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10+ Anime Where Mc is Op but wants to live a Normal life [Recommendations]

Anime Where Mc is Op but wants to live a Normal life

Imagine You have special Abilities that make you Op and Badass from everyone else, but still you choose to live a normal life… No matter how stupid this may sound to you, there are anime with the same storyline. Now you may wonder why MC hides his Abilities to live a normal life. if You’re an Otaku or an Anime Fan, chances are you’ve already come across a series where the main character is overpowered (OP) – who has extraordinary abilities that make them better than the rest. While watching these types of anime can be exciting, sometimes it can become predictable as the MC continually dominates their opponents this is the reason Why Anime With Op mc but Hides it is getting popular among Anime fans.

This type of storyline adds a unique twist to the traditional stories where the mc is op and literally beats everyone, and in this article, we’ll be exploring some anime series and manga where the MC is OP but wants to live a peaceful life.

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also be sharing some manga series where the MC is overpowered, but nobody knows. This means that the character keeps his abilities secret from everyone else, to live a Normal Life. We are also sharing some manga in this list because some people like to read Manga more than watch anime as we already told above.

Anime where the mc is op but wants to live a normal life Recommendations List

So, whether you want to watch anime or read manga, there’s something for everyone in this Animeindie recommendation list. Let’s dive in and discover some great new Anime & Manga to add to your watchlist or reading list.

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

undefeated bahamut chronicle

The Story Of This Anime revolves around a Prince named Lux, who has been thrown out of his Kingdom. After getting thrown out of his own kingdom, Lux mistakenly entered the women’s bath where he saw Princess Lisesharte naked. This angered her so much that she challenged him to a Drag ride. Lux was the Undefeated knight of the Drag-ride battle but after this battle, Lux came to be known as the Undefeated weakest knight as he didn’t even attack in the battle.

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Why One of the Strongest knights in the kingdom didn’t even attack? Watch Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle Anime To Know More.

Demon King Daimaou

demon king

The Story starts when Akuto Sai gets transferred to Constant Magic Academy. He always dreamt of making the world a better place to live, but things take a turn when he arrives at the academy.

There was a prophecy about him in the Academy that he is destined to be a demon, King. Soon the prophecy spread in the academy and everyone started fearing him. Everyone he does & says makes the prophecy even right for people around him. Akuto is determined to prove everyone wrong and doesn’t let a prophecy decide his future of being a Demon King.


K-Project is a sci-fi fantasy anime that revolves around the story of Yashiro Isana, a teenager who leads a simple life until he finds himself framed for murder. In his Journey to prove his innocence, Yashiro has to be in a conflict with seven clans that each possess their own unique color and special powers.

What makes this anime interesting is how Yashiro is presented as an overpowered character, but who wants to lead a normal life. He is blessed with exceptional abilities but prefers to hide them from the world so as not to draw attention to himself. This dichotomy between his overpowered strength and his desire to live a normal life creates an internal conflict that gives his character added depth.

Besides Yashiro, the other characters are also interesting, with different personalities and unique powers. We strongly recommend this Anime to everyone who wants to watch an anime where mc is overpowered but want to live a normal life.

Beyond The Boundary

We already wrote a detailed review of Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) in our previous Recommendations Post titled Manga where MC is Immortal but wants to die. You can read that review to know more About this Anine.

Our team added this Anime as one of their favorites of all time, although Likeness is Subjective, still, we recommend you guys to at least check out this Anime Once.

The Boy and The Beast

the boy and the beast

The Story Of This Anime revolves around two characters Ren & Kumatetsu, both of them live different lives but are similar in Some contexts. Ren has no family to rely on, so he escapes and comes to the Strange streets of Shibuya. Here he meets Kumatetsu who takes him to the beast realm of Shibuten.

