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anime where mc is underestimated student

8+ Best Anime Where MC Is Underestimated Student (Recommendation List)

Anime and manga have always been a favorite among Otaku, especially for those who love the thrill and excitement of a good story....

best manga where mc is forced into a relationship

10+ Best Manga where MC is Forced into a Relationship

Love is a difficult Affair and is not found easily. Many of us have been unlucky in Love. In the world of webtoons...

manga where mc is a god

14+ Manga Where MC is a God Recommendations (Ranked)

Hey Webtoons & Manga fans out there, we are back again with yet another Op Recommendation for You all. Being Reincarnated as Different...


10+ Manhwa where mc looks weak but is strong Recommendation

Hey, their people today we are back with some awesome recommendations for you of manhwa where MC looks weak but is strong. We...

anime where mc suddenly becomes rich

12+ Anime where mc suddenly becomes rich (Recommendations)

Anime often tells stories about characters who suddenly become rich. Welcome back Otakus we are back again with yet another Recommendation list of...


10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

Kingdoms and Empires always feel grand to read and There are Manga and Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom or improves an existing...


10+ Manhwa Where MC Kills Everyone

Lot of times a Manhwa is deemed good to read because of it’s Main Character. . Today we have some cool recommendations about...


10+ Best Manhwa like Windbreaker

Windbreaker is one of the most famous Manhwa series among the Otakus today. If you have also read it and are looking for...

GL manhwa recommendations

20+ Best Romantic GL Manhwa Recommendations in 2023

This article contains the Best GL manhwa recommendations or the best Yuri manhwa recommendations that every GL manhwa lover should try at least...


10+ Manga where MC can travel between worlds

How cool would be Travelling between world as per our will! right today we have some amazing recommendations of Manga where MC can...


10+ Manga where mc has a dark past

Hey there we are back with new recommendations on Manga where MC has a Dark Past. So we all love a good character...

Manga where MC is Immortal but wants to die

8+ Manga where MC is Immortal but wants to die (Recommendations)

Immortality, the ability to live forever, is often considered a boon because it would allow individuals to experience life without the fear of...

Telepathy manga

12+ Best Manga where mc can read minds (Mind Reading Protagonist)

Hello Otakus, we are back again with another Recommendation list of Mangas & Manhwa. Today while surfing through a Reddit Webtoons forum we...


100+ All Time Best Manhwa Recommendations In 2023

This article is collections of all best manhwa recommendations, since every manhwa fans have to work hard to find best manhwas to read...

isekai manga where mc has cheat ability

16+ Isekai Manga where MC has cheat Ability (Ranked)

We are back again with yet another Recommendation list Of Some Amazing Manga/Manhwa. In This article, we will share 16+ Best Isekai Manga...


Best 15+ Manhwa Mc weak To Strong 2023

Check out your favorite manhwa mc weak to strong journey where he suffers but in the end changes into a badass character. Trashes...

Manhwa Where Mc Gets Cheated On And Gets Revenge

10+ Best Manhwa Where Mc Gets Cheated On And Gets Revenge

Manhwa lovers check our latest article on manhwa where mc gets cheated on and gets revenge. Fans will love this latest ongoing cheating...

Reincarnation Manhwa with non-human mc

10+ Best Isekai/Reincarnation Manhwa with non-human mc

Isekai Manhwa lovers who are very interested in reading reincarnation manhwa with non-human mc should try this intriguing non human mc manhwa recommendations...


10+ Best Cultivation Manhua with System and Op Mc

Hey there Otakus! welcome back. Today we have Best Cultivation Manhua with System Recommendations listed out for you. Now you would have curiously...


10+ Best Manhwa with Badass MC

Hey There! Otakus, Hope you are doing well and good. Today we are back with some aawesome recommendations of Best Manhwa with Badass...