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20+ All Time Best Completed Manhwa Recommendations

If you are a manhwa geek who is looking for the best-completed manhwa recommendations of all time then you are in the perfect place. This article contains all the best-completed manhwas along with completed manhwa recommendations of multiple genres like shoujo manhwa, complete romance manhwa, romance action manhwa, revenge manhwa, modern romance manhwa, historical romance manhwas, etc. Do see this article and discover some amazing best-completed manhwa.

Best Completed Manhwa Recommendations

All the finished manhwa recommendations below are based on beautiful romance, revenge, or love stories. So let’s check out these best-finished manhwa recommendations.

Doctor Elise

Completed manhwa recommendations
StatusCompleted Manhwa

A terrible queen who bought was known for making trouble for both her country and its citizens. Later on due to her viciousness, she was burned by the order of her own husband the king. However, a strange turn of events occurred and a talented surgeon Song Zhi Hyun possessed her body when everything was almost normal. Then to redeem herself she became a doctor and started saving people with her knowledge of her previous life as a great surgeon. Moreover, Song Ji Hyeon who eventually became Elise De Clorence started correcting all the mistakes done by Elise.

An amazing historical romance manhwa with good art. This Shoujo manhwa is finished, so you would love to read this best-completed romance manhwa. This manhwa is completed and that makes it worth looking for.

Survive As the Hero’s Wife

StatusCompleted manhwa

An amazing historical manhwa based on the story of Canaria who was reincarnated as the villain. Moreover, she was destined to die, so in order to prevent her execution she started to act differently and support her husband who was the male lead of the story. An amazing romance manhwa with good art, read this dark romance manhwa.

This Is An Obvious Fraudulent Marriage

best completed manhwa
AuthorJade-Park Haedam-Pear Juice
StatusCompleted Manhwa

After the Empire destroyed the Sophen country, the count family of Efran whose sole daughter Lady Leylin Efran had to marry someone in order to inherit her family property. Leylin wanted to find a husband who love her but due to a dire situation, she decided to marry someone and have a one-year marriage contract with him so that she can, later on, marry someone she loves. However, a strange and young dashing man appeared during her search. Thus Leylin finally agreed to form a contract with him for one year to protect her family inheritance.

This is one of the best-finished romances of Manhwa and is a good recommendation manhwa romance for fans. If you love action romance manga with a strong male lead then this is for you.

Who Made Me A Princess

complete romance manhwa
StatusCompleted Manhua

The bedtime novel in which, Claude de Alger Obelia a ruthless emperor of the kingdom of Obelia, the cold-blooded emperor killed her own biological daughter who always wanted the love of her father. The only princess of the kingdom of Obelia the unfortunate princess Athanasia died miserably. However, one woman suddenly wakes up as the princess of Obelia. She knew that she will die so she started making plans to survive in the novel which she already knew about. Thus, to live a simple and quiet life she wanted to escape the Imperial palace.

This is a historical romance manhwa with a great romance action manga story. So do try this romance action manhwa if you love to read romance manhwa.

Scorching Romance

AuthorHong Chi
GenresComedy-Romance-School life

This Manhwa is a romance story of a girl named Hwa Ja who is trying to live her life to the fullest. This is the best-completed manhwa with the good romance of hot-blooded youngsters and it’s full of comedy too so try this completed manhwa with a strong female lead.

Solo Leveling

GenresAction-Fantasy-Martial Arts

One of the all-time best action fantasy manhwas is solo leveling. So if by any chance you haven’t read this manhwa yet then make sure to read this manhwa right now. The story is based on a worthless trash hunter who worked as a potter during dungeon raids. Sunj jin woo’s life turned upside down due to an incident where he almost lost his life but somehow when he gained consciousness he found himself in a hospital.

Later jin woo started seeing a strange status window that mentioned him as a player and then the story took a massive turn where he become a sole hunter who started becoming stronger while completing tasks. Read this completed manhwa with op mc as soon as possible if you haven’t read this yet.

Deadman Wonderland

AuthorKataoka Jinsei

Amazing completed manhwa to read for fans based on the incident in japan and during that incident almost tokyo was ruined. Towns were drowned in water because of oceans and after a few years, one of the survivors of that incident was Ganta Igarashi a teenage middle school boy. He didn’t have any memory of that disaster and was living a normal life.

However, everything changed after the appearance of a man who was covered in shiny armor and blood can be seen in his classroom. That strange red man killed everyone in his classroom except for Igrashi so read why that happened and what will happen after this incident since this is an epic completed manhwa to read.

Greatest Outcast

AuthorNo Do Hwan
GenresAction-Drama-School Life-Manhwa

A new school life based completed manhwa recommendations for fans who love school drama with action. This manhwa is very intriguing so if you haven’t read this manhwa yet then make sure to check it out once. The story is based on outcasts who are looked down upon and people also treat them very differently because of their style and looks.

