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11+ Sports Anime where Mc is a Prodigy (Recommendations)

11+ Sports Anime where Mc is a Prodigy

Hey, Otaku’s we are back again with yet another recommendation list dedicated to fans of anime and sports! Get ready to check out the best Sports Anime where Mc is a Prodigy. In this article, we’ll explore captivating sports anime series that feature talented protagonists who excel in their chosen sports. From thrilling matches to intense training sessions to the dedication that they have to put in to reach where they are, these shows will keep you on the edge of your seat, Celebrating the amazing achievements of the main character.

This article is part of a recommendation series on Animeindie, where we bring you the best of the anime world. Whether you’re a big sports fan or new to this genre, we’ve got you covered with a list of 11+ sports anime that showcase exceptional main characters dominating their respective sports.

Now, you might be thinking, “Haven’t I seen similar recommendations before ON Animeindie?” Well, you’re partly right! We previously shared the best sports manhwa recommendations on our website, but this time, we’re focusing solely on anime where mc is a prodigy. So, sit back, relax, and let us introduce you to a whole new world of sports Anime through these talented Main Characters.

From basketball and soccer to swimming and volleyball, these sports anime series not only highlight the exceptional physical abilities of the main character but also dives into their personal growth, friendships, and the challenges they face along the way to be the best in their own games. Whether it’s the determination of an underdog or the brilliance of a naturally gifted MC, these shows offer a variety of stories that will leave you inspired and entertained at the same time.

So Without further ado, let’s jump into the list of Best 11+ sports anime series where the main character is a true prodigy. Get your popcorn ready, everyone!

11+ Sports Anime where Mc is a Prodigy Recommendations List

All the Sports Anime Listed below are filtered from 50+ that we evaluated while making this list & it contains only those Anime where Mc is a Prodigy. So, Let’s check out the list..

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Kuroko no basket

Kuroko no basket

As You can guess from the name, this Anime revolves around the sport of Basketball. The Teikou Middle School dominated the Basketball In their Country with Line Up Of Miracles. Also known as the Generation of Miracles consisting of 5 Prodigies. There was a Sixth Man too who helped the team to achieve this feat but we will talk about it later.

Due to Some reasons that you can find out after watching anime, the team falls Apart. The New Team Seirin High School were recruiting New players for their team & in this process they recruited Tetsuya Koruko. Koruko was a normal player for the team at first but later it is revealed that he was the Sixth Member of the “The Generation of Miracles”.

Can he come out of the Shadows & Shine in this New Team? Watch Koruko no Basket, an amazing Sports Anime with Prodigy Mc.

Our Rating :

Major S1

Major S1

Revolving around a Father-Son Duo who has an immense passion for the Sport of Baseball, this Anime is Bit different from other Sports Anime on this List. Gorou Honda is a little boy who just like his father has an immense passion for Baseball. He idolizes his father & this is something that keeps Shihgeharu (Father) keep going in his career. Shigeharu plays for Blue Ocean, which is a Second String Team.

Shigeharu is hit with another obstacle in his career when he meets with an Elbow injury. He was about to quit when one Joke from his friend turned all this around. Now he is motivated and dedicated more than ever.

This Sports may not have Prodigy Mc from the start but it Surely shows the Journey of Becoming one.

Hajime no ippo

Hajime no ippo

Ippo Makunouchi is a teenage boy working hard to help his mother to run her fishing Business after his father passed away. His lifestyle and the Smell of Fish that rests on Ippo’s body makes him an easy target for bullies who don’t leave even a single chance to bully him. One day while having a violent Confrontation with his bullies, ippo came across a trained boxer Mamoru Takamura who not only protected him but also was surprised by some serious Punches that ippo was landing on his bullies.

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He takes Ippo to Kamogawa boxing gym where boxers were surprised at how good Ippo was without any formal training. After getting novice training under Takamura, Ippo faced a Practice match against Ichirou Miyara who was considered a Prodigy till then in the academy. Although Ippo lost the match, he left everyone impressed with his skills.

This Starts the Journey of Ippo becoming a Professional boxer and a legend. We already reviewed Hajime No Ippo in Two Articles previously. You can check out those reviews in Our Best Sports Manhwa Recommendation list & here

Prince Of Tennis

Prince Of Tennis

Ryouma Echizen, a tennis Prodigy returns to his home country Japan to play for them on the request of his father. He was considered a Tennis Prodigy since his childhood but his father didn’t want him to play for the United States. He wants his son to play for Japan & make the country proud.

To fulfill his wish he enrolled in one of the best Tennis institutes in the Country “Seishun Academy”. Being a rookie he was not first accepted by his teammates but later seeing his skills they started accepting him. Now Ryouma embarks on a journey to become the best Not only in Japan but in World. Will he be able to do So? Watch Prince Of Tennis now if you want anime where mc is good at sports.

Initial D First Stage

Initial D First Stage

Takumi Fujiwara, the son of a Tofu shop owner, has a duty to deliver tofu every morning going through the tough terrain roads of the Akina Mountains. Being an MC of Car Anime you may think that he is a car enthusiast but is just the opposite of it. He hates talking about Cars because doing so reminds him of his daily boring Work.

One day his town is greeted by the sound of racing cars when Akagi Red Suns came there to Test their abilities on Akina Mountain ranges. They were racing peacefully till one of the crew got overtaken by an Old Toyota AE86 which was driven by Takumi, who was just going back home after work. Red Sons can’t believe someone driving an old car can overtake their racer with State of Art Cars.

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This starts the Journey of Takumi getting entangled in the web of Racing & becoming the undisputed champion race court.

Cross Game

Cross Game

Koi Kitamura & Aoba Tsukishima are two baseball Prodigies but the difference between them is that One knows it & the other doesn’t. Despite being family friends these two can’t stand each other. But they have more in common than they think.

Koi doesn’t like baseball despite being an Awesome Batter while Aoba is one of the star players & an amazing Pitcher. These don’t always knock horns with each other yet they have to face each other on a regular basis because of Wakaba Tsukishima, Aoba’s Sister & Koi Love. As the story Develops the Importance of baseball in changing dimensions in their relationship comes into play. We strongly recommend you to watch this Sports Anime, it doesn’t only have a Main character who is a Prodigy but also shows What role Sports plays in the development of One.


We have already done a detailed Explanation of Chihayafuru here, you can check it out to know more about it. The Main Character of this Anime Is obsessed with a Card Game & soon became a Prodigy in it.

Note: More Anime is going to be reviewed soon in this Article. If you have any suggestions then do let us know through Comments.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the exciting world of sports anime through our recommendation list. It has been a thrilling journey exploring these different Anime series and putting them on our recommendation list. These are the sports anime where mc is op & it highlights exceptional main characters and their extraordinary talents. From heart-pounding matches to inspiring personal growth, these shows have provided us with unforgettable moments of excitement, determination, and triumph that we’ll remember forever as Otaku.

We want to thank All the Otakus for your support and participation in our community. We will continue to provide thrilling anime, manga, and manhwa content for you. Stay connected with us on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, for the latest updates, recommendations, and more.

Remember, the world of anime is vast and ever-evolving, so let’s embark on Otaku Journey With Us. Thank you for being a part of Animeindie, and we look forward to sharing more exciting content with all of you.

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