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15+ Best Manhwa/Manga where mc can Absorb Ability

Nowadays readers adore manga and manhwa with exciting stories and characters with distinctive abilities. Manga/Manhwa fans who want to read a manga where the main character can absorb information should read this article through to the end because you will undoubtedly find some of the best comics to read like manga where mc can copy skills.

Read out these amazing manhwa recommendations on manga where mc can absorb ability or manga where mc can copy ability.

Disclaimer:- We have also mentioned some popular manhwa where mc can absorb ability or manhwa where mc can copy ability.

Manga where mc can absorb the ability

Fans who are interested in reading manhwa/manga where mc can absorb ability then check out our amazing recommendations on manga/manhwa where mc can copy powers.

SSS Class Suicide Hunter

Our Mc Kim was envious of star hunters who were very popular and powerful but he was just a nobody. As he wanted to become like them so badly that the heavens listened to his calls and granted him the highest rank skill of copying the talents of others. But Kim had to die in order to copy one random talent of the person who killed him.

Soon he obtained the power of the current rank 1 hunter and from there he started his badass journey to the top. Read this badass manhwa where mc can copy powers.

Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita

An amazing transmigration manga where mc was teleported into a fantasy world but strangely he become a sword. The great sword was in the most dangerous place filled with monsters and this world is like a game where mc had a system that displays health stats, power, speed, honored titles, etc. Now to survive mc needed to find someone who is capable to wield him.

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Soon he finds a girl meeting those characteristics and becomes the wielder of the sword.

Solo Max Level Newbie

An awesome story of player Kang Jinhyuk who was a gaming maniac who played a popular game Tower of Trials to the end when everyone left or stopped due to its difficulty. But Jinhyuk was the only one who ended the game and was aware of everything inside the game. Then one day the tower of trials that was a game became reality and everything in the real world suddenly changed.

Now Kang Jinhyuk who cleared the game knew everything and started dominating everyone and copying talents. He soon become S ranked player who is very strong in entire Korea. Read to know more about what happened in this manga where mc can steal abilities.

Berserk of Gluttony

In a world where only powerful and strong rules, they have skills and with that skills they become powerful as they kill monsters. Gifted people who had great skills were getting stronger but those without skills were treated like failures. In such a world our mc Fate was somehow surviving as a gatekeeper. He had a skill called Gluttony that makes him hungry.

But the entire story changes once Fate realizes the true power of skill Gluttony after encountering an accident and he started devouring the skills of others to become stronger. If you’re a fan of overpowered mc then read this unique manga where mc can absorb power.

Gesellschaft Blume

A cruel world where one’s lineage matters more than their abilities. Our main character Torza who is a slayer is very powerful and can be considered heroic. He thought that his heroic duty is to defeat Demons to protect humanity and therefore he formed a party full of elites and marched to kill the incarnation of the demon king. But later on, he realized the dark truth behind these so-called Slayers.

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Dungeon Seeker

This story is about Junpei Takeda a regular high school student who was bullied by his classmate named Kido Shouta was teleported into an unknown world as gods wanted them to be summoned. This new world also favors people who were strong and moreover, Junpei was very weak even weaker than a farmer. Later, Junpei was used by his friend and everything changed from that moment. Our hero now wanted revenge so read to know how he’ll become strong in order to get his revenge.

Living In This World with Cut & Paste

This manga is based on a typical hero story in a world full of skills. After people reached a certain age God bless them with abilities according to their characteristics. Our main character was also one of those who obtained great abilities and conquered the world and become a hero.

I Grow Stronger By Eating

The manhwa revolves around Mr. Kim who was once a pet shop owner and later obtained a mysterious ability to eat. Whatever Mr. Kim eats he can then absorb their skills and can use them as if he is that creature. But strangely he gets teleported into a world full of magical creatures like beasts, wolves, Trolls, and giant orcs. Now with his talent, he wanted to become stronger while eating everything that this new world can offer.

Read this very intriguing manhwa where mc eats to absorb skills/abilities.

Talent-Swallowing Magician

manga where mc can absorb ability

This story is about Elric Melvinger who was the inheritor of the greatest magic family in the empire but after his father and mother died he was left all alone along with his elder sister. The greatest magic family that produced the best magicians now is almost about to crumble as Elric was suffering from a disease. He had great insight and learned many things in order to solve this problem but nothing worked.

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Later, Elric risked his life while exploring a dragon liar and obtained an opportunity to change his fate by swallowing demons and using their powers. Read this manhwa if you love mc who has a badass personality and troublesome character.

Your Talent Is Mine

The story of this manhwa is based on a boy named Ye Tian who was surviving somehow in the harsh world full of monsters with her sister. Ye Tian didn’t have any talent but still, he wanted to become strong in order to protect his sister and survive. However, his wish finally got fulfilled once he obtained an ability that can be used to copy any talents and make them his own. After his sudden change in fate, Ye Tian decided that he will become the strongest and most powerful being. From there his real journey started and he worked continuously to become better and stronger. After accumulating multiple talents Ye Tian started surpassing his peers with his badass powers.

Read this epic manhwa where the mc can copy talents or abilities.


A very famous fighting manhwa based on the story of Park Hyung Suk who was bullied very badly by his friends due to his bad looks. Hyung Suk was not famous in his school and neither was he from a wealthy family. Everything changed when he obtained a new body, powerful with attractive looks everyone in his school becomes his fan.

Hyung Suk had the power to copy the skills of others and soon everything changed in his life. Read this manhwa where mc can copy powers we are sure you will love it.

List of Manga where Mc Can Copy Skills/ Abilities

  • The Gamer
  • Skill Of Lure
  • Greatest Outcast
  • Book Eating Magician


We hope that our recommendations on manga where mc can absorb ability provided our fans with an amazing list of manga or manhwa that you can read. Moreover, we would love to hear your thoughts on our article and if you want to connect with our Team Animeindie then you can click on the link mentioned below.

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