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28+ Best Manhwa with Op Mc and Leveling System In 2024

Manhwa with op mc and leveling system

All Manhwa Fans who are interested in the latest manhwa with op mc and leveling system then here in this post we are sharing some top-tier manga where mc has a leveling system. In this article, we are recommending the latest and most badass Manhwa with Op Mc and Leveling System that every Manhwa lover should read.

This post Sincerely covers all the latest cultivation manhua along with some best fantasy manhwa with op mc, and manhwa with leveling systems. All the fans who have already read Solo Leveling will love our recommendations because this article also contains Manhwa-like Solo Leveling Manhwa.

Best Manhwa with Op Mc and Leveling System or Manhwa like Solo Leveling:-

Let’s see the list of best Manhwa with Op Mc and Leveling System :

1. Solo max-level Newbie

Solo max-level Newbie is the latest manhwa, manhwa with op mc and leveling system, and since this is also a manhwa like solo leveling, manhwa with leveling systems.

The main character in this manhwa is Jinhyuk who was a gaming freak and the only person who ended the most popular game when released after a long hustle [Tower of Trials]. But after a few years of release popularity of this game [Tower of Trials] declined massively therefore people stopped making videos and playing this game.

Jinhyuk was the only one who said the ending but one day the game Tower of Trials became a reality and the only one who knew everything was Jinhyuk. This is worth reading for those who love manhwa with op mc and leveling system, manhwa with leveling systems, or best manhwa with op mc.

2. The World After The End

One day a mysterious tower suddenly appeared out of nowhere and monsters started coming out of that tower. Many were killed but people obtained power and tried to stop these monsters by climbing the tower. Moreover, all those who were summoned to the tower became Walkers and they can only save the world by clearing the tower of trials.

However, everything changed after the discovery of The “Stone of Regression” which helps to return to the past. Slowly, everyone returned to the past except Jaehwan. He didn’t believe it and continued clearing the tower of trials. Read this manhwa to know more…

3. Your Talent is Mine

This manhwa has a badass MC whose name is Ye Tian, a young man who obtains a very special ability to copy all different kinds of talents by coming in contact with them. This opportunity changed his life and he started fighting all odds to get stronger (as solo leveling mc Sunj Jin-woo ).

He became strong enough to protect his sister and himself from the apocalypse of alien breasts. This is Manhwa with Op MC and Leveling System. this manhwa is worth your time as MC Ye Tian soon starts copying the talents of both hunters as well as monsters.

4. Sleeping, Ranker

A man named Hyunsung played the game only for sleeping but obtained a God-tier rank. After this, he started thinking of becoming a pro gamer to earn money while enjoying it. He started late but with his skills and rank, he leveled up very quickly and started uploading videos of himself on the new tube, which made him famous.

He obtained a special skill Thananos’ narcolepsy and when this skill is activated players get forced to sleep. While sleeping he levels up and becomes stronger. Since he became the descendant of Thananos, A god of sleeping and nightmares. One of the strongest gods of meta Verse.

Mc is a genius and became a badass player totally a manhwa-like solo leveling and since this is a manhwa with op mc and Leveling System, so go start reading this manhwa now.

5. Player Who Can’t Level Up

Amazing badass manhwas like solo leveling and manhwa with op mc and Leveling System, manhwa with leveling systems. The mc Gigyu Kim got awakened as a special player and thought he would succeed in his life by climbing the tower. Unfortunately, his dream of becoming a ranker and living a great life as a player was ruined.

After clearing the tutorial he wasn’t able to level up even after killing multiple goblins but after 5 years a strange event happened where he almost died. This provided him a chance to change his life as he obtained a special skill to overcome all his challenges.

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As a Manhwa fan, I strongly recommend you to read this Manhwa where mc surpasses everyone’s expectations and becomes overpowered.

6. Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

This is the latest and most amazing badass manhwa like solo leveling and a manhwa with op mc and leveling system, manhwa with leveling systems. A boy named Oh Kangwoo unknowingly one day falls into hell and gets trapped there for 10,000 years. In all those times he survived while fighting along strongest demons and became a predator.

