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22+ Best romance manhwa with strong female lead

Nowadays we as Manhwa fans are witnessing a surge of Romance Manhwa with strong female leads and reading such Manhwa with compelling characters who break free from the traditional gender stereotypes and captivating readers. So Animeindie is here to provide manhwa recommendations for romance with a badass female lead. Explore our article to get the latest top trending recommendations on a manhwa with strong female protagonist.

If you’re a Manhwa fan who enjoys reading Manhwa full of action and romance then our must-read recommendations are here- Action Romance Manhwa with strong Female leads. Hope you’ll enjoy strong female lead manhwa recommendations.

Best romance manhwa with strong female lead Recommendations:-

Check out our badass female lead manhwa recommendations with a compelling story line-up. These are ongoing manhwa with strong female protagonists for our readers.

Actually, I was the Real One

romance manhwa with strong female lead

A top-tier ongoing romance manhwa where the female lead Keira tries her best to become the perfect daughter to get her father’s acknowledgment but one day a girl named Cosette appeared out of the blue and claimed that she is the real daughter of the Duke. They started living together however she somehow framed Kiera as fake and this led Kiera to her execution. During her last moment in jail, Cosette whispered the truth to Kiera “You’re the real one haha”.

Kiera dies miserably at the hands of her own blood and flesh regretting everything wished for a chance of revenge and guess what our strong-willed kickass Kiera returned to the past when it all started. Read to know what she will do to reveal the truth this time and take her revenge on Cosette.

My Body Has Been Possessed By Someone

A completely new type of reverse transmigration manhwa where a Korean girl named Lee Joo Hwa’s soul possessed the body of a 14-year-old girl of the historic time period named Canna Atis the eldest daughter of Duke Atis the guardian family of the West. But due to the black color of her eyes and hair, she had to endure everyone’s contempt and hatred as they regarded her as a symbol of ominousness. However, the real Canna Atis’s soul is now in the body of Lee Joo Hwa who is living with a very kind and loving family. There Canna started living as a new person and enjoyed he life moreover as she almost forget about her past something unimaginable occurred.

Now Canna found herself in her original body but she was sitting on the floor and begging someone she didn’t even know. So thrilling and new manhwa for our exclusive manhwa lovers enjoy reading this kickass manhwa with strong female protagonist.

How To Stop The Tyrant’S Blackening

This is a transmigration-based manhwa where our female lead is a normal Korean girl possessing the body of Rayne Haatz a character from a storybook. But the main problem was that she was supposed to die now our female lead has to overcome the challenges in order to survive in this world with magic, nobles, etc. After many twists and turns she died three times at the hands of Emperor Jaynen because of her family plots against Emperor. Now Rayne after learning many dark truths from her past lives will she be able to survive in her fourth life while changing everything? Luckily, it seems that someone wants her alive. Read this romance manhwa badass fl story to know more.

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Kill My Husband

A very new and unique plot based on the story of female protagonist Brienne Luttengard who was getting married to the second son of Baron Astachel. Due to her family’s bad condition, she had to marry him and after their marriage, Baron revealed that she had to obey the contract if she wanted to get monetary aid for her family. He violated her and made her miserable but he’s dead and Brienne is accused to be the killer. Interesting story…read to know what happened next in this strong fl manhwa.

The Grand Duchess of the North was Secretly a Villainess

Emperor Caien Helisis ordered the execution of the Grand Duchess of North Eloise Wayana after her villainous act was revealed this is the end of the novel the crown of Blood Season 2 and our female protagonist is a reader of this novel Kim Dakyung. While she was eagerly waiting for the next season but during her return home she had an accident and instead of dying, she found herself in the body of Eloise Wayana the grand duchess of the north.

Since the female lead is aware of the story she decided to act differently in order to save her life and live longer but somehow she was dragged into the imperial family mess. So do read this amazing isekai manhwa with strong female lead with badass character.

