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30+ Best Murim Manhwa with Op Mc Recommendations

murim manhwa with op mc

Are you a martial arts lovers who love to read murim manhwa with op mc so this article is a boon for you? This article contains the best murim manhwa recommendations for readers who are looking for good murim manhwa with op mc.

Fans who love martial arts should check our Team Animeindie recommendations because our team has collected and compiled some top ongoing manhwa where mc is living in murim world. These manhwa are highly appreciated and as a manhwa reader, you should read these if you haven’t yet.

Disclaimer– We have also included some popular Murim Manhua in this article as they are very popular nowadays.

Best Murim Manhwa with Op Mc Recommendations

Check out the best murim manhwa with good art where mc is badass and the plot is fiery. Those who haven’t read these should try reading once and you’ll fall in love with the manhwa mentioned below.

Champion’s Path to Murim

A unique ongoing murim manhwa based on the reincarnation of Kim Sanghyuk, one of the living legends of modern martial arts. He achieved a state where he became invincible and obtained the nickname, Mister Perfect. The most interesting point is that after dying he gets reincarnated as a young master of the Golden Tiger wall.

An invincible man with his memory is born into murim world and aims to reach the pinnacle of the martial world by challenging the martial arts warriors of this new world. We really recommend reading this good murim manhwa because mc is a martial maniac who only loves learning and sparring.

Reincarnated Escort Warrior

This ongoing Murim Manhwa story is based on a limp man who wanted to become an escort warrior and roam around the challenging world as a warrior. As we know not everyone is able to achieve his dream but he kept struggling in the world as a porter carrying loads during escort and died in an unfortunate struggle.

However, god listened to his call and he possessed the body of the Fourth young master of the Greatest Escort Agency. After becoming Lee jungryong he was shocked and started comprehending the situation. But the reputation and martial arts of jungryong were worthless but with this new chance and life, he wanted to achieve his dream that he couldn’t achieve in his previous life.

I Am The Fated Villain

murim manhwa with op mc

Everyone loves reading novels and manhwa where the mc is a hero who protects everyone but this manhwa is something really intriguing and promising with our mc who transmigrated into a fantasy world and became a villain. The new body that our mc obtained is fated to die by hands of fortune chosen one. But he was not totally out of luck, since our mc obtained a system that helps him to become strong.

Moreover, after becoming Gu Changge, he decided to act villainous and started hunting those who are chosen by gods and can become heroes. After devouring them he became strong and challenged his fate. This is really a villain-type best murim manhwa recommendation.

Ultimate Devouring System

You have tried many transmigration manhwas where mc gets transported into a mystic world but this one based on murim cultivation is very different and is worth trying. This manhwa is ongoing and is based on a new intriguing story where one can become god by cultivating and learning martial arts diligently.

Check out this best murim manhwa where mc gets a broken system that helps him to dominate everyone by becoming strong.

Reaper of the Drifting Moon

Fans who loved reading Legend of the Northern Blade should definitely try this deadly and fiery revenge manhwa. One normal orphan who was just trying to survive in the harsh world was kidnapped by an unknown group of assassins. Mc found himself in the darkest pit where he was unable to know and see anything. From there his desperate struggle for his survival starts, and after overcoming multiple challenges he became an assassin.

Moreover, he realized that he was not alone but there was a group of children that were there. Higher-ups were using them to complete their task that was given by one of the major sects. Fiery murim manhwa is loved by many people so enjoy reading it.

Legend Of The Northern Blade

This is a very top-tier Martial Arts manhwa with Op Mc our readers should try this murim manhwa because not only this manhwa is based on revenge but also on the complete hardship of a young boy whose father was killed for a crime that he didn’t do. The Sect Leader of the Northern Heavenly Sect Khwn was killed by the Nine Skies of Central Plains. The wall of the north called Jin who endlessly protected the world from the threat of silent nights is no more and his descendants were merely left alive.

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Khwn Ho’s son was only left in the vast lands of the north after the betrayal of all elders of his own sect. Jin made a pledge that he will prove his father’s innocence to the world and get his revenge in this best murim manhwa.

Heavenly Inquisition Sword

A new ongoing martial arts manhwa with op mc that everyone must check because of its art style and interesting story. Jekoha whose mother died and not long after his father married another woman. He was left all alone and neither his father had an interest in him nor his stepmother abused him on a daily basis.

Everything changed once he decided to leave his house after being house arrested for years. He traveled in the mountains and met some good bandits and from there, his road to the martial world starts.

Wandering Warrior of Wudang

As a murim manhwa reader, you must have tried many different plots but this one is very new and mind-blowing because the story is based on the Leader of an Evil sect. Hyeokryeon Mugang once massacred the central plains and ruled the world. During his fight, he bought the Wudang sect to ruin.

But after dying he somehow found himself alive but in the new body of a young boy. That boy was just a normal errand boy of an elder of the Wudang sect but that boy was very loved by the sect elders. Check how the leader of an evil sect lives in the orthodox sect.

