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10+ Best Manhwa where Mc is a Streamer

There are many different types of manhwa releasing every day but in this article, we are going to discuss manhwa where mc is a streamer since readers are pretty interested to know some top-tier streaming manhwa where the main character plays games and do live streaming or upload videos.

Moreover, virtual reality manhwa is attracting readers nowadays as they can connect themselves with these manhwas Since their story line-up is based on modern action fantasy themes. So here in this article, we are going to talk about some awesome manhwa where mc is a streamer or manhwa with streamers.

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Best Manhwa where Mc is a Streamer to read

Below are some awesome vr manhwa with op mc where mc is a streamer.

How to Fight

The story revolves around a high schooler named Yoo Hobin he was kind of a nerd at the beginning of the manhwa. Moreover, he was bullied by his classmates who target weak students for their Newtube content. Hobin who had nothing and was the least expected person to become a Newtube star changed his life after starting a Newtube channel.

Hobin found an underrated Newtube channel that taught how to fight against all kinds of martial artists from street thugs to professional MMA. Hobin who wanted to change followed all the training instructions given by the instructor of the channel and started fighting against guys. This is Manhwa where mc is a streamer who streams his fighting live and tons of fans watch his life-fighting. Later Hobin becomes a famous Newtube streamer who fought against strong opponents and always somehow won the match. This manhwa has insane character and story development thus we would strongly recommend you read this manhwa.

The Genius Game Streamer

This manhwa is based on the story of a brother and sister who live in Seoul, Lee Dohyun later shifted to Seoul where his sister lives and there everything changed. His sister was totally into live game streaming and lived to enjoy the donations she received from her fans. Moreover, Dohyun was forced into gaming and live streaming bt her sister but then Dohyun discovered that he had an amazing talent for the game.

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This embarks his new life in game streaming where he showcases his god-given talent along with his greedy sister. Read this virtual reality manhwa where mc is a streamer with kickass gaming skills.

Martial Streamer

An amazing ongoing historical manhwa where a normal Korean student TaeMin who wanted to become a star YouTuber ended up electrocuting himself somehow but strange Taemin ended up reincarnating into the martial world like some historic fantasy novel. But the most interesting part of this manhwa is that Taemin now becomes Zhao with live-streaming abilities into a new world and somehow he can also access YouTube when Zhao closes his eyes.

There he starts to live to stream his life into the early period of China where his goal is to become the best martial artist and merchant.

Monster Streamer For Gods

After the monster’s evasion humanity overcame the crisis and the hunter emerged to save humanity but after some time attacks from the monsters become common as people started streaming their fights online to earn money and fame. However, our main character Gangshik Choi who was working as a cameraman for low-tier hunters and somehow finds himself as the main character on the camera but the catch is that now Gangshik not only has humans as his viewers but gods are also watching him.

He ended up becoming a streamer for the gods and the higher the viewer the tougher the streams become as stronger monsters start appearing read out this intriguing manhwa where mc is a streamer.

BJ Archmage

This manhwa is a gaming-based manhwa where the main protagonist Jung Hyunwoo plays God Wars a very famous VR game in which you can earn money by playing the game while leveling up. Hyunwoo was an average player earn the normal amount of money after working hard for his brother and niece. But one day while he was returning he almost had a serious accident but after that accident, he was unable to access his account.

Now he had no other choice but to create a new account and as he created a new account he found out that he can see hidden information that nobody can see. Now he becomes a Grand Archmage a legendary character with his abilities he started playing and soon become famous as a rich player. Then he started live streaming as an archmage clearing hidden dungeons.

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Taming Master

An amazing manhwa based on a VR game named Kaillan a very addictive game where you can earn money in real life while playing. Ian our main character played this game for quite some time as an archer while he was at Level 93 he was also on the list of top players in the leaderboard but he deleted his old account and started playing after creating a new account.

And luckily he obtained a hidden class a summoner, he now started leveling up as Ian didn’t want an F grade in college since his teacher promised that if he can reach level 100 he will pass him. This gaming-based manhwa has some streaming parts in it as mc stats uploading videos and etc, so give this manhwa a try and you will love it.

Worn And Torn Newbie

This manhwa is based on the story of Lee Eojin who was a gaming addict who devoted his whole life to gaming but while he was strengthening his sword he ended up breaking the sword due to his excessive greed as he was in trauma he found out himself in his past times. Mc woke up in the past when he started playing the famous virtual reality game now what will he do in his new life?

As he was cheated on and used by his girlfriend in his previous life Eojin will now change his life because he knows everything about this game. In this life, Eojin becomes a streamer earns a ton of money through the VR game and soon becomes popular in the world of e-sports. Read this streaming Manhwa like archmage streamer.

Sleeping Ranker

Manhwa where Mc is a Streamer

Hyunsung used the famous VR game just to get enough sleep as he didn’t get much time in the real world. Since there’s a huge time difference between the virtual world and the real-world Hyunsung only played this game to sleep but he awakened and become a legendary God-rank character after becoming Thananos descendant. After this Hyunsung resigned from his job and started playing games full-time to earn money.

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After learning and using his martial arts skills in the VR game he soon becomes very popular as a player named Arsura, Hyunsung uploaded his action videos on Youtube and becomes insanely famous. Hyunsung earned a lot of money and leveled up while completing the quests. This VR manhwa with op mc is worth your attention so make sure to read this manhwa.


Another famous manhwa is based on the story of Park Hyung Suk whose life was completely ruined because of his unattractive appearance and overweight. He became a target by his classmates but a miracle happened as he moved into a new house to live alone. Hyung Suk got a new body with an amazing body frame and beautiful looks now his life changed when he become attractive and strong.

This manhwa is not totally about streaming but there’s some part where streaming is involved, moreover, this manhwa is totally centered around gang fights. Read this manhwa as you can enjoy some insane art style with unique and strong main as well as side characters.

Wind Breaker

In this sports and romance manhwa where the main character who was an ideal student loved riding a bicycle gifted by his Uncle who was a world-class cyclist. Jay later realized his love and passion for cycling and joined the competition to know secrets about his Uncle’s death. There is an element in this manhwa where gangs of cyclist race against each other or the challenger while streaming the race live. This manhwa is pretty interesting as the character development is insane and the art style is totally gold-tier.

Overall rivalry and competition are very intense which makes it different than normal sports manhwa so we strongly recommend you to read it as this manhwa has an element of streaming throughout the story so it’s not completely similar to Manhwa where mc is a streamer.


Hope you will enjoy reading these amazing manhwa where mc is a streamer, these streaming manhwas are amazing so make to check them out. We have also included some top-tier VR manhwa with op mc for our manhwa fans so make sure to share and comment your favorite manhwa name below.

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