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10+ Anime characters that start with j

anime character that start with j

Hello there Otakus, We are back today with another article on some awesome anime characters whose name starts with a j. On researching a bit we found there were some really cool Anime characters that started with letter J so we handpicked some of them and will be telling you guys about them today.

List of Anime characters that start with j

So without any delay we should start our List. We will have both male anime characters that start with j along with female anime characters that start with j listed below.

Jibril (No game No Life)

anime characters
that start with j

First on our list is Jibril. This character is from anime called No game No life and it would not be incorrect if we say that she is beautiful lady with super intelligence and has amazing combat abilities she belongs to the flugel race. The people of this race are living weapon and they were created to defeat the Gods. After the war ends these people went about obtaining knowledge and made it as their goal of life
Jibril is also immune to aging and to any disease which makes her even more awesome.

Jinbei (One Piece)


Well our next character is from the famous anime One Piece. Jinbei the member of Sun pirate gang later became captain of the fishman pilot gang is one of the awesome characters from one of the seven Samurai of the seas in order to have better protection of the fishmen island. He did except world government’s offer in the past the government as them to take part in the battle against white beard refused to do so therefore he was not present in Great Battle of Marineford.

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Jiraiya (Naruto)


Jiraiya is a well known character from Naruto. He is also one of the Konoha legendary Sanin. he is a light hearted and comical fellow he has traveled around the world and gained a vast amount of knowledge. He is also a skilled Warrior and with his vast battle experience he strategies against his opponents in the middle of the battle. He is also a great teammate , Along with Hiruzen, Orochimaru and Tsunade Jiraiya formed a well formidable team. He is also known as that Toad sage as he could summon toads and copy their fighting style. His greatest rival was Pain who also ended his life later on.

Jiren ( Dragon Ball Z)


Next character on our list is Jiren from Dragon Ball Z. His his full name is Jiren the grey and He hails from universe 11. You all may know him as one of the main antagonist of the series. He was one of the most powerful contestant in the tournament of power and was the member of the pride troopers, Coming to his physical appearance He is extremely well built and possesses a muscular body. Jiren priortises Protection of his universe above all and believes deeply in justice. He was mentored by Gicchin.

Jackie Tristan (Bleach)

jackie tristan

Further moving on we have Jackie Tristan from Bleach. She was formerly member of Xcution organization. She is a human who once possessed fullbring powers sometime in the past. She is an expert combatant and skilled hand to hand fighter, On activating her fullbring powers she unlocks the enhanced abilities which make her a ferocious opponent in the battlefield.

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Julius Novachrono (Black Clover)

julius novachrono

Julius Novachrono is from anime series Black Clover. He was the former captain of the deer squad and became the 28 Emperor of the clover Kingdom. He was a magical Emperor and spent most of his time in learning and enhancing his magic. He was born in the Noble realm and his main goal was contributing to a better world. when it came to magic Julius was a nerd who could keep on reading magic without getting bored for a minute . He was the first one to decipher the magical item designed by the very first Wizard king 500 years before. Even though being a skilled magician and a warrior , Asta anti magic sword did surprise Julius.

Jackson (Soul Eater)


Jackson or Otama Jackson is a character from Soul Eater. Well he is a gigantic black tadpole the long tail and thick red lipped mouth just like a Toad although in addition, He does have razor sharp teeth inside his mouth though. He serves Eruka and is loyal to her at the highest level. He always puts himself before his Master in any dangerous situation. He carries his Master wherever she wants as he posses ability to fly. He is not a very good fighter as he exhausts very fast and has a pretty low stamina.

Joker (Fire Force)


Moving on to our next character we have Joker from the Fire Force anime Series . Joker is a former PyroKinetic and proclaims himself to be an anti hero figure. He was abandoned by hid parents as a child and was brought up by Assassin group called Holy sol’s shadow. he lost his left eye when he tried to experience the adolla link. His ultimate Desire is to find the truth and he considers truth as the most valuable thing in the world and is ready to do anything to find it. He is really intelligent but also mischievious man who does things in his own particular ways.

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Jura Neekis (Fairy Tail)

jura neekis

Jura Neekis from Fairy tail is next on our list. He is a former mage of the Lamia Scale guide and also one of the Ten wizards Saints. He is also known as iron Rock Jura because he accomplished the use of earth magic. Jura is a tall and heavily built man with a bald head and he has a humble personality as he tries to be modest even when he is so Powerful. Jura is really dedicated and loyal to his allies and is ready to go off limits just to protect them. He weilds a Staff as his Primary Weapon which allows him to inflict heavy damage on his Opponents.

Jeremiah Gottwald ( Code Geass)

Jeremiah gottwald

Jeremiah Gottwald is a character from Code Geass. He is a Supporting protagonist in the series who was primarily an antagonist in the series. He is an elite Knight mare Frame Pilot and is very much concerned about maintaining the pursuit Supremacy in the Britannian society. He is really ambitious about his goals but also carries too much overconfidence which hinders his abilities while fighting. He served as a guard to Empress Marianne but failed to stop her assassination which led him into state of disbelief.

Summing Up

Well while summing up this article we believe that you had a good time reading this article and got to know about some anime characters that start with j although there are many others as well but we will try to cover more of them in future. We will be having a series of these articles with all Letters on our Website Animeindie where you can also find more amazing content related to Recommendation and news of Manga, Manhwa and Anime.

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