Star Instructor Master Baek

A demonic instructor who lived his life doing the wrong deed gets an opportunity where he learns the best martial arts from them divine beings after plotting some scheme with them. All he wanted to do was to get his revenge on the demonic supreme but ultimately died at his hands.

But he somehow reincarnated into the future as an orthodox master’s son. With power and knowledge almost equal to a supreme being in this new life. Our mc wants to live as a normal martial instructor. A top murim manhwa everyone must check once.

Doctor Rebirth

A normal medical worker who worked hard for survival died after getting dragged into a civil war as a medical worker. He was protecting someone and was shot by a bullet which ends his tragic life. But out of blue, he wakes up in a strange world in a child’s body. He found himself in a chaotic situation where people were dying but since he had medical knowledge he started treating them somehow and saved them.

Read his new thrilling life as a doctor inside a murim world who pursue both martial powers and new medical skills of his amazing teacher.

Sword Fanatic Wanders Through The Night

Readers should know that this manhwa is written by the author who created both The Return of the Crazy Demon and Mercenary Enrollment. This manhwa is about Jin sohan a young orphan child who was living with a sword dance troupe. They cared for sohan like a real family and taught him their sword dance. But one day Sohan was kidnapped by the demon of the evil sect who used his body as they pleased. Mystic dance troupe tried finding him everywhere but they weren’t able to track him down.

Few years later he became strong after enduring continuous experiments and torcher. After leaving that place he started looking for his mystic troupe family that cared and loved him soo much. But he found a very bitter truth and started killing read to know what make sohan do this.

Murim Login

Hunters are standing at the top of the world after monsters evasion and protecting the peace while fighting with their life on the line. Tae Kyung was one of those people who wanted to become a hero and save people but he was merely a low-rank hunter. But while he was playing VR games to just pass his time.

A strange situation occurred and to found himself in a martial world but was in someone’s body and his name was also Tae kyung. He worked hard in this new world and found that he also grew stronger in the real world from this point his real journey started.

Legend Of Asura

A new historical revenge manhwa based on a small boy’s revenge against big sects. After betrayal and complete annihilation of small medical sects, only mc remains alive. During that time everyone taught him their skills and knowledge to keep their sect’s knowledge alive. Our protagonist barely escaped and after long hellish years, he returned.

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The mindset to take revenge and create complete chaos for all those who are connected to that incident makes this manhwa super exciting.

Heavenly Sword Saga

The group of people wanted to disrupt the balance of the world and wanted to rule the world. To prevent that from happening one disciple was chosen to protect mankind. He learned martial arts from six masters and made the decision to save the world from its ruin.

Read heavenly sword saga, mc travels into the past and slowly changes the future by defeating those malicious bastards.

Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return

Dan Woohyun after reaching the pinnacle of martial arts became soo strong that Divine beings sealed him to maintain peace. After millions of years, the seal was somehow broken and he was released. Dan now achieved his inner piece and was not interested in anything, living outside to evade any trouble.

As everything was worthless for him since he had no motive or driving force to live. One day a small girl who was getting beaten for theft of a dumpling Woohyun just couldn’t be passed by after watching a small girl’s situation and helping her. From there his life changed and starts the amazing story of the living god.

Absolute Sword Sense

Soh Woonhwi was kicked out of his family because he lost his dantian. After he struggled a lot and was mocked by everyone. One day he was kidnapped by the Blod cult and they used him as a third-rate spy but after a long hellish life, he was betrayed by those he trusted and died while finding some legendary secret records.

However, his fate was to change his lowly life into a significant one which is why he somehow returned back ten years when he was about to be kidnapped by those blood cult bastards. Read to know what happened and how will soh change his hellish life.

The Return of The Crazy Demon

Yi Zaha once roamed the world fighting and killing people and was known as a crazy demon. Zaha stole the heavenly pill of the demonic cult that was the most precious elixir in the martial world. After running like crazy he fell off the cliff and was about to die but he ate the elixir during his last time.

However, instead of dying, he came back to the past when he was an Inn worker that served food to normal people. But this time when he obtained a precious elixir and also have his memory what will he do and how will he live read to know?

I Reincarnated As The Crazed Heir

The Leader of the murim alliance who worked for peace and was one of the most talented martial masters. Some people were envious of him and targeted him so that they can obtain the leader’s position. Unfortunately, they succeeded in their plan and the young leader was poisoned.

Strangely after dying, he wakes up in a strange cave and after checking he found out that he possessed the body of someone he didn’t know. Due to ki deviation owner of the body died and he possessed that body somehow.

Demon In Mount Hua

The crazy arch-enemy of murim orthodox alliance slaughterer Demon Monarch killed many people and everyone was afraid of him but the Sword Saint of mount hua sect finally defeated him and sealed him inside the mountain of mount hua sect. After several years Yeom Ak who was once a demonic monarch lost the meaning of his life and changed a lot during his years of confinement.

But he was alive all this time and was in good health after a sudden blast in the mountains he gets released and starts acting as the sword saint. He came to know that the prominent mount hua sect became very weak after these years.

Return of Mount Hua Sect

The strongest 13th disciple named Chyung Myung of mount hua sect who was later given the name Pulm blossom sword saint fought fiercely against the heavenly demon Cheon Ma. At that time Cheon Ma was unrivaled in the world and countless warriors died while fighting with him to stop those demonic bastards.

