou and Chiaki Asami are trapped in Cambodia during the Cambodian genocide. They badly yearn to return to their home in Japan and Years later they actually succeed in returning back to Japan. They have hoped to witness a perfect society in their homeland but are surprised to witness the state of Japan which has degraded to the lowest level because of corruption and crime.

This pushes both of them to bring order to society and end the suffering of people. They are ready to go to any limit in order to exterminate this evil. Akira takes up the path of the underworld boss and Chiaki deals with political power and together both of them set things in order.



Well, who doesn’t know about Sherlock Holmes? , “Sherlock” is based on Easily one of the most renowned detectives in the world. This Manga tries to tell the story of Sherlock Holmes with brilliant artwork and an amazing storyline. It is based on the famous BBC TV series Sherlock Holmes.

The plot is set around present-day London and Scotland where crime is at its peak with Rampant Murders and Thefts going all around the city. But as a Savior of the city young Sherlock along with John Watson is set upon a mission to make the city crime and both of them investigate and solve mysterious cases!

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Toukei Ilbun

Toukei Ilbun

Well, the next manga on our list has elements of supernatural beings to it. “Toukei Ilbun” is set around the time frame which is nearly 30 years after Tokyo became the capital city of Japan.

The storyline tells us about supernatural beings like Flame Demon, Dark Red Prince, and others who appear on various crime sites where violent crime takes place at night time and this happens all around the city. Hirakawa a young journalist and an investigator takes upon the mission to solve this mystery with the help of his friend Manzou who owns an inn in the town of Asakusa

Young Miss Holmes

Young Miss Holmes

Well if you loved the above recommendation of Sherlock Holmes you will definitely like this one too. This is a story about the niece of Sherlock Holmes Christie Holmes. She is a ten-year-old prodigy and has an amazing logical mind. She is full of knowledge and knows how to use her wisdom properly. She lives alone as her parents are in India.

Along with her loyal hound Nelson she is passionate about solving crimes and mysteries to make a name for herself. She often joins forces with her uncle Sherlock and his ally John Watson to face dangerous adventures and solve hard-to-understand cases. Do not take her as an innocent little girl for her age, she will definitely surprise you with her wit!

MPD Psycho

MPD Psycho

This is definitely one of the best recommendations on this list. A story packed with thrillers and surprises along with sci fi element. The plot is set around a detective Kazuhiko Amamiya who is forced to witness torture and then gruesome murder of his girlfriend which sense hum in a shocked state. He is deeply hurt and vows to take revenge on the Murderer. With his amazing detective skills he tracks down the killer and confronts him.

Well as he is about to punish the Murderer, suddenly an alter ego of Kazuhiko kicks in and he takes up the personality of cold and ruthless psychopath who kills the Murderer in a violent manner. And with this event, his alter ego creates more personalities as he solves the string of Murders. The complex relationship of Kazuhiko and his personalities tangles up the whole storyline and makes it full of thrill elements.

Domu: A Child’s Dream

Domu: A Child's Dream

Well this crime manga on our list has a Horror element to it which makes it perfect for people who like to read the horror genre. The storyline involves an unseen horror psychic force which creates a dangerous situation.
The story tells us about Sprawling apartment where residents are deeply horrified with recent events where several tenants of the building are committing suicide.

The detectives and police are Puzzled about the situation and can’t decide a course of action. All this gets interesting when a young girl called Etsuko moves in with her family. She is gifted with supernatural psychic powers and nullifies the evil spirits’ plan to take more lives. The story is really interesting and full of horror elements. Do check it out.

Ushijima The Loan Shark

When we talk about Crime and punishment Manga we can not overlook “Ushijima The Loan Shark”. This Manga narrates the horrific tales from Black Market trading Scenes where Loan Sharks are Desperate to Commit Crime against the people who have borrowed Money and fallen into their Traps.

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One Such Loan Shark is Ushijima who traps People in desperate need for money and Loans them the Required amount by levying heavy interest of 50%, and when most of his clients fail to pay him back, He turns on his Sadist side to Torture them and derive Pleasure in the process. This Crime manga will really take you into some darkest parts of Human Brain and will make you question Morality and Humanity by the end.


The Next Crime Manga on the list is a story about Kyoya Ida who is a vigilante Detective known for his Unique way of Solving cases which often involves extreme and lethal Measures which are not advised by his senior officers. Kyoya Believes that there should be no easy way around solving crimes and the criminals need to pay a pirce that they will never forget.

Despite his higher officials reluctant about his approach to solve crime, It seems like he has his own fanbase as a vigilante. These people admire Kyoya for his ability to solve crime with such Bold and ruthless approach which sets fear in the heart of criminals and makes them think twice before they commit a crime. The art style and story of this Crime manga is really engaging and Dark.


Well if you have been searching for read Crime Manga, I’m Sure you must have come across “Monster”. Being one of the most famous Crime-Psychological Thriller Manga out there “Monster” has its own reputation. the story tells us about a young prodigy Doctor Kenzo Tenma who lives in Post Cold war Sate of Germany happily and has a good life where he marries Eva Heinemann, daughter of his Boss and is admired by his colleagues.

Everything is going normal in his life until one day He is faced with a difficult choice to save one of his two emergency patients, an Orphaned boy named Johan Liebert and the Mayor of Düsseldorf. Kenzo makes the difficult and right choice according to him by saving the Boy by going against the demand of his superior and letting the Mayor die, even though his life was priced and could do wonders for the hospital’s Profile.

But little did he know that the decision which he thought as Just would turn his life upside down and make him regret himself. The boy who was saved by Kenzo became his nightmare and the Onus for this was upon Kenzo himself. We will not tell you more about his amazing Crime manga and would request you to definitely check it out.

Well in addition to these amazing recommendations above on Best Crime Manga we some special mentions which you can find below

  • Mardock Scramble
  • Tista
  • Disconnected from reality
  • Reddish
  • Bad Police

If you did like our recommendation list on Crime Manga we believe that You would Also like to find about some awesome Manga where the MC has a dark past!

Last Words

Well, we believe that you did find some awesome recommendations from the article and if that has been the case then we would strongly recommend you to check out our website Animeindie where you will find tons of such recommendations and more amazing Anime content. Also, we would be more than happy to connect with you people on our other Social Channels, do find the links to them below.

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