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Manhwa fans are very interested in best regressor manhwa recommendation to enjoy regressor manhwa/ manga where mc returns to the past. Our Team Animeindie provides you some best mc going back in time manhwa that is very promising and mc regression manhwa. Manga with time travel is very exciting to read for every manhwa/ manga readers so do enjoy our recommendations provided below.

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Best Regressor Manhwa Recommendation

These are all manhwa/ manga with time travel plot that are highly rated and every time travel manhwa readers should read. In this manhwa where mc returns to the past and becomes op and takes revenge or kill the great disaster is worth looking for, so check out our recommendations.

Becoming The Villain’s Family

This is a Fl manhwa where fl regressed after getting brutally tortured and murdered. Duke valentine was the only one who helped Aria in dying peacefully. Therefore, Aria decided that this time she will help Duke valentine and his family. Aria helped mother of young duke valentine and she recovered from a severe disease.

This is really amazing manhwa where fl tries to survive and help male lead to enjoy a different life. This manga with time travel is worth your time so do give it a try.

My Daughter is the Final Boss

This rime travel manhwa is pretty interesting where a father tried to save his daughter Seol-Ah who became the main boss that destroyed the world. He wanted to save his daughter no matter what but he couldn’t and died while protecting the final boss from all the hunters alone because she was his child.
However, due to his strong will to protect his daughter, a strange turn of event occurred and he came back in past and got a chance to Prevent Seol-Ah’s Five Misfortunes that caused her to become the final boss monster who destroyed the world.

Return of The 8th Class Magician

Ian who was the greatest mage of all time and was the sole 8th Class Magician in the empire did many bad things for the prince Ragnar who later become the king of the empire. He bloodied his hand to unite empire and wanted to live quitely in his hometown far from Royals to repent for his sins.

However, Ian was to strong who can overthrow the empire alone whenever he wanted to became the problem for the king. Thus, king Ragnar didn’t wanted to let him live so he betrayed him and brutally murdered everyone connected with him.
Sadly Ian died but while he was dying he casted an ancient time magic and somehow came back in past where everything started. Check out this manhwa to know what the strongest man will do when he returned back to time to the person who betrayed him and to save those who he loved.

I became a Renowned Family Sword Prodigy

Another amazing manga where mc returns to the past and becomes overpower. This regression manhwa is worth reading because art style and character are amazing. Overall story line-up is intriguing so do try this manhwa where mc returns to the past.

I Regressed As The Duke

Prince Aaron who was son of the Emperor Gline received the great dragons Blessing. But his uncle Zerone was blinded by his greed led rebellion and become king. Later on he banished Aaron to the outskirts of great kingdom. Since Zerone wanted to kill the last remaining blood of the previous king Gline. However, Aaron did not do anything to retaliate because of his father’s last wish to forget about the crown and leave without thinking of revenge. To fulfill his promise Aaron lived powerlessly in the barren land but still Emperor Zerone killed hima nd his sister without mercy.

A strange thing happened and one of loyal subject of prince Aaron Gayle came back in past before the Brahn Grounds were destroyed and possessed body of Prince Aaron.
Then he decided that he won’t hide his power and die helplessly as the young prince did. He will take revenge for everything that happened in the past and protect everyone from the tyranny of his uncle Emperor Zerone.

Archmage Transcending Through Regression

This manga with time travel is a new regressor manhwa recommendation for fans who is looking for regression manhwa plot. Check this time travel manhwa where mc returns to the past and tries to stop the disaster that is going to fall on the humanity.

A very amazing and ongoing manhwa to read for manhwa geeks who loves to read going back in time manhwa.

Reincarnated Escort Warrior

This manwha is based on story of and limp leg person who wanted to become an escort warrior but he couldn’t learn martial arts due to his disability. He give up on his dream and become a porter who helps in transportation of goods and worked his entire life until he died during an escort mission. Mountain Bandits raided then and killed everyone mercilessly for some elixir.

But miraculously he became Lee Jungryonh son of famous Heceanly Dragon Escort Agency Head. He was a good for nothing useless son. Lee Jungryong was weakest and was treated as trash in his family. But since our mc got reincarnated into his body he decided to become the famous escort warrior and live his life to the fullest.

The Beginning After The End

This manhwa is best martial manhua where mc gets reincarnated with his memory of previous life and this manhwa is connected to main character’s past pretty much. Arthur who gets reincarnated into a world of magic as a child. Hiss family loved him very much and he soon gets very attached with his family.

Moreover, Arthur was an orphan in his previous life, so in this life he really wanted to understand family love. This manhwa art style and characters are very amazing so give it a try.

The S Classes That I Raised

This manhwa is based on manhwa where mc returns to the past with future knowledge and power. Mc was powerless F rank hunter in his previous life who couldn’t save his younger brother who died while protecting him. Mc wanted to save his younger brother too much travel back to past to save his brother.

Moreover, this time travel manhwa is filled with amazing story plot and arts. Mc gets talent of raising and nurturing amazing talents to make them strong and change their future. Check this amazing regression manhwa.