But in this completed manhwa with op mc who changed totally after witnessing an incident with his friend. This incident turns him into a new badass character who wanted to take revenge for an ability that he had but mc never knew about it.

Air Gear


A baby-faced boy Itsuki Minami was very famous in his junior high school as he was the strongest kid in his class. Itsuki was living with beautiful girls and after some time his normal life changed into a very difficult one. Once he won a match with gangster punks and now they made his life very difficult that he may drop out any time. But Noyamano’s sisters helped him by teaching him fighting skills to fight against those thugs like school kids.

Overall an epic completed manhwa with op mc where mc fights and become strong with each passing chapter. Make sure to enjoy reading this manhwa in your free time.

Hero Killer

AuthorKase Daiki

A common story of a boy who wanted to take revenge on heroes who made him miserable. This story would pin your interest if you enjoy revenge and moreover, this manhwa is completed manhwa with op mc.

Konjiki No Gash!!

AuthorRaiku Makoto

A battle that was held on earth every 1000 years for which demon children from the demon world came to compete in this battle. This intense battle to become the new king of the demon realm happens when demons pair themselves and were given a magic book. If by any chance their book is burned then they are lost and return to the demon realm. The last pair standing and surviving this battle become their king.

Read this amazing completed manhwa with op mc with the fiery plot.


AuthorMiura Kentaro

A dark fantasy manga is written by Miura-based medieval Europe fantasy world. A story about a single mercenary and leader Griffith the leader of the Hawk band. This manga is also animated because of its action and intense scenes. The war scene and invasions are epic so overall you can check this out.

Moreover, badass fighting manhwa lovers should definitely check this completed manhwa with a strong female lead along with a male lead. We strongly recommend this completed manhwa to read.


AuthorSon Jae-Ho – Lee Gwang-Su

An interesting manhwa Noblesse is based on a powerful aristocrat who has awakened in a South Korean abandoned mansion and is starting to get used to modern life. He enters a school where he encounters Frankenstein, his real servant. With Frankenstein’s assistance, Rai enrolls in Ye Ran High School and unintentionally makes friends with Shin Woo, an athletic teenager, Ik Han, Yuna, a computer whiz, and Shin Woo’s puppy love.

Noblesse investigates Rai’s past as she follows the group’s frequently risky excursions against a clandestine group.This is an amazing fighting manhwa with a well-versed story and epic twists. We highly recommend this completed manhwa to our fans as this is one of the best manhwa of all time.

Video Girl Ai

AuthorKatsura Masakazu

This a typical story of Yota Moteuchi, a teenage boy from Japan, who is in love with Moemi but finds it difficult to approach her. His reputation as the dateless miracle and his lack of daring is a scourge that appears difficult to overcome, even with the additional help of his friend and high school heartthrob Takashi. Yota now sees his chance to capture Moemi’s affection over the all-too-short winter break from school. He has no idea that Ai, the person whose destiny will be altered by fate, is waiting for him right around the corner.

Suspense and thrill manhwa lovers should try reading this very intriguing best-completed manhwa, so make sure to read Video girl ai.


AuthorHashimoto Izou
GenresAction-Drama-Martial Arts

Ryo Narushima was a genius at the age of sixteen and appeared to have no issue getting into Tokyo University and assimilating into society’s elite. However, something in Ryo’s mind broke that summer. He mercilessly slaughtered both of his parents with a little knife, leaving just his sister, who was still alive and whimpering in a corner. Our story starts with this horrifying tragedy. Additional Information: The chapter numbers were restarted when the series’ publisher moved to volume 20.

Tanaka Akio has written and illustrated every chapter of the series starting with chapter 61 in volume 26, which marks the first chapter after the series made its long-awaited return. Even while Hashimoto Izou did create the series at first. Check out a very unique plot with a mind-blowing turn of events for fans who love completed manhwa.

Ranma 1/2

AuthorTakahashi Rumiko

His father Genma and Ranma Saotome are members of the cursed springs at Jusenkyo and are on a coaching expedition in the Bayankala Mountain Range in the Qinghai Province of China. Every time they come into contact with cold water—such as when someone falls into a spring—they take the physical form of whatever perished there hundreds or thousands of years ago. When exposed to hot water after being exposed to cold water, the hex will invert. While Ranma falls into a drowning woman’s spring, Genma falls into a panda’s spring.

Badass Completed manhwa lovers should go read this promising manhwa now.


GenresSchool life-Thriller

Shy Ichitaka has a crush on Iori, a friend from high school, but since she appeared in semi-provocative bikini images in a magazine, shady men have been making advances toward her. Ichitaka worries that Iori will perceive him as simply another creep if he expresses his sentiments.


