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Best 10+ Manga where mc is betrayed and becomes evil

Fans who are looking for manga where mc is betrayed and becomes evil should read this article because this article contains best recommendations on manhwa/manga where mc is betrayed and becomes evil. So read this article to enjoy so top class manhwa/manga based on revenge and get manga where mc is betrayed and becomes op list. So make sure to read this article to get manga betrayed mc list where manga betrayed mc becomes op and takes revenge.

Moreover, readers can also check our another top recommendations on manhwa if you are into manhwa or manga reading.

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Manga where mc is betrayed and becomes evil

Enjoy reading this manga recommendations based on Manga/ Manhwa where mc gets cheated on and gets revenge. This manga where mc is betrayed and becomes op list is provided below so enjoy reading these manhwas. These manhwa mc betrayed list is for manhwa lovers who loves this genre.

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Reaper of the Drifting Moon

This is an amazing and best ongoing revenge manhwa with op mc and best story plot. The mc Pyo wol who was a normal orphan living his life suddenly gets kidnapped by assassins. They trained him and many other kids to death so that they can kill their target. After, 7 year of hard work as an assassin they were killed by some great sect in order to keep this incident secret after Pyo wol killed the target.

This manhwa where mc gets cheated on and gets revenge, after he came back from hell like place. So read this amazing and exciting manga where mc is betrayed and becomes evil.

Duke Pendragon

 Manga where mc is betrayed and becomes evil

The main character was born as a low class noble of valte Household. Raven and his family was framed as a traitor by some high ranking nobles and finally gets executed in front of everyone. Raven’s life was spared but still they sent him to outskirt of kingdom where demons came frequently. He survived their by killing countless of monsters just to prove that his family was not traitor but also died in a polt.

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He then wakes up in the body of young duke pendragon one of the strongest ducal family of the empire. Rave now became Eren Pendragon the sole successor of duke and started changing the things happened in past. Now he wanted revenge from those who framed his family and his loved ones. Read this manhwa where mc is betrayed and takes revenge. This manhwa betrayed mc is badass and looks cool.

Sword Fanatic Wanders Through The Night

This manhwa mc betrayed is latest ongoing and high rated manhwa. The main character Jin sohan who was kidnapped because of his unique body constitution by Poison Demon one of the Great Four Demons. He lived his life normally with the sword dance troupe while learning sword dance with his sisters. But the Mystic Lunar Dance Troupe disappeared after sohan was kidnapped by demon.

After doing countless trial and error with sohan’s body, they accepted him as his disciple and taught him martial arts. Sohan came back after 10 years to and gets to know about what happened to his dear family like sword dance troupe and decided to take revenge. Read this manhwa where mc is betrayed and becomes op.

Hero who shall exterminate darkness

This manga betrayed mc is badass and takes revenge and is based on the story of Raul the hero, who did everything in order to defeat the demon king who was threatening the humans life. He trusted his companions who helped him to defeat the demon king. However, instead of becoming the savior his family and every trusted companions were killed by the Aristocrats because of their greed for power. Finally, the hero was declared as traitor and gets executed with false changes on his head by the imperial princess who raul loved and trusted the most. Raul fell in despair and darkness before he collapsed after getting executed he begged for a chance and a miracle happened.

Raul after dying receive dark power and gets revived just to obtain his revenge on all those vicious who murdered people for their happiness. This time raul become pure evil and their starts the real revenge of the hero.

Nidome No Yuusha

Ukei Kaito who was one day summoned into a world of monsters and became hero who have to fight against the Demon king to save the world. He fought with his whole heart and strong will and finally defeated the Demon king and completed his mission. After he saved the humanity from the Demon Lord and live normally with his precious family. However, he gets betrayed by his own comrades who he trusted his life with an died. When he was pierced by their swords he wished only if he get a chance he would never die and show them what it feels when you get betrayed by your trusted ones.

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He made an oath that he will kill everyone who was involved in that incident and get his revenge in most cruel way. Finally he died and he listened a strange voice in his head that their is a way to change his stupid fate. Read this manga where the mc is betrayed and becomes op.

Dungeon Seeker

A normal high schooler Junpei Takeda was bullied by his friends in his school. His life was very hard as a high school student and his friend Noriko Tatsumiya was only close friend. But one day when Shouta was bullying Junpei they got summoned somewhere unknown.

God was the one who summoned them their with some powers to clear the dangerous Labyrinth. Junpei was weakest, below average and with those average stats how will he take revenge and survive their. Read this manga where mc is betrayed and becomes op.

Ubel Blatt

An amazing reincarnation manhwa with interesting plot. The story starts from the emperors order to protect the fief of Szaalanden and fourteen young knights left to protect the fief. Since Wischtech was continuous threatening to invade the fief and plunder it. The hero’s protected the invasion and prosperity came to the fief that was on verge of destruction.

Few years later, Lances of the empire appeared but as a betrayer of the empire, they formed bandit group and stayed near Gormbark. Koinzell appeared and made his bold appearance by slaying those bandit militias whole group. A strong mystery man Koinzell who has a black sword and had a scar over his eye. Read to know about this interesting this manga where the mc gets betrayed and becomes op..

Kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi

Since it was known that healers are weak alone and our main character Keare was also aware of this common knowledge. But Keare was always used by others and mistreated by everyone. After a long vicious cycle of exploitation he found what healers are truly capable of but it was too late. He wasn’t able to use his real potential but while on his last breath he used magic to travel back to past to change everything.

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Now, this time Keare knows everything and was aware of those malicious bastards who used him badly. This time he will change his fate and also take revenge from those who did bad to him. In this second life he will become the strongest healing magic user with his vast knowledge of previous life. Read this manga where the mc gets betrayed and becomes op.

Now that I’m back I’ll have my Revenge

After betrayal of everyone who the female lead loved and trusted she died and then regressed. Since she regressed she wanted to take revenge from everyone who made her like this and the best part is that she now have obtained power. With this power she will show those who seduced or used violence against her.

This revenge manhwa is amazing and new so try this manhwa where the female lead will take revenge from people who targeted and used her for their own gain and discarded her.

Villain to Kill

This manhwa where mc gets cheated on and gets revenge is worth readers time. This manhwa is based on the story of Cassian Lee who was a hero and worked his life to defeat villain’s with his friends gets betrayed. Cassian was framed and murdered by his own friends but after he died he open his eyes into a different body. Cassian became a villain with disaster level power with his memory of previous life.

After becoming villain he still hunted villains to protect the peace of the society and helped heroes secretly without getting any credit. He was getting strong very fast and started doing things he wasn’t able to in his previous life as a hero.

we hope that the above betrayed mc manhwa and manga where mc is betrayed and becomes op list is helpful to manga readers. After mc manhwa betrayed and becomes op or a betrayal revenge manhwa.


All these manga where mc is betrayed and becomes evil, manga where mc is betrayed and becomes op list, manhwa where mc gets cheated on and gets revenge is high rated and ongoing manhwa that our team Animeindie recommend to manhwa or manga readers. Enjoy reading manhwa or manga recommendations and also comment your thoughts on the article.

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