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Return of The Mount Hua Sect Season 2 Release Date Confirmed

All the fans who were eagerly waiting for the news related to The Return of the Mount Hua Sect season 2 should read out this article to know more about the expected date of release of chapter 73. Since season 1 of The Return of the mount hua sect ended with 72 chapters and was updated last half a year ago and after the end of season 1 we didn’t get any information regarding the date of release.

However, if you go through the article you will get to know about the latest news regarding the Badass Manhwa The Return of the Mount Hua sect, when will chapter 73 be released its expected date, and the month.

Return of The Mount Hua Sect Season 2 Release Date and Synopsis

Readers who have yet to read this kickass Manhwa Return of The Mount Hua Sect should check out the summary and those who are already done can check out the release date mentioned below.

Return of The Mount Hua Sect Summary

Return of The Mount Hua Sect Season 2

As the title suggests this manhwa is based on the Mount Hua sect, after the great war against Chun Ma the heavenly demon countless lives were lost and the war ended after the Pulm blossom sword saint defeated the heavenly demon but he died in that battle. But he didn’t die and found himself in a body of a young boy named Chung Myung. Later, Chung Myung came to find out that the situation of the Mount Hua sect is worse and then decides to change everything after becoming a disciple of the Mount Hua sect. Read this manhwa where mc is strong and wants to change the fallen condition of his sect.

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Return of The Mount Hua Sect Recap

In season 1 of Return of the Mount Hua Sect, we saw how our male lead regressed and found out the miserable situation of his great sect Mount Hua. After the war, they lost almost everything from money to their martial skills but then the protagonist joined the sect as Chung Myung a new disciple, and changed the Mount Hua Sect completely.

During season 1 we witnessed the character development of the mount hua disciples along with their skills. The monetary situation of the sect was also improved and things become much more stable than they were before. In the last chapter fierce fight occur and Chung came out as the winner of the tournament and proved to everyone that Mount Hua is still one of the Great Sect.

Return of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 73: What to Expect?

As we know a martial artist named Wi Sohaeng came to ask for help from the Mount Hua sect and after discussing the problem our main character Chung Myung will be going outside together with Sohaeng. However, Sohaeng had a very tough time dealing with Chung as we know our protagonist never cracks a deal where there’s nothing to gain. But after persuading Chung they decided to travel and Chung talks to Un Gum regarding this matter.

Later Chung decided to take Wi along with him to gain more insight and can experience the real murim world. This gave a good chance to both Chung and Wi to explore how things are going through the murim currently while learning and honing their martial skills. Chung received commands from Un Gum to depart from Mount Hua and starts their journey to the Wudang Sect but the Chief of the Wudang is more awful and can do vicious things to defeat Chung. Read the manhwa Return of The Mount sect chapter 73 to know everything that is about to happen.

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Return of The Mount Hua Sect Season 2 Release Date

As we were expecting The Manhwa to be released in mid of the year 2023 but the studio has cleared the date and month of release. Hopefully, the Return of the Mount Hua Sect season 2 chapter 73 will be released on the 21st of June.


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