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15 Manga where MC is betrayed by the girl he loves

Manga where MC is betrayed by th girl he loves

Hello there fellow Otakus and Manga lovers today we have something different for you! Best Manga where MC is betrayed by the girl he loves or in a nutshell Manga about betrayal. This is a pretty good genre of Manga which you can explore.

Some cool Manga where MC gets betrayed and becomes op will also hit up the list today. We know that Fans have a varied taste for different kind of genres while reading Manga, In This article we will cover some Manga where MC is summoned to another world and betrayed, Manga where MC is betrayed by the girl he loves, Manga where MC is betrayed and becomes OP list. So let’s begin

Manga where the Mc gets Betrayed and Becomes Op List

Betrayal manhwa/Manga are a pretty famous genre of Manhwas. Today we will check out some awesome recommendations about Manga where Mc is Betrayed.

1. The Hero who seeks revenge shall Exterminate With Darkness

Now even when the title seems a bit Satirical but don’t go by it the story is around protagonist who when betrayed by the very same people for whom he laid out his heart and bravery turns upon on every bit of humanity and virtues in him.

the Manhwa is beautifully depicted by its artwork and is worth recommendation.

2. Revenge Wedding

The manhwa goes on narrating a story about a maiden Meridian Sasha who is near perfect but equally conceited. Once all of sudden she wakes up in the middle of vast ocean dressed up as a fine bridesmaid who is about to marry Demetrius Kyros the freaking war hero of the Empire!. But Sasha won’t be settled down easily she takes up a mission to avenge herself as she is brought here without her will and madness rolls on

The manhwa is about Betrayal, drama and a thriller. Artwork is perfectly up to the mark and goes hand in hand with the theme you will not regret reading this and it is worth a recommendation!

3. Sierra

This is another beautifully narrated manga about Betrayal. Sierra is young maiden who has suffered a lot in love and has the deepest heartening wounds. She couldn’t save a thing she loved. But time plays a game with her returning her to position of past where she has some choices to make, This time she had and opportunities to save a symbol of their love, will she be able to? She has been through so much disdain and hurting she wants to save him at any cost.

The manhwa engages the reader and has an emotional touch to it, the artwork is beautiful and depicts the the authors words do give it a read!..

4. Resetting Lady

The manhwa is set around a character named Caryenne Hare who transports into a novel and is on a quest to find true love. Now love comes as a tough pill for her she meets her deaths numerous time in the novel while finding love, she has died by burning to ashes or has been poisoned and even drowns one time but each time after her death she is again transported back in novel and is betrayed again.

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For once she decided now to be hunter rather than getting hunted! She turns badass and an adventurous tale awaits. This can be a Manga where MC gets betrayed and becomes OP, The artwork is amazing and the colour theme goes well with the story do check this out it’s worth a read!

5. The Broken Ring : This Marriage will Fail Anyway

The manhwa is about royalty, love and heartbreak. Young Inès is mesmerized by a stunning lord heir to House Escalnate, she decides to make him her fiancee. And she knows the among noble men from where she has to choose were all the same sort so why not pick a pretty one!. But there is a twist in the story and Lord Crcel is not ready to make any commitment just yet!, He tries to derail and avoid marriage at any cost and tries this for next 10 years! But Inès plays wisely and couldn’t care less which confuses the lord and questions arise in his mind

To know more about this interesting tale read the manhwa with its beautiful art depiction and an uncanny but cool way to narrate the story.

6. Vengeance From a saint Full Of Wounds

This is an interesting Manhwa with a plot pretty different to others. The central character Lua has amazing healing powers, but they come at a cost. She can only heal anyone if she takes up theri wounds. As she is blessed with special power therefore she is vulnerable too and is protected by Arian who was her best best friend.Her life turns upside down when the man she loved Garrot is near to his deaths from his wounds but Lua saves him rendering herself unconscious in doing so and she wakes up her whole world has turned upside down she watches Arian take all the credit for saving Garrot and both of them getting engaged. This betrayal shocks her soul and she is in despair when she meets a prince named suwen. both of them decide to to take upon the couple in various ways while lua discovers her other evil powers

This is a Manga where MC gets betrayed and becomes OP. The Artwork is depicted is perfect and sets the tone of the story and bring out the betrayal element. Its a solid recommendation.

7. To be You, Even Just For a day

The manhwa is tale of a girl who yearns to like Psyche the Counts daughter whom she blames responsible for snatching away everything from her. psyche who is Popular and always gets her way is envied by many and this manhwa tells such a story where a girl bring out her jealousy and is ready to give anything just to be psyche

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The manhwa brings out the story through excellent artwork and is worth a read

8. He Flew Back From Hell As a Crow

The manhwa is about Vengeance and supernatural health elements. The plot is around a guy who is also known as Raven supposedly, he rose up from the death and takes upon his killers one by one, he was conspired to be killed by the infamous Predator group who hired trained assassins for the task. But to everyones surprise he doesn’t dies but gains supernatural powers like super speed , strength and durability like of a true raven. Now the story of vengeance unravels and is pretty thriller and exciting!