Neyra’s Dragon

A wonderful manhwa story based on Neyra Myers who traveled to the eastern country with her father for some diplomatic work and there she meets a mystical creature Dragon Prince named Haeryun. Haeryun tells Neyra that she is destined to be her partner and she was somehow enchanted by his looks she also wanted to change her troublesome life thus she followed the Dragon Prince to become her Queen. But was her choice correct or did she make some mistake by following him without thinking anything else read to know what happened to Neyra?

How to Get My Husband on My Side

An amazing isekai romance manhwa where the female lead died as a villainess at the hand of her husband being used by her father and brother who treated her as a tool. The female protagonist now possessed the body of the villainess who was supposed to die along with her family. However, the female lead wants to survive, and thus after her marriage with the best paladin of the north, she started thinking of ways to get closer to his husband and his sister whom he loves very much.

Read to know more about this romantic story with a compelling story plot and amazing art, and character style.

I’m Divorcing My Tyrant Husband

Another transmigration manhwa with a historic setting, in this manhwa fl, possessed the body of the Empress who was soon going to be abandoned by the emperor due to her stupid creepy behavior. The royal consort used this to her advantage but in the novel, she was the female lead who was going to become the empress soon after kicking Robelia out of the Imperial Palace.

So in order to survive our female lead Robelia wants to divorce the tyrant Emperor but the sudden change in her personality makes the emperor fall in love with her and soon everything changes. It really an amazing plot twist so make sure to enjoy reading this ongoing manhwa.


This ongoing romance manhwa is based on the story of Queen Agatha who wanted to live a frugal life with her loved person but fate doesn’t want such a thing and her life crumbled as the covered secrets of her kingdom got leaked. After betrayal, struggle, and longing will she be able to live on or she won’t read to know more about this exciting manhwa?

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The Price of Breaking Up

The precious daughter of the Lurhtella Marquis family was chosen as the marriage partner of the Imperial family’s crown prince this was an oracle given by gods to the priests and they have to obey it. After the female lead becomes the crown princess and lived at the royal place. She worked hard while studying everything and managed many affairs but her power, status, and even her fiance were taken overnight as the temple declared that there was a new oracle. Now, a new girl is chosen by the gods as the crown princess position and fl Princess Pesentria gets a marriage annulment certificate pretty soon.

This is where the real journey of Princess Pesentria starts as she takes revenge and shows everyone who she is and what she can do. Definitely a must-read manhwa so make sure to check out this manhwa with badass female lead.

I Hated It Even More

This manhwa is based on the story of the second daughter of the Marquis Renarty family whose eldest sister was lost when she was a child. But during summer she was finally found and returned to the house as the real successor. This is where everything started to change now they don’t care about the second child everyone in the family only cares for her well-being. Her clothes, jewelry, and even her fiance were now going to be given to her sister by her parents due to their blind love. Read to know what she will do to change her miserable life.

My Husband Is My Choice

This manhwa is very intriguing where the female lead died three times at the hands of the Emperor but now in her fourth life, she is filled with rage, hatred, and vengeance. Now all she wanted is to make those people suffer who wronged her and she started this by changing her fiance. Everyone was awe stuck that how can she do this to His Highness the second prince.

In this life, our female lead is determined to choose her husband and ignores the royal family. The queen and crown princes were embarrassed creating a situation where every nobles were watching her. Read this strong fl manhwa where the female protagonist wanted to change her fate.

Into The Light Once Again

This story is about Edenbell’s fourth princess who was executed by her family because of false charges of attempting to murder her little sister who was the so-called saint of that time. Nobody believed her innocence and after getting abandoned she was beheaded in front of many people. After such a cruel event, she opened her eyes and found out that she is reincarnated as a baby princess of another empire. Now read this badass female lead manhwa to know what happened next.

