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40+ Best Action Romance Manhwa with Op Mc

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This article contains the best action romance manhwa with op mc and action manhwa recommendations which every reader want to know about. Moreover, our list contains high-rated manhwa with amazing art and characters. This manhwa with romance and op mc along with spicy romance webtoons is searched nowadays. You can also get many amazing manhwa recommendations if you visit our website Animeindie.

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Best Action Romance Manhwa with Op Mc Recommendation list:

Below is the list provided by our Animeindie team that contains the best Best Action Romance Manhwa with Op Mc and Best Action Manhwa for our readers who loves to read action manhwa with romance and op mc.

1. Tales of Demons and Gods

This manhwa is an amazing action romance manhwa with op mc and story plot. Overall the story line-up is amazing and the art style is very good. The main character travels to the past and tries to stop the danger that is going to fall after a few years to save humanity by defeating the demon king. Try this action manhwa with romance and op mc.

2. The Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God

This manhwa is a full action-packed manhwa where mc gets reincarnated after dying at the hand of the demon king who destroyed everything. But the gods gave him a chance to fight against the demon god again and want him to show a more entertaining story with their blessings.

3. Solo Leveling

This is all time best Action Romance Manhwa with Op Mc where the main character was the weakest hunter with no power. Jin-woo barely survived by doing menial dungeon work. But one day during a dungeon raid a strange break occurred that killed almost all of his party members but Jin Woo barely survived and gain a new authority that helped him to become stronger.

4. Villain to Kill

An amazing revenge plot Manhwa where mc who was a hero in his previous life gets reborn as a disaster class villain after getting betrayed by his own comrades. This manhwa where mc gets betrayed and becomes op fights and story line-up. A manhwa mc betrayed and gets back to take revenge.

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5. Release that witch

A typical Action fantasy manhwa with a medieval world-based story line-up. Read this manhwa if you love fights, inventions, and witches with amazing powers. A romance action manhwa worth readers’ time.

6. Reincarnated As The Crazed Heir

A Unique murim-based manhwa where mc tries to maintain a false image of him being unruly, stupid, lustful, and self-centered to make people around him lower their guard. This is an amazing survival manhwa with a good plot and art style.

7. Sword King In A Women’s World

A typical murim cultivation-based manhwa where the world is filled with a female cultivator. Overall this action romance Manhwa with op mc is amazing and worth your time. A romance manhwa with a male mc so tries reading this action manhwa with romance and op mc.

8. Unordinary

This manhwa is a school-based manhwa where bullying was common. People have powers and a strong crushes the weak. This manhwa with romance and op mc with a good story and character development as you continue reading it.

9. Rebirth of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

A typical action romance manhwa with op mc where mc is a cultivator and cultivates to become stronger and is filled with cliches like acting hero while saving girls and kicking asses of bad guys.

10. Jungle Juice

This is a martial arts manhwa with op mc based on forest lifestyle and contains information on insects. Overall this is a new storyline so you should try if you haven’t read this manhwa yet. Mc is strong and side characters are well-created and strong.

11. Monster Pet Evolution

All readers who love reading monster bond type manhwa where everyone has a pet and they become strong as they fight and grow. This manhwa has good views and storyline up so try it.

12. Earth’s Chosen Savior

This story is based on mc who was living a normal life but one day world become chaotic and monsters appeared. People’s lives were endangered but mc become the savior and protected everyone while becoming strong while killing monsters. An amazing martial arts manhwa with op mc.

13. Standard of Reincarnation

This martial arts manhwa with op mc is really badass where disabled mc works very hard to defeat the born genius of the century but after defeating he was falsely accused of being a devil worshiper and then gets imprisoned. But strangely after many years, he gets reincarnated as the youngest son of the Adenca Family.

14. The Beginning After the End

fluffy romance manga

This is an amazing Action romance manhwa with op mc Arthur who was a king in his previous life but one day he was killed as he was asleep. Arthur gets in this manhwa and gets reincarnated as a child with his full memory of his previous life in the magic world with special powers.

15. Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

action romance manhwa with op mc

This is a revenge manhwa where the younger brother of mc gets killed by his own comrades. One day when mc gets the secret diary of his younger brother he gets to know what happened to his brother who was brutally murdered. He wanted to take revenge on all those who betrayed his brother who he trusted the most. A manhwa mc betrayed and gets back to take revenge.

16. Please Don’t Eat Me

This a survival action romance manhwa with op mc where Fl tried to survive while protecting her younger siblings. She made a contract with Duke Karuna to pay her debt and protect her sibling and her. Since the Duke is the main character and the story of this novel is known to the fl this one is interesting manhwa.

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17. Eleceed

An amazing fighting manhwa with strong character and development. The main character and side characters are handsome with powers like superhuman. Do try this manhwa if you are a fight lover.

18. Martial Peak

One of the longest ongoing manhua where the main character Yang Kai becomes stronger with each passing episode and becomes soo strong that no one can beat him anymore. A typical action fluffy romance manga with op mc who saves girls in the cultivation world. An amazing romance manhwa with a male mc and also a martial arts manhwa with an op mc.