Return of The Unrivaled Spear Knight

This Regressor manhwa is based on the story on Joshua who helped the Imperial prince in becoming the Emperor of the Empire. Joshua was know as Spear god who mercilessly massacred many people to make Ragnar king of Empire. But he didn’t know that the only person who he fought for will betray him.

Moreover, after becoming king Ragnar killed everyone who was related to Joshua along with him. While dying Joshua only wished to get a chance for revenge and then in this manhwa where mc returns to the past by fate changes his mistake one by one.

I Obtained A Mythic Rank

Regressor Manhwa Recommendation

This regression manhwa is based on Min Jaehyun who was a D rank raider but unfortunately died suring a dungeon raid with his teammates. However, before dying Jayehun found a Mytic artifact and while dying he used that artifact. Dying in a cramped dungeon without being able to do anything, Jaehyun wanted to get a chance to change his trashy fate.

Jaeyhun regressed and now choose magic warrior path in order to overcame all the obstacles and save those whom he loves. This is an amazing manga where mc returns to the past and changes his fate. Read this manhwa to know what happened to Min Jaeyhun who died miserably.

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

This regression manhwa is really an amazing manga with time travel and manga where mc returns to the past. Jin runcandel the youngest son of the strongest swordsman family. His family were famous for their sword skills but Jin didn’t have talent for swords and got kicked out of his family.

Jin died by assassins sent by his own family but before dying he formed a contract with god. The contract with god helped him to get regressed back in time and change his fate. Read this trending regressor manhwa where mc is op.

Worthless Regression

Lee Sungmin a weak middle school boy gets summoned into world known as Eria. Their he Sungmin endures many years of hardship with no talent or power. After all those hardship to survive he died miserably.

However, Before he almost died a strange thing occurred and he regressed back to the time when he get summoned in the strange world. Sungmii obtained Stone of the past life miraculously and starts his new life again. But still without talent and power its very tough to survive where everyone dies easily.

Wandering Warrior of Wudang

Hyeokryeon Mugang the strongest Heavenly Leader died due to his old age. Mugang was the leader of evil sect in his past life but something happened while he was on his death bed. When Mugang opened his eyes he found himself in a body of an errand boy of wudung sect.

Mount Wudung the righteous sect where one trains their body and soul to stray away from evil. Mugang who once destroyed the wudung sect gets a body of an errand boy of wudung sect elder. This is really impressive manhwa to read.

Return of The SSS Class Ranker

Rokan who was known as the king of violence in the virtual reality game the Lords. But due to a guild’s order of his assassination rokan looses everything. He lost his equipment, power and money.

However, when he wakes up from his last miserable defeat he gets back in time. This time he wanted to destroy them and wanted to become the strongest who solos everyone. A new story of Rokan begins as he climbs and gets his former power back.

Damn Reincarnation

This is an amazing time travel manhwa wit op mc with badass personality. This story is based on hamel who was one of the teammates of the previous hero Vermoth who defeated the demons. Hamel the ‘fool’ died while protecting Vermoth from demon. Hamel only wished that his party members will defeat all demons and humanity will live in peace.

However, Hamel travels time and get reincarnated as one of younger generation of the great hero Vermoth. In this life as Eugene Lionhart a descendent of Vermoth the Great gets to know that demon kings are still alive and their party made some kind of peace contract with them.

Duke Pendragon

This story is based on Raven Valte whose family were framed and killed for treason. Raven who was small at that time was spared and gets exiled to monster land to survive. He mercilessly killed monsters and survived in order to get revenge for his family.

But during his final raid he was killed by those who framed his family. Moreover, something strange happened and he survived and wake up in the body on Young duke Eren Pendragon. As a Duke Pendragon formed a contract with a Great Dragon Sol and started changing everything.

Return of The Shattered Constellation

An amazing regression manga where mc returns after many years. This manga with time travel is worth your time and action is really op. Mc dominates his peers and grows exponentially in this regression manhwa so check this out.

Moreover, this manhwa is ongoing and new chapters are getting released weekly so stay tuned to enjoy this amazing manhwa with op mc.

Be An Actor

This manhwa is based on male lead who was not from a very rich family but despite that he worked and somehow made a name of himself. His mother was in hospital but since our mc was too busy in making money and his name. After he became successful our mc came back to visit his mother and found out that his mother passed away due to cancer. This was very shocking that mc commits suicide but strangely he came back in past.

Read this manhwa to know what will he do in this life when he had more that enough knowledge, will he be able to change his fate.

Losing Money To Be A Tycoon

This is very intriguing regression manga where mc returns back in time to change his fate as well as his miserable mistakes. Overall art style and characters are very nice that makes it worth your time. Story is based on mc who obtained cheat system that provides money. And what makes this manhua interesting is the part that mc makes money when he looses his money in business. Make sure to check this manga with time travel plot.

Real Man

After getting everything in his life mc became bored and was very unhappy as he was left all alone where he had everything except for people he love or close ones. A sudden miracle happened when he was on his way to home after drinking but when he gained his consciousness he find himself look younger.

Their started a new life that he can change and can amend the mistakes that he made in his previous life so make sure to read this top tier regression manhwa.


Our team Animeindie would appreciate your comments and share of this amazing regression manhwa based on interesting and unique story plot along with op main character. All these manhwa where mc returns to past is totally worth our readers time.

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