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22+ Best Manga/Manhwa where Mc is Reincarnated As a Child

Best Manga where Mc is Reincarnated as a child

Hello there, Are You Looking for Some best recommendations for Manga where Mc is Reincarnated as a child or some amazing Manhwa where Mc is reincarnated as a child? If Yes, then we are glad to inform you that your search ends here. Today in this article we would like to provide a list of Carefully Curated list of awesome recommendations for Manga where Mc is Reincarnated as a child and overpowered too. We would also provide the official source where you can read these manhwas and manga.

If you visited Animeindie then you may already know that all these lists and selections are made by seasoned Otaku’s. If you don’t find your favourite manhwa or manga in this list then comment down we will surely add it to our List.

Best Manga where Mc is Reincarnated as a Child and Overpowered List:-

Here are some recommendations for the Best Manga where MC is reincarnated as a child and overpowered.

The Beginning After the End

Best Manga/Manhwa where Mc is Reincarnated As a Child. The Beginning After the End Manhwa
The Beginning After the End

One day while King Grey was sleeping, he died and miraculously reincarnated as an infant in a magic fantasy world. Since Grey was an orphan in a previous life he didn’t get any love but in this life as Arthur, he had a family who loved him a lot. Arthur learned everything about this world quickly and started working to become strong to protect his loved ones in this life.

This manhwa is one of its kind and we highly recommend every manhwa lover to read it at least once. The Beginning After the End manhwa has an amazing art style, good translation, and is filled with great characters. Our Mc Arthur Leywin is badass and talented. This is a Manga where Mc is Reincarnated as a child. This manhwa child is badass and op so give this manhwa a try. A unique world manga with an exciting story.

Even though I’m The Villainess, I’ll Become The Heroine

Even though I'm The Villainess, I'll Become The Heroine

Dahlia who couldn’t overcome the harassment and took her life was reincarnated with the perpetrator!.. in this case, the perpetrator turns out to be the Heroine Florre. The story revolves around a lady who is executed by plotting as a villainess by the princess along with her Grand Duke Of Cervian who is also the male lead and is born again, now both of them get together to take revenge on the people who conspired against them.

This is a manhwa where MC reincarnated as a noble with an amazing revenge plot.

Damn Reincarnation

Damn Reincarnation

Damn, Reincarnation is an awesome manga where mc gets reincarnated as a baby named Hamel as the male lead. Hamel a brave warrior tries to end devils by fighting them indefinitely with some of his cool sidekick’s colleagues, unfortunately, dies when he tries to save his friend in a dangerous Battle with Devils. But as of surprise and miracle, Hamel is reborn in the future as an infant who has some reminisced memories from his previous life as Hamel.

He gets to be a descendant of Great Vermouth and gets along with the bloodline of the Great Hero Vermouth where as Hamel has now become Eugene Lionheart.

Since Hamel was a mastermind genius past life He gets initial pushups But in this life, he has the full potential to surpass even The Great Hero Vermouth as he has experience from his past life along with the skills gained from Vermouth’s bloodline. The Manga-like jobless reincarnation is based upon the theme of reincarnation as a child manga and is worth reading for sure.

Return of the Mount Hua sect

Return of the Mount Hua sect

Chung Myung the best disciple of the Mount Hua sect and one of the three great swordsmen who previously was known as Plum Blossom Sword Saint when he defeated the Heavenly Demon who destroyed Murim world single-handedly, after that big bloody battle, he succumbed to his death on the top of the mountain of a corpse, Now to everyone’s surprise Chung Myung is reborn 100 Years later as a child with some of his past life memories and discovers that The Great Mount Hua Sect has degraded and is not in a respectable condition now, and on seeing this he decides to bring back the lost glory of Great Mount Hua sec.

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A typical cultivation manga where the MC is reincarnated as OP or it can also be considered as a murim manhwa with OP MC and amazing art style that will captivate you till the end once you start to read it.