19. The Boxer

Best fighting webtoon based on sports boxing, a famous coach trained the main character who became the strongest boxer in all the weight categories and defeated every top start of different weight categories by destroying them in the ring. But this manhwa is very op and satisfying because the storyline is really different from a normal manhwa.

20. The Legendary Mechanic

A new science fiction manhwa with an intelligent and talented main character, overall this manhwa is based on technology and inventions with character development and fights. Totally worth your time so must try this manhwa.

21. The King’s Avtar

A very interesting sports manhwa based on MMORPG Glory. The main character creates a team and participated in the tournament to win. The mc is strong and this manhwa is highly recommended to game-based manhwa lovers.

22. The God Of High School

This martial arts manhwa with op mc is based on the story of Monkey King and the war that happened between humans and gods. This manhwa is filled with intense fights and is very cool. So as a reader, we personally recommend you this manhwa because of the art style and epic story development.

23. My Wife Is The Demon Queen

This action romance manhwa with op mc is good but the story is a little slow, so you can read it if you want but still, you can try this fluffy romance manga if you have free time. This is a webtoon China romance Manhua with a badass female lead.

24. Get Schooled

This is a school-based manhwa where strong bullies are weak in the school and no matter what punishment they were given they don’t change their behavior. However, the new teacher Hwajin Na was a little different from your normal teachers. He is very violent to those who do bullying in school and uses unique methods to punish bad students. Read this manhwa mc is very interesting.

25. Library Of Heaven’s Path

This cultivated fluffy romance manga is based on teacher-disciple relationships and is very interesting. The story gets more interesting and developing the more you read it so try it and you’ll love it. This fluffy romance webtoon/manga is a gem.

26. The S classes That I Raised

This manhwa is based on the story of the big brother of the s class hunter who wanted to protect his weak f rank brother from potential harm. But he died one day while saving his elder brother from a dragon. A strange turn of events happened and mc traveled back in the past when his brother was safe. Mc got power from his previous life dragon raid.

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27. Dreamland Adventure

This fluffy romance webtoon is based on an employee of a corporation who wanted to climb up in order to live a good life and strangely he encountered a mimic dream system that changed his useless life completely. He accessed every adventure world he has read so far. overall if interesting and fun to read.

28. Becoming the Villain’s Family

This is also an amazing action romance manhwa with op mc who came back in time after being murdered by the royals. She was viciously used in her previous life by both her father and everyone and was lastly killed like a bird inside of a cage. This manhwa with romance and op mc is really worth your time. Villain’s fluffy romance webtoon is an ongoing manhwa.

29. Sleeping, Ranker

A typical gaming-based manhwa where mc quits his job and started playing a game to earn and have fun as well but while playing the game he obtained a god rank class. He became the descendent of the God of Death and Sleep. Do try this manhwa this is totally an epic manhwa.

30. Lookism

The main protagonist was ugly and gets bullied a lot but a miracle happened and he became one of the most popular and handsome boys in the school. Nobody was able to look down on him anymore. Check this manhwa to know what happened.

31. The Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

This manhwa is based on the youngest son of the Runcandel family. They were famous for their sword arts but the youngest was not that good with swords. Moreover, no matter how hard he worked his skills remain the same, and finally gets kicked out of his household.

We hope you all enjoyed these manhwas with romance and op mc.

32. Of All Things I became A Crow

A romance manhwa with a very new plot that every manhwa reader would love to try. After an accident, our female lead died but guess what she gets transmigrated into a fantasy novel but not as a main or side character instead she became a crow. The story is very cute and interesting so readers would love this manhwa. Moreover, Read this latest manhwa with romance with op mc.

33. Starting Today I’m A Player

This manhwa is based on abilities and monsters that suddenly appeared in day to day life of normal people and changed the whole world. To defeat those monsters hunters appeared and the top 12 of them were named heroes that saved the world by defeating monsters. But those 12 heroes became self-declared gods that started ruling everyone. Now, people without powers were living miserably because of those strong hunters. Read this unique action manhwa with op mc and a fiery plot.

34. On My Way To Kill God

After an outburst of demons, humanity was forced into survival where they have to fight with dangerous demons in their day-to-day life. People barely escaped in the midst of that chaos to take revenge against the god of demons that made their life a living hell. Read this ongoing manhwa that is full of action and fights where mc struggles and becomes very strong later on.

35. My Daughter is The Final Boss

To save his daughter who became the final boss our mc died helplessly without being able to save her from all the hunters who were there to kill her. but he somehow obtained another chance to save her as he came back to the past where all these things started. Check this kickass manhwa where the father-daughter duo is very cute and lively. This ongoing manhwa is filled with big 5 tragedies that our mc has to prevent from happening.

Some amazing Action Romance Manhwa with Op Mc List

Check out the list provided below if you’re into this genre.

  • Nano Machine
  • Existence
  • Reincarnated Escort Warrior
  • Legend of Asura The Venom Demon
  • Infinite Mage


We hope that the above-provided action romance manhwa with op mc recommendations are helpful to manhwa geeks who love to read romance fantasy manhwa. If you enjoyed this fluffy romance manga, romance manhwa with a male mc along with spicy romance webtoons recommendations do comment your thoughts or anything if you want. You can also Catch us on our Youtube channel and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram

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