Due to his strong desire to live and return, Kangwoo gathered powers by devouring hundreds of thousands of demons, which made even the seven strongest archdukes of demons bow down to him.
Kang-woo because the demon king ruled the abyss but he wanted to return.

Do read this amazing badass manhwa with an overpowered mc. This manhwa is worth your time and can be considered the best badass Manhwa with Op Mc and Leveling System.

7. I Obtained a Mythic Item

This is the latest manhwa with op Mc and Leveling System. This manhwa is about a boy named Jaehyun who became a D-Rank raider and supports dungeon raids. He had a great aptitude for magic but Jaehyun chose the path of the martial artist a died a meaningless death, fortunately, he obtained a Mythic Item and returned to the past when everything started.

Then he decided on a path meant to become a great being who saves the world from a great war between gods. This is badass manhwa-like solo leveling, and the best part is that it also contains manhwa with op mc and Leveling System, op manhwas, manhwa with overpowered mc, and manhwa with leveling systems.

8. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

manhwa with op mc and leveling system

A reader named Kim Dokja read a survival novel till the end after which a tragic turn of events happened suddenly many mysterious creatures started appearing out of nowhere and many people were killed. However, everything that was happening in the world was similar to the contents of the survival novel.

Kim Dokja who already knows everything about the novel starts surviving in this chaotic world while helping the main protagonist of the novel.

This badass manhwa is one of a kind and is very can-be-said manhwa-like solo leveling & worth reading.

9. The Game That I Came From

manhwa like solo leveling

This manhwa is based on a VR game and if you get awakened inside the game you can obtain supernatural powers in real life too. The main character Ling Ce worked his ass of obtained a reward but he received a most useless skill. As he was depressed, an unknown power brought Ling Ce back to the past when the game had just launched.

Since Ling Ce has all his experiences and memories of his previous life, everything will be a different time. Best Manhwa with op mc and leveling system, & mc is badass worth reading. Totally a manhwa-like Solo Leveling.

10. Return of the Frozen Player

manhwa with leveling system

This Manhwa is based on a badass lead character or you can say badass manhwa. After the monster’s evasion 5 years ago the world collapsed while heroes with special power protected it. After the long hustle, the final boss quest appeared.

The five strongest players joined hands with Specter Seo Jun-ho to defeat the Frost Queen who was the final boss but strangely, everyone fell into a deep slumber. After 25 years a new second floor appeared. And Specter awakes from his slumber.

Since each day a top-tier manhwa is getting released our team wanted to provide our regular readers with the best manhwa with op mc to read so check out this newly released fantasy/isekai manhwa with op mc and leveling system ongoing list for fans.

11. Youngest Scion of the Mages

Our male lead gets transmigrated into a stupid novel where mc becomes the youngest son of the famous household that is famous for their inherent talent of magic and mana. He became the supporting character named Larsen Mayton famous scoundrel of the Mayton family.

Since this novel was written by our main character that is why he’ll change the fate of this stupid character to survive in this friction world.

12. Transcension Academy

A new action fantasy overpowered manhwa where mc wants to become a hero after becoming awakened but because he didn’t have enough money to join any academy to learn he started doing labor work. He transported a corps of killed monsters and saved money to join a good academy after working years but due to an accident, he had to use his money on his hospital bills. He was very upset and at that time he got a notification from transcension academy. This academy notification was only visible to him and later he joined and obtained a system on his mobile that helped him more.

As he started learning he observed himself getting strong and soon becoming a super rookie. So try this exotic ongoing best manhwa with op mc and leveling system.

13. Pick Me Up

A new badass manhwa with op mc and leveling system bought by the studio that produced manhwa-like solo leveling and omniscient reader’s viewpoint. This manhwa is based on a new plot where mc who was the world’s best player in the toughest mobile league game Pick Me Up gets stuck inside the game that he played last.

Now he has become a character of level one inside the pick-me-up game he needs to survive in the harsh game where you can die easily if you do not work and fight. Mc’s character name is Islat Han and since he was a ruler of this game who knew everything that makes things very intriguing for readers. The most promising thing is that the hero is not too strong from the start and is growing at a normal pace so make sure you enjoy this thriller Isai Manhwa with op mc.