The manhwa has great artwork which goes along perfectly with the storyline and it is worth a read

9. So That’s How I, The Saintess Became The Devil Of Revenge

Here is another Manga where mc is betrayed. The Manhwa tell the tail of the group of brave hearted people along with their leader, a Saintess successfully eliminate the devil from the world but instead of getting Laurels for their good deeds, They are made to go through trials and then charged for treason finally executed. But this Injustice won’t go long the Saintess is reborn and is seeking vengence for the Betrayal she has got, and there is no stopping for her until each and everyone of them pays off.

The Manhwa has been depicted beautifully and the artwork is amazing, you’ve got to love it. More Importantly the story is full of thrills and drama making it a Overall good recommendation.

10. Don’t Pick Up The Trash You Threw Away

Here is yet another Betrayal Manhwa you were looking for which Narrates the tale of a Maiden named Leila who has been waiting loyally for her Fiance Kalian, But to her Surprise He has returned with a wife and a child and that too after 6 years!. His act of Irresponsibility for his later to wed wife should not go without any consequences so as to Pacify her he agrees to let her have anything except for staking his kingdom. Now the Conundrum stands for Leila what can she do to get her revenge, maybe sell the kingdom?.

The Manhwa has an Interesting Artwork and is full of Drama and thrills do check out what Leila Does to get back.

11. Don’t Trust The Heroine

The Manhwa is also an Reincarnation Manhwa The time the protagonist gets reincarnated into a Novel as an Aid to a Villainess and goes on giving a tough time to the heroine, But meets a tragic end. She goes to every level just to evade Death but she is betrayed by the Heroine who promises her a Happy ending. She taunts her questioning her morality and if she deserved a happy ending after what sins she had Committed, But as time plays it game she is again reincarnated into the Novel and the question is will she get her revenge.

The Manhwa is intense and really engaging, The artwork is done pretty good and overall it’s worth a read.

12. Now That I’m Back I’ll Have My Revenge

This a classic Manga where Mc is Betrayed. The Plot of the story is around a girl named Arnell Randfell who is disappointed and heartbroken when she find out she is reincarnated again and wants to end herself right away as she can not take anymore Torture and Betrayal yet again. But she is convinced by a noble man named Sir Herbert Schladin who did ended her suffering in the past. As he discovers Arnell hidden Power if Mana he decides to help her get Vengeance.

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The Manhwa is Interesting and engaging along with Phenomenal artwork do check it out.

13. Revenge Of The Twin Empress

This is a pretty different Manhwa which is well narrated and has twists and turns. The Plot is about two twin sisters Catherine and Lithia who are totally different Personalities, while Catherine is the smart outspoken and and bright girl Lithia likes to keep it to herself and is jealous of her sister as she gets to be the first Prince Consort and be the future queen, but the Twist is that Catherine loves the Second prince and as they both are spending some great time together Lithia sets Catherine ablaze which changes the dynamics in this Sister duo now Lithia has the Leverage, but will Catherine avenge herself? Find out by reading

The Manhwa has a great artwork and the story is blend of dramatic and thriller elements. It’s worth recommendation.

14. Return of The Disaster Class Hero

Well this manhwa can be also categorized as God class manhwa or fantasy manhwa. The first hand appeal of the story gives of the vibe of classic Return RPG manhwas but as the story rolls on things get interesting. The detailing done in every aspect of the story is extensively worked through which provides an amazing reading experience.
The immersive effort in portraying every character with a background story is applaudible.

The story is set around a world where evil beings known as calamities are wreaking havoc on this world and they are finally stopped by the 12 saints chosen by the zodiac gods who invest superpowers in them. Among them was Geon Lee the bravest yet the most resented one who is betrayed by his allies and dies. But 20 year later he makes a comeback and is ready to avenge himself

Now talking about the artwork it is just astounding. The colour tones and and linework is are done perfectly overall execution looks brilliant and beautiful we heavily recommend this manhwa.

15. From a Knight to a Lady

This manhwa is pretty unique and has its own way of amazing the reader. The elements of betrayal and grief are well integrated in the story and the Protagonist is Female character who goes through lot of character development.

The story is set around the kingdom of Ersha where a brave knight Estelle dies before her time as her trusted friend stabs her in the battle .But reincarnates in the body of Lucifela Aydin the daughter of a count in the new Kingdom of Jansgar and is surprised to know that her kingdom was swayed away by the the Jansgar empire. And to make this all more difficult she has been betrothed to zedkiah Heint who is son of Duke. Now it’s upto her how she finds out her way and unwrap the truth hidden away.

The artwork is pretty decent and tries to bring out the raw emotions in the story thorough it’s depiction of different tones and fine linework. Over all it is a worthy recommendation.


After reading the article above we hope that you would have liked our content and you did find some great recommendations for Manga where the mc gets betrayed and becomes op, Isekai manga where mc is betrayed and becomes op, Manga about Betrayal Manga where mc is Betrayed etc. we had put our hardwork and efforts to bring you such content if you did like it do check out our website Animeindie

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