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Boruto Two Blue Vortex is Not Boruto Part 2 – Official Update

boruto two blue vortex

We shared a Piece of News a few days back that Boruto is making a Grand Comeback with its sequel Named Boruto: Two Blue Vortex. However this is not true, Boruto is not coming back with a Sequel.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex which is scheduled to release on August 20, 2023, is not the sequel of the Action Manga series but this release will only introduce a New Story Arc in the Series. So we can say that it’s just a new Chapter that is being released to introduce some of the biggest changes in The Boruto Storyline.

We Already Mentioned that this Chapter will have a time Skip of 4 Years from the time when Boruto Left the Hidden Leaf Village. There are also some confirmations that many characters in the Manga series have undergone a Jaw Dropping Transformation including Sarada.

What’s the Source Of This Information?

According to Abdul Zoldyk who clarified this Confusion first on his Twitter “Boruto Two Blue Vortex is a separate entity from the Boruto just like its preceding Naruto Shippuden which was different from Naruto. Chapter 81 Of the Manga will introduce an entirely new Storyline which will serve as a base for the New Phase in Boruto.

Boruto Update

The Confusion first took Rounds on Social Media when it was first revealed that New Chapter will include a Time Skip and many Characters will go under a Major Transformation. This made the fan believe that Boruto Two Blue Vortex is the Sequel or Second Part of the Series. However, it’s not the Case.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Release Date & Where You Can Read It?

Boruto Two Blue Vortex is going to release on August 20, 2023, & will be available for all the Otakus on Shueisha Official Website & App. The English version will be available at the same time On the Official Website & App Of Viz Media.

In My opinion, No Matter Whether Boruto Two Blue Vortex is the Sequel of the Manga Series’ or Not, Its hype is Going Kaboom! Among Otakus. Fans are eagerly waiting for the Changes that Chapter 81 of the Manga Series will bring with us & how it will affect the Whole Boruto Universe.

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