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14. Boundless Necromancer

This manhwa plot is based on mc who worked hard for years so that he could become a strong hunter but no matter what he did he was not able to become strong. He lost hope until he obtained a chance to enter the tower that helped him change himself. This opportunity helps our mc to level up himself and learn skills while getting fantastic equipment as well.

Mc chooses the most difficult level to become badass and overpowered and slowly he starts getting better by slaying many monsters inside the tower. Read this worth-it dungeon manhwa with op mc and leveling system.

15. Taming Master

If you guys have read Overgeared then You’ll find this Manhwa pretty interesting. The story is amusing and gets better as the reader proceeds. VR and other futuristic elements add fantasy and fiction elements to the manhwa. Jinsung the main protagonist is just another college student and feels not so special in the real world. But in the VR world of Kailan where he is called Ian the legend who is 93 level archer! to everyone’s surprise, he resets his character but there is an ulterior motive behind it. He faces difficulty from the teacher who threatens him and the story gets intriguing this way.

The artwork is pretty great and the linework is detailed. The story is depicted very beautifully through the art and overall it’s a worthy recommendation.

16. The Tutorial is Too Hard

This Overpowered Manhwa has a progression story. The MC is a Korean gamer but apart from the stereotype he is a nice guy and not at all Toxic. There are psychological aspects of the MC which are brought out in the story while his character develops.

The story is about a guy called Lee Hojae who was once a pro gamer but then decided to give up. Suddenly one day he receives a mysterious message that states that he has been invited to Tutorial World. He decides to enter the game and to make it more interesting he chooses the most difficult level “Hell” but then he realizes that he can not escape from there and the survival rate is 0.01% which messes him up. Now he has to gather himself together and figure out the game and find out why was he invited to the game.

The artwork is fantastic and The Color Tones are used pretty amazing way. The line work is detailed and Neat, Overall this could be a great read.

17. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is the all-time best-finished manhwa with op mc but not from the start however, as the story progresses Sunj Jin Woo surpasses everyone by becoming the strongest manhwa mc. For those who haven’t read this manhwa yet our team anime-indie strongly recommends you read this manhwa. Moreover, this manhwa is completed and its side story is currently ongoing, so manhwa geeks don’t wait and check out the side story of solo leveling.

The story is based on Sunj jin woo who was very weak and a worthless hunter but a dungeon changed his life and gave him an opportunity to transform himself completely. So read this dungeon manhwa with op mc and leveling system.

18. The Greatest Estate Developer

An amazing reincarnation Isekai Manhwa story where mc possessed a new body into another world after death and then try to change his fate. The young master whose body was possessed by mc is famous for being notorious and worthless. His family was in great debt and was almost in a state where things can become very bad.

After mc possessed his body he changed his state with the system ability that he obtained after opening his eyes to this new world. This manhwa with badass mc and leveling system is really worth our reader’s time so enjoy reading this action thriller isekai manhwa with op mc.

19. Leveling with Gods

Leveling with Gods

Kim Yuwon after becoming much faster and stronger than everybody else in the tower, however, he fell short. Kim YuWon was left with nothing but sadness in the end.

After a big sacrifice, Kim Yuwon got another chance while he was almost dead to change everything. The death of his buddy had not yet decided his fate.

Yuwon goes back in time and makes another effort to scale the Tower with his unequaled talent. Moreover, to combat the eminent evils that the Tower is under siege from, a total badass tower manhwa with op mc and a time travel plot.

20. Level Up Alone

A really interesting ongoing leveling system manhwa where mc got stuck in some far way or place and levels up there and becomes badass. Those who love plots where the player kills monsters in order to become stronger and gain multiple skills then this manhwa is totally for you. So without any hesitation try reading this best manhwa with op mc and leveling system.

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21. Infinite Leveling Murim

This manhwa is a story about a warrior named Yuseong Dan, who was killed in battle and left without honor but is given a chance to become stronger through a peculiar mission and leveling up system. However, all these obstacles keep on increasing and he had to work more in order to overcome these challenges.

Read this op mc manhwa to know how Yuseong became strong to change his fate and also challenge the dark side of Murim alliance that was rotten to its core.

