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boruto two blue vortex

Boruto Two Blue Vortex is Not Boruto Part 2 – Official Update

We shared a Piece of News a few days back that Boruto is making a Grand Comeback with its sequel Named Boruto: Two...

Anime characters that use katana

Best 10+ Anime Characters that use Katana

In the Anime world, multiple characters use swordsmanship however in comparison to Anime Characters that use Katana they lack the cultural symbolism and...


Mushoku Tension : Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 Latest Cast Addition Announced

After the sixth episode of Mushoku Tension: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 aired, the website and other social platforms of the show made an...


Anime Series Akuma Kun Release Date & Trailer Out

If you’re looking for information about the latest anime series Akuma Kun Release Date & Trailer then check out this article as all...


All About The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2 Cast, Trailer & Release Date

After the end of Part 1 Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh fans are curious to know the latest news of The Seven...

Two Blue Vortex

What Does Two Blue Vortex Means In Boruto New Part? Fan Theories Explained

Recently we shared a Piece of News about the Second Part of Boruto Manga which is Coming with a Time skip. The title...

Boruto Two Blue Vortex

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Returns with a Bang! New Manga & Time Skip Revealed!

Hey, Otaku’s epic News is coming from the official source! Our beloved sequel to One of the Best Action Anime Naruto, Boruto, is...

Anime characters who died Smiling

17+ Anime Characters who died Smiling (List)

Hey, Otaku’s welcome back to another Amazing article where we are going to share what every otaku goes through at least one time...


Amazing News on Solo Leveling Epilogue and Anime 2023

Every Solo Leveling Fans are Interested to know about sololeveling after solo leveling epilogue, side story release date along with sololeveling anime release...


Read Solo Leveling latest news on Its Anime & Side story

Fans are very interested in getting information on Solo leveling latest news on its anime & solo leveling side story. Solo Leveling Description...

anime character that start with j

10+ Anime characters that start with j

Hello there Otakus, We are back today with another article on some awesome anime characters whose name starts with a j. On researching...


Best 15+ Isekai Anime where Mc is reincarnated as a Child

As we know Isekai anime where mc is reincarnated as a child is very popular nowadays as they have a fantasy world concept...


Best 20+ Cultivation Anime with Op Mc

Looking for Cultivation Anime with Op Mc! then read this article to know about both cultivation and some best Chinese cultivation anime. Cultivation...

Where to Watch The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Anime

Where to Watch The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Anime

One Anime that is Buzzing around the Corridors of OtakuVerse is The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses. Based on the Manga Series...

Why Anime is Growing So Fast in the United States- Animeindie study

Why Anime is Growing So Fast in the United States-Detailed Study

One of the most important parts of Japanese culture that paved its way in the entertainment industry was Manga and the science fiction...


10+ Anime characters That Start with F

Who would’ve thought that there exists a plethora of awesome anime characters that start with F. At first, I thought I would struggle...


50+ Best Anime Characters that Start with A

If you are an anime fan then you might want to know about anime characters that start with A. So here our Team...

Top 6 Anime To Watch on Netflix

Top 6 Anime To Watch on Netflix Now!

Netflix has not been taking its Anime library any lightly, and they are consistently adding some top-notch titles that every Anime fan needs...

where to watch rent a girlfriend season 3

Where to watch Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 3

If you’re an Otaku & having a Rough day then this News is surely going to make your day better. The third Installment...

Anime Characters with isfj Personality Type

20+ Anime Characters with ISFJ Personality Type

Hey Otaku’s, we are back again with yet another recommendation list. But we are not to share Anime or Manga recommendation lists. Instead,...