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Kumatetsu sees Ren as a key candidate to become lord of the realm. Now they decide to help each other in their aim, for Kumatetsu it was to become lord of the realm & for Rent it was to find a Home & Family. The reason why we recommend this Anime in our recommendation list is that Kumatetsu was unmatched in Battle but still, his chilly behavior represents him as a Normal Person.

If you like the Synopsis of this Anime, you can Check it Out.


We also did a detailed review of Kotoura San in one of our Previous Recommendations Articles. You can check it out to know more about Anime.

Kaze no Stigma

kaze no stigma

The Story starts with Kazuma Yagami who has the special power of Fuujutsu (Controlling The Wind). He was part of the Noble Kannagi family but he was sent to exile due to his inability to Control Fire. After spending 4 Years in Exile he returns to his family just to find out that half of his family has been Killed By Fuujutsu.

This made everyone suspicious that Kazuma is the one who killed them. Now Kazuma embarks on a Journey to prove his Innocence & find the real killer. This Anime has a rating of 7.18 based on 2,32,000 Reviews on My Anime list. Many people recommended this Anime for those who want to watch anime with op mc but want to live a normal life.



Houtarou Oreki, a Highschool student with special Abilities wants to live a Normal Life to save as much energy as he can. However, things take a turn when his sister named Tomoe asks him to join the Memberless Classics Club to save it from disbandment.

When Oreki Joins the clubroom he sees that Eru Chitanda has already joined the Club. Eru Chitanda is famous for its Bubbly and likable personality. This is where the story starts as Houtarou embarks on a Journey to Solve Constant Mysteries and Problems that come into their life daily after Joining the Club.

Mob Psycho 100

The Story revolves around an Eight grader Boy named Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama who is blessed with psychic powers. Soon he realizes that these powers are not his assets but liabilities in day-to-day life. He suppresses the use of his powers in order to avoid any unwanted conflicts and only uses it to impress his long-time crush Tsubomi who soon gets bored with the same tricks that he uses again and again.

Determined to level up his psychic abilities he came under the wing of Arataka Reigen, a con artist who claims to be psychic. He exploits Shigeo Powers to earn pocket Change. But Shigeo Current Powers are just the tip of the iceberg & when he reaches his full potential burst he can cause catastrophic changes both in his surroundings & himself.

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What Will Happen in the Story, Will Mob’s power explode to cause a series of catastrophic events? Watch Mob Psycho 100 Full Anime To Know More. If you want to watch More Anime & Read Manga where mc can read minds then you can check this Article.

Sacred Seven

sacred seven

Alma Tandoji, the mc of this Anime Lives Alone & doesn’t like to interact much with others. One day a girl named Ruri Alba visits him and asks him to lend his power of Sacred Seven to her. Alma refuses to do so as he already hurt many with his Supernatural powers in the past.

Suddenly a fiendish Dark Stone creature appeared in the Small town in the Kanto region and started havoc. Only Alma with Powers can stop him but as soon as he uses his powers things get worse. What will happen after this in Anime where mc is overpowered but wants to live a normal life? Watch Sacred Seven Anime to Know more.

How We Picked Anime & Manga for This Recommendations List?

If you’re a regular visitor of Animeindie, you may already know that we share Recommendations For the Best Anime, Manga with different Genres & Storylines on Our Website. We also shared how we pick Anime & Manga to be included in Our Recommendations list. But if you’re new and you don’t know how we do it, then in the next few lines we are going to explain the same.

First, we find all the Anime & Manga that are related to Our Topic. Then our team watches and reads reviews of those to find the best one. We also conduct some polls on Our YouTube Channel and Instagram to get the opinions of our Followers. Next, we pick out the best based on the Reviews and Suggestions of Followers and include them in our list.


We hope that you like this Animeindie recommendation list. This Article is part of our recommendation series where we already shared tons of Anime, Manga recommendations belonging to different genres with all of You. In the past, we shared some Recommendations where Mc is Op but in this one, we shared some Anime where Mc is OP but wants to live a normal life.

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