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10 Anime Characters who died Smiling (List)

Anime characters who died Smiling

Hey, Otaku’s welcome back to another Amazing article where we are going to share what every otaku goes through at least one time in their Anime journey. We are talking about the death of their favorite Anime Characters. Death is considered to be the most tragic part of Anime. There are Anime deaths that broke the internet. Millions of fans are left heartbroken when their Favorite character dies. But there are some anime characters who died smiling and accepted their death wholeheartedly.

In this article, we are going to share the list of Anime characters who died smiling. It consists of both Male anime characters who died smiling and Female anime characters who died smiling. So without wasting any further time let’s check out the list.

Top Anime characters who died Smiling List

These are the Anime deaths that literally broke the internet. These Anime Characters died with a Smile which shows the Strata of their personality that makes them so iconic & Legendary. So let’s check out the list of Anime Characters who died smiling.

Banana Fish (Ash Lynx)

banana fish

This was probably one of the most Emotional Scenes that I have seen in Anime. Ash Lynx was dying in the Library and reading a letter from the love of his life & Soulmate Eiji. This may be considered dramatic by many Viewers but real Banana Fish fans knew how much Eiji means to Ash that even in his last moment he was reading her letter One Last Time.

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Unohana (Bleach)

Unohana Bleach

Death of Unohana is probably the most tragic death of any female character in Anime. Unohana was Smiling even when she was dying after fighting the greatest battle of her life. One of the reasons that Unohana fans suggest for her Smile while dying is Kenpachi. She was satisfied that Kenpachi is finally worthy of her title.

David (Cyberpunks EdgeRunner)

David (Cyberpunks EdgeRunner)

In his Last moments, David was Smiling but the reason due to which he was smiling will make your heart melt. He was living for Lucy & His Hopeless Boss. When he & Adam Smasher were fighting, Lucy was escaping Arasaka Tower. Adam Smashes his Head & before dying he has a Smile on his face knowing that Lucy is Safe as their fight gave enough time to her to escape.

Wizardmon (Digimon Adventure)


Throughout the Series, Wizardmon didn’t show that much facial expression because of the fact that his face was mostly covered. After receiving a Fatal attack from Gatomon, he lands on the ground knowing that his time is Up. Wizardmon was smiling behind his mask to thank Gatomon for all the time she spent together as a friend.

Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

Dragon Ball Z Poster

Goku is one character who died many times in the Series. But one thing common in most of his death is the Smiling face. He smiles because every time he dies he knows that he saved the world. If you want fan theories for the same you can visit this Discussion.

Itachi Uchiha

itachi uchiha

Itachi Uchiha died after having an intense battle with Sasuke. Sasuke throughout his life has only one goal to avenge the death of his loved ones by Itachi. While dying Itachi Gives Sasuke his Sharingan Power out of guilt. Due to a mysterious illness that was eating his body, Itachi was already very weak before the battle.

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Itachi has a smile on his face while dying because he always wanted his death to come from his brother, not anyone else. At last, he was able to save his Baby Brother. To this day Itachi’s death is considered one of the Saddest anime deaths.

Rosinante (One Piece)

Rosinante (One Piece)

Rosinante’s last Word was “I’ll die smiling! because if you ever think of me in the future, you’ll remember me smiling”. You can imagine the Sheer willpower that he has which makes him one of the most iconic characters in Anime World.

He takes Multiple Shots from his brother Don Quixote Doflamonggo to protect his Son “Trafalgar Law”.

Gol D Roger (One Piece)

Gol D Roger (One Piece)

The Man who conquered the Grand Line & Earned a Fortune, Gol D Roger. He is probably one of the most Interesting Characters in One Piece. He was famous for doing things that No One Else Can Do. He knew that he was going to die from a mysterious illness, so he disbanded his crew and offered himself for execution protecting his Entire Crew. One thing which shocked his enemies is that he keep smiling while getting executed.

Sir Nighteye (Boku No Hero Academia)

Sir Nighteye (Boku No Hero Academia)

Sir Nighteye always had a serious look on his face, he never expressed his emotions in front of others. In one of his battles, he received a Fatal wound that is out of Anyone’s capacity to Cure. In his last time, he encouraged everyone around him to be happy and spread Positive energy to the people they protect. He had his first smile while he was dying which made everyone around him hail his selflessness.

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Jonathan Joestar (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jonathan Joestar (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jonathan Joestar, the first of his name and the first Jojo introduced in the Anime. He was the leader of the Jojo household when the rivalry between Jojo Household & Dio Household started. During one of the fights Joestar almost defeated Dio but in the end, he came back for revenge which eventually caused Joestar’s life.

But he became immortal among the fans of the series due to the way in which he died. While dying he kept fighting with the dio to give his wife Erina and his infant son a chance to escape. He has a sweet smile on his face while dying because he knew that his loved ones are safe. He is one of the most iconic characters in Anime who died Smiling.


As an Anime lover, I can understand what your feelings must be when you see your favorite characters die on your screen. We made this list to acknowledge the fact that there are many anime characters out there who own their death with Smile. That’s why we made this list where we share some Anime characters who have a smile on their face when they die. These Anime Character deaths literally broke the internet and made them legendary.

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