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20+ Epic Manhwa with Overpowered Main Character

Today we are going to tell you about some latest ongoing Manhwa with Overpowered Main characters to read. As we know the main character only looks cool when they are overpowered however few manhwa has op mc from the start but some become overpowered with training and perseverance.

The latest op mc Manhwas will blow your mind as you read them because they have everything you are looking for as a reader. Since we try to find Manhwa with overpowered protagonists we can look up to and can enjoy reading about their life.

Recommendations on Manhwa with Overpowered Main Characters

With this let’s get back to our main topic manhwa with overpowered main character ( Isekai Manhwa with op mc )without wasting our time on anything else.

Academy’s Undercover Professor

Manhwa with Overpowered Main Character

It is The story of Rudiger Chelsea, who becomes a Shaman after the death of his father and his sister at a young age. Since then, he starts doing all religious Things and one day accidentally dies in a road accident. After his death, he is reborn into the Utah Kingdom, a place in the world of Magic, and starts his life there.

In the King of Utah, he becomes an undercover professor in the best academy of the Empire, where he gets into dangerous situations risking his life for his unknown identity. 

The story is based on a Famous Web Novel written by Sayren which consists of 255 chapters and is still going on.

Solo Leveling

One of the all-time best manhwa to read if you’re into action-fantasy manhwa, the story’s protagonist Sung Jin Woo transformed after witnessing his death and obtained a system in the world of hunters. A normal hunter’s power is limited because it cannot grow after the awakening process.

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Yet our hero is the best since he gets a second chance of awakening and after completing quests he became the monarch of the strongest being. Manhwa where mc became overpowered and saved the world from destruction.

The Beginning After The End

The Beginning after the End is the best Isekai manhwa as the main character who was a king in his past life after getting killed by someone gets another chance into a mystic fantasy world. After reincarnation he became Arthur Lewyin and as one can imagine how interesting it would be to watch the new life of a king who has his previous life memories. Breathtaking Isekai manhwa with op mc/ manhwa with overpowered mc.

Overpowered Sword

It is a story about Leon who is an untalented sword trainee and is desperately trying to become strong, to become a leading figure. He is unable to do so as no matter how hard he tries in the end everything becomes worthless in Infront of other Disciples who are born talented. One day he finds the Holy Sword, the most fantastic sword of all time, and gets overpowered as he trained along with the sword. This is an example of Manhwa with overpowered mc who became strong after hard work.

Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God

Zephyr the main protagonist of the manhwa survived the struggle between the demon king and humanity and fought alone with the demon king in his final battle. But the difference in power was just too big that he wasn’t able to hold a candle against the demon god. But he sacrificed his life while using a power with his life force and boom gets another chance by the appeal of gods to change humanity’s fate. Op Mc Manhwa was given another chance to fight against the demon god.

Your Talent is Mine

The main character of this Manhwa became overpowered and very strong after getting the ability to copy the talent of anyone he can touch. Since he can copy the talent of both monsters as well as humans he was destined to become a great warrior who will be unrivaled.

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The art style and character present in this manhwa seem quite good moreover story of this manhwa with an overpowered protagonist is good.

A Comic Artist’s Survival Guide

This is a story about a failing comic artist Snow whose comic is about to be dropped But Magically he enters into his own comic book through a portal. In the comic, He finds the Pante Continent which is on the verge of extinction due to the Invasion of the Demon King’s army, which puts his life in danger too. Snow gets a chance to survive and becomes overpowered by taking over the author’s role and then rewrites the entire comic story with himself as the main character.

Return of the Mount Hua Sect

The story of Mount Hua’s 13th disciple named Chung Myung who was just too strong and was considered part of the strongest three in Murim. During the last battle with the Demonic sect Chun Ma, almost everything was destroyed and somehow the sword saint Chung Myung defeated him but he died in the last battle.

Do you think it ends their no as the sword saint possessed the body of a child in the future and got to know that the Mount Hua sect is almost in ruin what will he do now?

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

This is a story about the youngest son of the Runcandel Family who is known as Jin Runcandel. He is born into the land’s most prestigious swordsman Family. Jin is not talented from his birth and becomes one of the biggest failures in the Runcandel Family’s History. He then gets kicked out of his Family and becomes miserable. In his tough times, he gets a chance to contract with God of Darkness Solderet, After which he gains great powers and gets Super Powerful.

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Damn Reincarnation

Hamel who was considered the fool of the hero’s party defeated the demon king along with his party members and reclaimed peace after the big war. Unfortunately, Hamel died while protecting Vermoth and was considered a genius and hero during his last battle. But Hamel didn’t die his soul is back into a child of the new generation as the decedent of Vermoth the Great.

Now as the son of a branch family of the greatest hero, he wants to achieve things that he wasn’t able to in his past life like honing his martial arts, etc.

Absolute Necromancer

A manhwa where a tower appeared and monsters begin to attack, soon world developed and they started challenging the tower to get powers. After becoming one of the strongest players in the tower and world Cha Jinhyk was betrayed by his teammates during his last dungeon raid.

But he was a necromancer therefore it’s not so easy that he’ll die but he came back in a new body and started preparing for his revenge against Giants of the Tower. You will know once you read this manhwa just how striking the art and story are in this manhwa.

Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House

The story sets in after Jack Valantier Overthrows the Tulkan Empire, Which is a single nation that dominates the whole continent. He accomplishes all he needs and is satisfied with his Nearing death on the Battlefield and as his heart was about to stop, suddenly a miracle happens and he realizes that something is uncommon, He returns to a time period 20 years ago magically along with his memory. Now he becomes Overpowered in this time as he Knows all.

Manhwa with Overpowered Mc list

This list also have some manhwa with the overpowered protagonist.

  • Nano Machine
  • Solo Max Newbie
  • The Priest of Corruption
  • The Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return
  • Golden Mage
  • I Obtained Mythic Item
  • Everyone Else is A Returnee
  • Villain to Kill


This marks the end of our recommendations on so kickass fierce op mc Manhwa, we will come back with more interesting Manhwa recommendations for our readers. So for the time being enjoy reading this Isekai manhwa with op mc/ manhwa with overpowered main character.

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