22. Maxed Out Leveling

One day an unprecedented event occurred and Cha Shin Hyeon got summoned into a murim world. However, after some time he started learning martial arts and became the most renowned and powerful man in Jainghu in murim. This was a very long and tedious process but he gained enlightenment and reached the pinnacle of martial arts and defeated everyone in another martial world.

Now Shin somehow returned back to his birthplace which is the earth with the powers that he obtained after a long hard work. But strangely he was now at level one even though his martial arts are already at the pinnacle. Read this fantastic martial arts system Manhwa with op mc to know more about what happened with Shin.

23. Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation

The best manhwa with op mc and leveling system where Seolhwi, a scout in Cult, one day his team was given a scout mission and somehow there he met the Mount Hua Sect grandmaster who was waiting for them. All his teammates were brutally killed at the hands of the grandmaster of Mount Hua.

Seolhwi is abruptly presented with a video game prompt, asking whether he would like to restart as he lies about dying and laments his years of dedication to the cult without anything to show for it. Seolhwi promises to live and grow stronger so he can lead the Demon Cult if given the chance to start over and make new decisions. The great leader of the Mount Hua Sect has sent a party of scouts to the area.

24. The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

the dark mage return

The Story of op mc Manhwa revolves around a character named Minjun Kim. Kim is just an ordinary high school student in Korea whose life turned upside down when he was suddenly teleported or summoned to another world. In this world, he became a dark mage. In his journey in this new world, he protected it from dark magic and earned fame as well as wealth.

Determined to come back to Earth, he left all of this one day and returned. However, in this process, he involuntarily opened a gate from which monsters keep coming to Earth.

What will he do next? Can he save his home planet from all these alien monsters? Read The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment to know more.”

25. Logging 10,000 Years into the Future

logging 10000 years into the future

The story of this op mc manga starts when cracks in dimensions begin to appear, from which a series of deadly monster attacks on Earth take place. One by one, these monsters defeat the most skilled heroes on Earth.

Lu Sheng, the MC of this manga, dreams about a world 10,000 years ahead in time, where even basic fighting techniques become 10,000 times more effective. However, he soon realizes that no one in the future can benefit from these techniques as all humans have already been wiped out by monsters.

Only one man can learn these techniques and use them for humankind, and he is Lu Sheng.

26. How To Live As a Villain

how to live as a villain

The Story Starts when Seonghoon gets teleported into another world where he realizes he is in a game to become god’s next Successor. He receives a letter that says “You have been chosen as a player in the great game to select the next god’s successor, the Mission! Congratulations”

Seonghoon is a man with no fighting skills & in this world, he has to kill others Cold Blooded to win & become a god. This is where the Story starts & how he uses his Shrewd & Wicked tricks to Get ahead in the Game. Read How to Live as a Villain an epic fantasy manhwa with op mc.

27. Return to Player

return to player

The Story of this manhwa with op mc starts when a Group of Gods Take Overs the earth and turn the Life Of Every Human Into a Game. Now, in order to survive humans have to kill Monsters or get killed by them. The MC of this manga is the only one Who survived this Game.

He has been given a Second Chance to go back in time and start the game again. Now Sehan Kim is determined to turn the odds and beat the gods in their own Game. Read how will Sehan overcome all the challenges while facing the gods.

28. Reincarnated as an FFF-Class Witch Doctor

This latest ongoing op mc manhwa revolves around a gaming and leveling system where our main character Ma Jinsung worked very hard and was almost about to clear the final quest the Demon King Raid with his expedition teammates but he was betrayed by his teammates and got killed. When everything seems to be over for the protagonist a strange phenomenon occurs and he regresses.

Read this badass leveling manhwa where mc kills players without mercy and levels up as a very unique character called Witch Doctor. To know how mc is going to take his revenge read this action thriller Manhwa now.


Do check our posts regularly if you’re a manhwa geek and love to explore different genres of manhwa because we regularly provide manhwa recommendations for you. These manhwa recommendations with op mc include the manhwa to read with op mc, op level system manhwa recommendation, and good manhwa with op mc that has a leveling system.

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