After countless death, Chyung defeated Cheon Ma but he was very heavily injured and also died on the battlefield. However, he didn’t die and found himself in the future where he get to know that the mount hua sect had lost its former glory. Check what will the sword saint do in the future to change everything in the sect.

Heavenly Martial God

The greatest martial artist of all time Ha Hoo Young transcends the realm of humankind and became the matchless warrior reigning over the world. After reaching the peak of his powers he tried to ascend but the other saints refused his ascension because of his karma. He slaughters mercilessly many people in his prime and due to his brute and fiery personality that does not suit a saint.

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He regained consciousness after 60 years and was reborn as the second son of the Namgoong family which was known for their physique and sword arts. Hyuk was weak and couldn’t use martial arts. See what the strongest being can do in the body of the weakest son of the Namgoong family.

Emperor’s Domination

All cultivators wanted to reach the peak of martial powers but they seems to forget about the real essence of martial arts. However, Yin Crow guided them and every young cultivator reached the peak and established their own sect. Many years passed since yin crow left and circumstances changed a lot after his departure.

One of the great sects lost his true essence and was in very danger but the appearance of a young boy mysterious boy changed everything. Who is that young boy and what can he alone do read this murim manhwa to know more about this fiery murim manhwa with op and a badass main character.

The Star of Supreme Ruler

The mysterious energy is so powerful that any child who will receive it will become the supreme ruler. Also known as the legendary star who radiates strongly and most powerfully in the whole world. Cheon Ryuyeong a child of low status wanted to change his current situation and wanted to surpass his limits in order to grow stronger.

Baek Woonhoe who also wanted to become the supreme ruler to become unrivaled in murim world read what happened ahead and who becomes the supreme ruler. Reading this murim manhua with good art will make your time worth it.

Mookhyang the Origin

The story of a young boy Mookhyang who was kidnapped and then given the name 2044. They started training him to make his assassin that can secretly kill any warrior. He worked tirelessly and became the strongest assassin who roams and brings death. After seeing his potential his superior provided him with more guidance and he obtained enlightenment in martial arts.

Martial arts or murim manhwa with good art lovers would have a great time reading these amazing ongoing murim manhwa.

Shenwu Tianzun

After a long battle and learning martial arts, our protagonist reached the pinnacle and became Supreme God. But he was betrayed by his friends whom he deem trustworthy. Their scheme to kill was him but his soul barely managed to escape. He possessed an injured child’s body and started cultivating to get his revenge.

Read this badass ongoing murim manhua with good art to kill your time.

Undefeatable Swordsman

So next on our list is the undefeatable swordsman. This is an awesome murim manhwa where the main character is a good-hearted guy and is set upon bringing out his true potential.

Wumoon Song is a young boy who lacks a good build and has a pretty frail body. He is keen to learn martial arts and become the greatest but his physical body limits turn out to be a roadblock for him. Suddenly one day a Mysterious guest comes to the hotel he works in and leaves behind a painting as payment. Now this painting becomes really engaging for Wumoon as he keeps on staring for a long time and magic happens! He miraculously develops the techniques and powers of a martial artist. His physical structure begins to evolve into a fighters body and thus begins his epic journey

The art style and the linework done is pretty amazing and overall it’s a worth full recommendation.

Chronicles of the Demon Fraction

A Badass’s latest murim manhwa is based on the tragic story of male lead Chun Hajin who was used as an assassin by the Murim Orthodox fraction Heavenly Alliance. All Hajin wanted was to live a normal life after surviving the hellish life of an assassin but he was betrayed by the alliance and died miserably.

Hajin regretted a lot while he was on the brink of death but a miracle happened and he found himself in a new body with its energy core destroyed. Soon, Hajin found out that he possessed the body of the disciple of the heavenly demon and from there his struggle to survive in the demonic faction started. The overall story is very promising and thus we would strongly recommend this badass murim manhwa to our readers.

Mohsin Hunter

Okay, so this manhwa on our list has fantasy and mystical aspects to it. Basically, it is set around a world where spirits haunt the world they can be either good or bad. The protagonist is a warrior who possesses the legendary dark sword which gives him the power to travel across realms and hunt down any of the spirits! The story is set around his journey and the artwork is done very fantastically.

If you really like reading murim based manhwa I would strongly suggest this one.

Try Some Murim Manhwa Recommendations list !!

These are some more amazing and promising martial arts manhwa/ good murim manhwa.

  • Demonic Master of Mount Hua
  • Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside
  • Matchless Emperor
  • All Hail The Sect Leader
  • Reincarnation of the Murim Clan’s Former Ranker

Our Team Animeindie has provided the Best Murim Manhwa Recommendations after spending a lot of time so we will appreciate your response on this good Murim Manhwa and share this article with your friends.

Our Editors Opinion

This is the end of our recommendation based on the best murim manhwa with op mc so we hope our readers will enjoy reading them. Moreover, comment on your best murim manhwa if by any chance our team didn’t mention it in the above list.

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