Crazy Princess Renia

The story is about the princess of the Fontiano Empire named Renia whose life changes completely after her marriage with Duke Clovis Zenov. Her marriage life was not as blissful as she had expected and soon Renia was framed as a murderer who killed her own husband Duke Clovis. Renia screamed that she was innocent and pleaded but everyone ignored her. After facing a hellish reality Renia who was in pain wanted God to bless her with death. However, even God didn’t want Renia to return and she was back in time when Renia was happiest in her life with her previous life memories.
Read to know how she’ll tackle her misfortunes and live a good Life.

I’m Divorced, But I’m a Chaebol

This story is about a wife whose husband went to war but in the original he would bring a new girl whom he loves that’s why the female lead wants to divorce him and live her life enjoying. After she divorced her husband she used the money she had a profitable business with the help of Duke. This story is very new and interesting so enjoy reading this romance strong fl manhwa story with great art style.

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Happy Ending for the Time-Limited Villainess

A very promising isekai manhwa where our normal Korean female lead transmigrates into a fantasy world in the body of a villainess. After her transmigration, the Demon King offered her a deal to fulfill the last request of the previous owner of the body, and if she completes his deal then she can go back to where she came from. But the most problematic thing was that the female lead Clea Reno had a very weak body and she had to attract the famous Duke Clovis to marry her in order to complete the request.

This manhwa is very funny and the story and art style is really worth readers’ time so make sure to read this manhwa with strong female protagonist.

The Villainess Reverses The Hourglass

This manhwa story revolves around our strong female lead who was framed by her step-sister and died without being able to prove her innocence. As Aria and her mother’s background was worst they didn’t get respect even after marrying a count. But what makes this manhwa kickass and intriguing is the part where Aria witnesses during her last moment and then she came back in the past.

In the second life, Aria is determined to take revenge against those who made her and her mother’s life miserable. While in the second life, Aria also obtained an amazing ability which you will know when you will read this manhwa. Overall our female lead is cool, strong, and fierce romance manhwa with strong female lead .

Loveless Heroine

As the title suggests this manhwa is based on a female lead who came back to the past after her death as she was not able to choose a marriage partner. The worst part is that both of her marriage partners are worthless trash, as one of them is a trashy old rich man and the other is good-looking but has a relationship with many women.

However, this time Fl is determined that she will not marry, and neither will she die easily, overall art style and story line-up are totally cool so read this manhwa with a badass female lead once.

Extroversion of An Immortal

The story is about a fairy named Cheon Moran who was trapped in the mortal world when Moran killed a greedy man who tried to rip her fairy wings for money. After time passed our fairy became a celebrity in the mortal realm but was later discovered by a detective named Sa Jeha. Sa Jeha was looking into the case of the man who Moran killed but no one knows this secret. Read to know what twists and turns await as you read this ongoing mystery manhwa.

The Duke of Ashleyan’s Contractual Marriage

Rubiana after knowing that her family was killed by the Emperor left the temple she was in and abandon her nunhood to take revenge against the vicious king. Moreover, Rubiana took an oath that after completing her revenge she will devote her first child to god. But the main problem was that she didn’t have any lover or husband.

Read to know whom Rubiana will choose as her husband to fulfill her oath made to god, as the story goes on in this manhwa with badass female lead Rubiana and Louis the last royal bloodline who wants to become king got closer to each other.

Best Romance manhwa(webtoon) with strong Female lead list:-

Here, are some more romance manhwa with strong female lead lists for our exclusive anime indie readers.

  • Betrayal of Dignity
  • This is an Obvious Fraudulent Marriage
  • Rejected Lady Enjoying A Modest Life
  • Of All Things, I Became a Crow
  • Shadowless Night
  • Death Is The Only Ending for The Villainess

These are some top-tier manhwa recommendations romance with badass female leads. Reading these historical romance manhwa with strong female lead will totally be worth it.


Our Team Animeindie hopes that our readers enjoyed and get some interesting romance manhwa with strong female lead to read. We have recommended some badass female lead manhwa and provided you with some new and intriguing ongoing top-tier reincarnation manhwa with strong female lead. Do share this post and comment your thoughts about this article so that we can provide you with more promising content.

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