AuthorMatsuda Ryuchi
GenresAction-Adventure-Martial Arts

An old Japanese manga based on the story of a young boy whose name is Kenji. Kenji was a martial arts lover who practices regularly. He was learning Bajiquan but later on, he became aware of many epic martial arts techniques like Shaolinquan, Piguaquan, etc. Martial manga lovers would enjoy trying this manga to know about the story of boy Kenji.

Buzzer Beater

AuthorInoue Takehiko
GenresSci fi- Shounen-Sports

Basketball has surpassed all other sports in popularity worldwide in the year 2XXX AD. However, extraterrestrials absolutely rule the Intergalactic League, the peak of professional basketball. Despite only being 19 years old, Gyuma is a basketball player that is regarded as the finest in the world. Yoshimune, an elderly guy who thinks humans should be the best basketball players, enters the stadium. He intends to assemble the best pure human team and compete in the Intergalactic League.

To do this, Yoshimune’s scout Cha-che approaches Hideyoshi, a 14-year-old prodigy, and offers him a chance to play in the Intergalactic League. Yoshimune wishes to use his utmost confidence to guide his team and win the big league.

Golden Boy

AuthorEgawa Tatsuya

Oe Kintarou is a former student of Tokyo University Law School. But before leaving school, he had finished all the coursework required for graduation. Since then, armed only with a notepad, a pen, and his dependable mountain bike, he has worked numerous jobs throughout Japan as a student of life (Mikazuki ). He encounters awkward situations with attractive women on his travels, and in order to survive—let alone have a chance to discover his actual purpose in life—he must use his special skills as a jack-of-all-trades.

However, he is much more skilled than he seems, and he is committed to winning no matter what. He might be the person who saves Japan—no, the entire world—or he might not.


AuthorMorita Masanori
GenresComedy-School life-Sports

Professor Kawato is the new Japanese teacher at the notorious Futagotamaga high school, where the baseball team is made up of bullies and thugs who have been barred from competing for a year since they started a fight during an official game. The only club members left after the suspension is over are only interested in women, smoking, and doing nothing until they learn about a new dream called Koshien with the help of Professor Kawato. However, they will face numerous challenges on the way to Koshien.

Absolute Witch

AuthorKim Tae Yeon

In a world where witches are extinct, Skyla is a young witch. She is picked up on her way to meet her husband by a strange alchemist, a highly bored old woman, and her servant. What challenges will Skyla encounter en route to Wells if you wanted to know them make sure to try reading this unique completed manhwa with a strong female lead at least once.

Happy Ending for the Limited-Time Villainess


This manhwa is based on the story of a girl who possessed the body of a villainess after her transmigration into a different world. The female lead found herself in a very beautiful and fragile body that was about to die soon. But she found out that she was bought in this world by the demon king and the demon king promises her that if she fulfilled the dying wish of the owner of the body he will send her back to where she came from. But how will our female lead Clea Reno go to complete the wish with such a frail body which is incapable of doing anything?

She had to marry the Duke in order to fulfill the request and then she can go back to her world from where she came from. Read this completed manhwa with strong female lead who changes the life of a villainess after she transmigrates into the body of Clea Reno.

The Villainess Reverses The Hourglass


This story is based on a girl named Aria whose mother somehow managed to marry a noble but her step-sister hated her very much. Aria suffered her whole life and then she was framed by her step-sister Mielle and was executed in front of the people. But a miracle occurred and she get another chance to change her fate by taking revenge on those who did wrong to her.

Aria then decided to become a real villainess who will seek revenge from her step-family who made her life miserable. Read this kickass manhwa where Fl is badass and takes her revenge. If you’re a revenge manhwa fan then read this manhwa and we assure you that you’ll enjoy this completed revenge manhwa recommendation.

Some best completed Manhwa Mentions List

Also, check some best-completed manhwa with op mc. You will enjoy completed manhwas to read mentioned in our list as well.

  • Misaeng: An Incomplete Life
  • The Star Seekers
  • Cheese in The Trap
  • The Druld Of Seoul Station
  • Tower Of God

These are some best-completed manhwa with op mc and romance so make sure to enjoy our recommendations.


With this our completed manhwa recommendations ends and we hope that all the completed manhua, completed romance manhwa, action romance manhwa, fantasy romance manhwa, historical romance manhwa with popular manhwa romance stories, etc are up to your liking. So if you enjoyed reading the webtoon completed in this article then make sure to comment with your thoughts and share it with your friends as well. Do visit our website Animeindie to read more similar amazing content. To get the amazing latest manhwa recommendations and updates follow us on Youtube.

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