The Hero Returns

The Hero Returns

Kim sung bin the sole protector of humanity and the strongest hero dies in an attempt to save humanity from evil. On a surprising note, he is reborn after 20 years. And this time he still has some of the old memories and he is determined to avenge humanity from the viscous monster
This manga is full of fantasy and action we believe that you won’t regret reading this because it’s a manga-like jobless reincarnation. Best Manhua with op mc and exquisite story line-up.

Swordmaster’s Youngest son Manhwa

manga where mc is reincarnated as a child

Jin Runcandel as the Mc is a full full-fledged badass character who is the youngest heir of the Runcandel Family. But he turns out to be a Disappointment for the Family’s legacy as one of the grandest swordsman families in the whole wide continent.

He gets bullied by numerous people and is abused to the extent that he dies a meaningless death, Yet again he gets to be reborn in the same family but this time with great skill and power, and on top of it some memories from his past life! try this Manga where Mc is Reincarnated, It’s worth a read because it’s a manga-like jobless reincarnation. A total badass martial arts manhwa with OP MC.

Return Of The Shattered Constellation

return of the shattered constellation

After the monster’s appearance on Earth, many people died but a few chosen ones obtained powers from gods( constellation ) by making contracts with them. Interestingly our main character didn’t form any contract and still ascended to the position of the god named “Twilight of the gods”. an infamous one among them. However, he lost his status as a constellation, and his powers were also sealed but then he got an offer from the underworld.

He came back to the past as a player to complete missions given by the underworld’s ruler and to take his revenge on those gods. Read this reincarnated as a child manhwa with a fierce main character who wanted to take revenge.

My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path

My Younger Brother Forces my Flower Path

A good little brother who is willing to do anything for his sister, but the problem is he doesn’t get his way right and does Mishaps most of the time he brings up the crown from a tyrant to fulfill his sister’s wish and makes her the emperor while wanting to be her knight and she seems to do fine with her emperorship as it was her aptitude.

Moreover, the younger brother asks her sister if she wants the continent to kneel before her to which she replies of not want more work and expresses her desire to get married to which her brother wants to conduct a national tournament to find the best partner for his sister. The tournament is conducted by and Duke of Dehart who is a monster of the north. The op mc Manhwa is full of Fantasy and adventure with a nudge of a cute brother-sister fight that will keep you interested in it.

My Family is Obsessed with me

My Family is Obsessed with me

a warrior dies when he’s tormented and unfair advantage is taken from him. After this, he gets reincarnated and gets kidnapped, and sent to an orphanage where he again gets adopted by a rich family where his family won’t let go of him and is overly obsessed with him. This Manhwa with op mc has a unique style and is a bit different from the mainstream but at the same time likable.

In this manga where mc is reincarnated as a child and lived as a noble.

Why She Lives as a Villainess

Why She Lives as a Villainess

In this Manhwa Mc gets reincarnated in the character of Villainess. Now she knows the life history and the original plot of her life as she has all the memories from her past life. People believe she is crazy but still, she manages to put out herself and lives her life selflessly, and takes revenge on the people who were involved in plotting her as the main villainess and executing her.

This is one of the best Villainess reincarnation manhwa and reincarnation romance manhwa. In this manga, mc is reincarnated as a villain. This manga where the mc is bullied and gets stronger is worth your time.

I obtained the Mythic Rank

I obtained the Mythic Rank

This is an amazing reincarnation manhwa with op mc and an amazing story plot. The mc of this manhwa is a total badass who overpowered everyone after returning to the past. He was killed in his past life by an assassin sent by his own father but fortunately, he obtained a mythic rank item Odin’s eye that helped him somewhat, and then he traveled back in time. when everything was alright.

This reincarnated as a child manga is an op and worth every reader’s time so do give it a shot.

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Infinite Mage

Infinite Mage

Latest manhwa where abandoned mc becomes overpowered after overcoming many hardships. The story is about a boy named Shirone who was abandoned and found by a woodcutter family. Moreover, he was a very unique and bright child but his family couldn’t afford education because they were poor. Shirone was very inclined towards learning magic and he was both a talented and quick learner.

