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Amazing News on Solo Leveling Epilogue and Anime 2023

Every Solo Leveling Fans are Interested to know about sololeveling after solo leveling epilogue, side story release date along with sololeveling anime release date. Since, solo leveling anime trailer is already launched on YouTube fans are going crazy to know when will we get solo leveling release date since solo leveling anime confirmed. In this article we will provide where to read solo leveling reddit if you haven’t read solo leveling yet. We will share solo leveling anime trailer along with short solo leveling wiki, solo leveling main characters and some manhwa like solo leveling with op mc to read.

Every solo leveling fans must watch solo leveling anime trailer and should know whether solo leveling anime confirmed or not. This article is recommended for you to get latest updates on plot and news regarding sololeveling.

you can also read solo leveling light novel if you are very interested in solo leveling light novel and solo leveling comic.

Solo Leveling Epilogue Synopsis

This manhwa is based on sudden outbreak known as “the Gate” and surprisingly this gate connects the real world with another world filled with monsters, some blessed people obtained power and became hunters. They protected humanity while hunting vicious monsters who wrecked havoc in human world. All those special humans known as “Hunters” became the pillar for humanity with their powers. However, there were multiple ranks based on the skills and powers of every hunter. Since, everyone dreamed to become a hunter to protect their loved ones or some for fame and money, their were a ranking system that ranked every hunter from rank E to S. While S being strongest in the world.

Sung Jin-Woo, our protagonist was an E-rank Hunter who was living his life miserably while risking his life to earn pennies in lowest dungeons. Especially, he was famous because of his nick name “World’s Weakest” Hunter. who struggled to just survive in dungeons. Jin-Woo didn’t have any great skills and aptitude as a hunter. His body and size was also very mediocre, he was just managing his daily life some how. But a strange turn of event happened when he encountered a hidden dungeon of Rank D! he almost died there, he surprisingly woke up in hospital with mysterious quests that helped him to level up and become stronger with each passing day. Read to know what happened after…read sololeveling.

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solo leveling
Author 추공 (Chugong)
ArtistGEE So-Lyung, Redice Studio
Release Date2018

Solo leveling fanfiction Side Story

solo leveling epilogue

Solo leveling one of the most amazing South Korean web novel is all set to its anime release after solo leveling anime trailer launching. Side story of Shadow Monarch Sunj Jin woo is expected to release soon . To know more about sololeveling check solo leveling wiki, maybe after solo leveling release date finalize we will get netflix solo leveling anime confirmed. If you want to know where to read solo leveling reddit click on the link provided in our article.

Solo leveling Sunj Jin woo defeated every monsters along with their monarchs single-handedly after returning to past. Jin woo became shadow monarch and king of shadow army and protected whole humanity without letting the outbreak to occur, while know was aware of this massive scale battle and became an unsung legendary hero.

Solo leveling fanfiction guess on solo leveling side story since we’ll be getting some exciting chapters on daily life of the strongest being of the world “The Shadow Monarch” with world in peace. Fans are excited to know about solo leveling Sung Jin woo and his love life along with comedy. Cha Hae-In (Wife) is expected to became lover (wife) of Jin woo .

It would be amazing to see if by any chance marriage scene of Jin-woo and Cha Hae would be present in the side story. Solo leveling release date of manhwa side story is also not confirmed yet. Since, solo leveling anime confirmed it would be amazing to see all solo leveling main characters in live action. It would be exciting to see shadow army being used to do miscellaneous works…

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Solo Leveling Anime Trailer

Solo Leveling Anime Trailer is released and solo leveling anime confirmed but date is yet not very clear so we can expect it to be out in around January 2023, Still a teaser trailer is out and was released at Anime Expo which gave us a brief glimpse into the future Adaptation of the Manga/Manhwa.

Solo Leveling Main Characters

Sung Jin Woo

Solo leveling Sung Jin woo who is the main character and protagonist of the Series is a weak E rank hunter in the beginning until he gets an opening which he makes his fortunes take a turn for greatness and tries to become absolute monarch. Sung is full of admiration and cares deeply for his family.

Adam White

Adam as a chief of FHB’s Asia brach is pretty stable and full of composure, you won’t find him panicking or making rash decision as his job is to recruit people in sololeveling manhwa.

Frost Monarch

The ruler of of the snow folk is One of the 9 Monarchs. He pre empts everything and has a very well calculated idea about what he is going to do next!.

Hwang Dong- su

An S rank soldier who later turned upon to be a shadow soldier owing to the death of his dear brother. Hwang is nearly inhumane and lacks any kind of empathy he just wants to continue his rampage as a sociopath in sololeveling manhwa.

Go Gun-Hee

As a former head of hunter association Korea and a S rank hunter Go gun is an elderly figure who is known for his simplicity and honesty …not to forget he is still a muscular guy!

Cha Hae-in

A loving and caring character who takes safety as a priority Cha Hae-in is a S rank hunter and also the vice master at the Hunter guild and she is female lead in sololeveling.

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Woo Jin-chul

Woo Jin-chul an A rank hunter and the Chair man of the Korean hunter Association is a calm and composed guy who tries to repress his emotions and maintains a serious aura. He likes to be a line wolf

Yoo Jin-ho

The vice president of Ah-jin guild Yoo Jin-hoo is a serious companion of Sung and does important things for him. his character is full of humour and he loves to remain childish.

Choi Jong-In

A magician of flames Choi Jong-In is a S rank hunter and a Guild master at Hunters Guild Choi is pretty cool character . He relies on his strategies and sharp brain moves to win a battle and is also nicknamed as the “Strongest Soldier” and is one solo leveling main character.

Thomas Andre

Full of confidence and raging like an Alpha Thomas is no.1 hunter not only in America but whole wide world his storng fists and gigantic clutches make him look intimidating and is one of solo leveling characters.

Baek Yoon-hu

A guild master at White tiger guild Baek can turn into a majestic beast white tiger unleashing ruthless power on the enemy at any time in a. Battle. He is also a S rank hunter and looks after his guildmates and is one of solo leveling main characters .

Glimpse of Solo Leveling manhwa with main characters

Best manhwa with op mc & manhwa like solo leveling

  • Damn Reincarnation
  • Return of the SSS class Ranker
  • The game that i came from
  • I obtained a mythic rank
  • Your talent is mine

If you’re interested in where can i read solo leveling, solo leveling manhwa, solo leveling animation, solo leveling anime releases, solo leveling manga free, manga similar to solo leveling this article is boon for you. By an chance if you’re interested in games like solo leveling game then you can find it online.


So we hope that we were about to inform you about Solo leveling Anime, solo leveling characters, solo leveling main characters, solo leveling anime release date season 1, where to read solo leveling reddit, manhwa like solo leveling, solo leveling anime trailer, solo leveling side story after solo leveling anime confirmed. We also provided you with Solo Leveling Anime Trailer as we know that Solo Leveling Anime is Confirmed now and will be out around January 2023. If you liked the post above do check out our website Animeindie

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