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Read 10+ Secret Class Manhwa Recommendations

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If you’re a Manhwa fan who is looking to read Secret class manhwa where mc is badass and very powerful then after reading this article you’ll sure get some superb secret class manhwa recommendations. All main characters are op and player system This post provides the best latest manhua, manhwa, and manga with leveling system.

If by any chance you’ve already read solo leveling then I assure you that you’ll probably get hooked on our recommendations. As a Manga/ Manhwa geek check out our best recommendations and read Secret Class Manhwa raw below every manhwa lover must-read. Every manhwa suggested here is of the best grade with an amazing and thrilling story line-up.

Secret Class Manhwa Recommendations Where Mc Gets Uniques Ability

Looking for recommendations on secret class ability user manhwa then let’s start our list so that you can enjoy this good manhwa.

Overpowered Sword

After many hardships Leon the protagonist couldn’t surpass his rival the leading figure of his school. He felt like he was just a side character born to struggle but even his efforts seem like a waste. Later, he had a mysterious encounter and obtained a sword with the ability to talk like a soul sword. He took that opportunity to get the sword and there started his new journey as a hero with special abilities.


Read this secret class manhwa raw is based on a flawed skilled hunter who suddenly got S+ Rank skill and started his revenge. This manhwa took a great turn after Kim took his revenge. Moreover, he started understanding meaning behind the boss raid and amazed everyone with his amazing skills. This amazing secret class raw Manhwa is badass with an overpowered mc totally worth your time.

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Totally a must-read secret class manhwa with an epic story line-up and typical manhwa-like secret class raw.

Your talent is mine

Read secret class manhwa is based on the story of a boy named Ye Tian who obtains the ability to copy the talents of others, and started to change everything including his own fate. In order to become stronger, he begins to explore the unknown world and gained information about alien invasion. A totally badass manhwa-like secret class uncensored.

Player Who Can’t Level Up

This secret class manhwa uncensored manhwa is based on the story of a player named Gigyu Kim. At the age of 18, he thought his life will change since he was an awakened player with a secret class. However, even after clearing the tutorials, he was still at level 1. After a few years, a tragic event happened and changed everything in his life. Read a secret class manga with the best story and art.

Solo bug player

solo bug player

After the tragic death, Hero got reincarnated into Jared’s body. He was born into a wealthy family with good knowledge. Therefore, Jared decided to get to the top as soon as possible. While using all bugs or hacks to take over this new challenging world. This secret class eng manhwa is amazing totally worth your time.

If you enjoy reading secret class raws manhwa then this manhwa would amaze you so make sure you try this manhwa.

Absolute Necromancer

This is a new manhwa where mc has very different abilities than the rest of the hunters who level up inside the tower by hunting monsters but the most important part is that mc looks fantastic and he’s merciless. This is an ongoing manhwa where mc seeks revenge on those who betrayed him in his past life so make sure to binge-read this manhwa.

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Solo Leveling

A world where monster attacks and human gained special ability after getting awakened with some power but our hero was awakened with the lowest rank power and had to work as a miner. He had a tough time earning money to treat her sick mother and pay his sister’s school fees. However, after a double dungeon incident, his life changed as he can see a special system that helps him to become stronger. Read this secret class manhwa English where mc has a unique leveling system.

Secret Class Manhwa Recommendations list-

  • Return of the frozen player
  • The hero returns Manhwa
  • Beginning after the end
  • The Live
  • Ultra Alter
  • On My Way to kill God
  • Standard Reincarnation
  • Shadowless night
  • Worn and torn newbie

These are some similar recommendations for manhwa geek-


All the above-mentioned secret class manhwa recommendations are worth looking for if you’re a fan of secret class raw manhwa. Do comment and share on our secret class manga article if you liked our secret class manhwa recommendations. Don’t forget to visit our website Animeindie to get the latest recommendations for different genres of manhwa, manga, and anime.

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