After taking a big risk where he can be executed at any time in a noble household for important work. Shirone risked his life to learn history and magic while working as a servant in the library and soon became friends with the young son of that household. He after that get an amazing chance to change his life with a noble family where he was working. So enjoy reading this manga where mc is reincarnated as a child with magic.

Life of A Magic Academy Mage

Life of A Magic Academy Mage

An amazing reincarnation manhwa where the main protagonist Lee han who was a student gets reincarnated into a fantasy world where magic exists. He was born as the youngest son of the famous mage family who was one of the founding members of the empire. Since he knew the fact that his elder brother will inherit the household so he just have to survive and act normal in order to not attract attention.

He later enrolled in magic and just acts normally while learning. Moreover, he excels in magic and was born with an enormous amount of mana with insight. So you will enjoy this manga where mc is reincarnated as a child with magic powers in another world.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken( That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

An amazing manga that also has its anime adaptation released after getting massive popularity. The story starts with a very normal plot but soon everything changes after the main character dies while protecting his friend. Then after some strange phenomenon, Satoru got reincarnated into a fantasy world as a slime inside a dungeon. But despite his lovely and harmless look, he obtained multiple powerful abilities and soon became overpowered.

Later on, he met with a notorious dragon inside the dungeon and became his friend. He ate him to break the seal in order to free him. You’ll be amazed once you’ll start reading this manga where MC is reincarnated and overpowered.

“Kenja no Mago” (Wise Man’s Grandchild)

Kenja no Mago Wise Man's Grandchild

Kenja No Mago is a manga where a young man named Shin retains his previous life memory and gets reincarnated into a fantasy world as a baby and is raised by a wise sage. If you love badass reincarnation plots, this is the manga for you. He develops into a formidable magician and warrior with extraordinary abilities and wisdom. Shin surpassed his peers but still joined the academy to learn and interact with kids of his age.

Read this badass manga where MC is reincarnated as a child and overpowered, he shocks everyone with his supernatural talent.

The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years

The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years

If you are interested in reading manhwa with magic and martial powers then check out this overpowered ongoing manhwa where MC is reincarnated as a child into a noble family. This manhwa is based on the greatest magician of all time Diablo Volfir. Diablo fought against 12 gods who were threatening humanity but lost and got stuck for 66666 years. However, a miracle happened and he was reborn as a child again with all his past experiences as Jamie Welton.

The Welton family in which Jamie was born is famous for their swordsmanship but Jamie who once rivaled gods with his magic powers alone now started learning swordsmanship to surpass his previous self and defeat gods this time. Read this ongoing reincarnation manhwa with overpowered MC who will take revenge in his second life.

Revers Villain

reverse villain

If you’re into manhwa with full action with intriguing art style then this manhwa is really for you. Since this manhwa revolves towards martial arts and our main character is reborn as a child. But Jung woos our main character of this manhwa once reached the pinnacle of martial arts in his past life so with his past life knowledge he wanted to become badass in his second life too. Moreover, this manhwa has well-developed side characters with a pretty fast-paced storyline.

Try Reading this action-fantasy manhwa if you enjoy reading reincarnation manhwa or manhwa where MC is reincarnated as a child.

Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound

Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound

This story is based on Vikri Baskerville of the strongest sword user Baskerville family, although Vikir was not a direct descendent of Baskerville he swore his loyalty to the family head and did everything he could for him without wanting anything in return as a hound that he gets in return was a betrayal. Vikir was sentenced to death but somehow he came back to the time when he was born. Now, from this point, Vikir decided that with the memories of his previous life, he would destroy the clan head of the Baskerville family.

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This badass manhwa where MC reincarnates as a child then changes his fate and exacts his revenge on those vicious people who made his life miserable is the latest top-tier manhwa so you must try out this manhwa.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God

The Knight King Who Returned with a God

This is another badass reincarnated as a child manhwa here main character was born into a magical world where god exists. He was born into a noble family as a boy named Leon as time passed he learned the swordsmanship to become a holy knight to serve the goddess. Then he killed countless monsters and demon worshippers for almost a hundred years after becoming King.

However, a strange phenomenon occurred while he was fighting his last battle, and after Leon defeated the monster he found out that he had come back to earth where he used to live before his reincarnation into another world. From there his new journey starts as Leon is the strongest Knight of all time and was also King what will he do next read to know more about this manhwa where MC is reincarnated as a child.

I Want To Enjoy Slow Living

I want to enjoy slow living

The next one on our list is I want to enjoy slow living. Well, this is a simple Manwa with a warm storyline where the protagonist just wants to live his life in peace. The story begins when the main character of this Manhwa accidentally comes in front of a truck and meets his untimely death. Surprisingly at the time of his death he was thinking about his childhood and how peaceful his life was back then in the countryside he was yearning to get back to those days.

After death when he meets God, He is surprised to know that his death was an accident and since it was a mistake from the God himself, God gave him a chance to be reincarnated as he wishes he could be reincarnated as a Prince but instead of all this the decides to reincarnate himself as Alfred the Second Son of a noble in order to live a peaceful life in the countryside

The Reborn Prince Wants To be Lazy

The Reborn Prince Wants To be Lazy

Well moving on we have The Reborn Prince who wants to be lazy. The story revolves around the main character known as Haruto a high school Japanese student. He has an easygoing attitude and wants her life to be simple and free from stress. One day out of nowhere he gets hit by a truck and dies instantly. To his surprise, he is reincarnated as Phil Graceheart, who is the youngest son of the kingdom. Now with his past memories intact, he has the ball in his court as he is the prince and can pursue his dream to live life as carefree as he wants. But the problem starts when everything he does backfires on him! The story gets interesting do check it out.

Ordinary Soldier Dreams Of The Past

Ordinary Soldier Dreams Of The Past

This Manga on our list does have an element of action and fantasy to it. The story narrates tale of a guy named John Celias who was a soldier and was in a special squad which was set up to fight the demon, Lord. His team ultimately defeats and kills the demon Lord but unfortunately, he succumbs to his death. But surprisingly He is reincarnated as a child back in time before the invasion of demons but with his memories intact. Can he save his world this time? Check out this amazing manga to find out.

Resetting Lady

resetting lady

We were confused while putting this amazing manhwa on this list. But the story of this amazing manhwa is somewhat related to the topic of our Article. The Story revolves around Carynne Hare who fell into the Isekai world of a Novel where there is a condition. If she can find her true love she can have a happy ending but to her surprise no matter what she does the end is the same in all her reincarnations..”Death”. So, ultimately after getting fed up with this, she decides to become a Murderer.

If you want to know what happens after this in Story, Read Resetting Lady Manhwa Now.

The Ultimate of all ages

The Ultimate of all ages

The Story Of this Manhua revolves around a Peerless Martial Emperor Gu Fei Yang who died in the Tiandang Mountains in a battle. After this incident, he found himself reincarnated 15 Years later as Li Xun Xiao in the Nation of Tianshui. This embarks the journey of him becoming one of the greatest in the current generation. This a Chinese Manhua, not a Manhwa but the story of this manhua is quite similar to our theme and it was well appreciated by the readers. Thus we added it to our list.

Rebirth Manhwa Recommendations list

These are some famous rebirth manhwa/manga lists for fans who enjoy reading manhwa of this genre.

  • Again My Life
  • Divorce Me, Husband!
  • Ice
  • The Ultimate of all ages
  • I adopted the male lead

These are some best manga where the mc is reincarnated as a badass character into a new world or reincarnated as a child. Go and read all these manhwas where mc is op,


Okay on a concluding note, we would like to tell you that we have provided our best recommendations on Reincarnation Manhwa/Manga where MC is Reincarnated as a child and we hope that you like it. Our recommendations are the latest and totally worth reading so make sure to stay connected with us. If you liked this post, manga where mc is reincarnated as a child then do check out our other post on Animeindie. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest updates, You Can Also find us on Instagram And Facebook! Connect With Us There, We will be looking forward to it.

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