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Best 20+ Manga where Mc has Dragon Powers

As a reader, we know that every manga/manhwa lover is interested in reading unique and intriguing plots like Manga where mc has dragon powers, or manga where mc has a dragon companion. Then our team Animeindie bought some amazing manga/manhwa for readers who are obsessed with dragon powers or dragon companions.

So, without wasting your precious time here are some best manga where Mc is a dragon or manga where Mc has Dragon Powers recommendations.

Manga where Mc has Dragon Powers Recommendations

Dragon power lovers would really enjoy this top-tier manga with the awesome art style and badass characters.

The Dragon Prince’s Bride

This story is about Sylvia experiencing more adversity than any normal lady but she never gives up. She was very burdened with emotions as her husband left her, but later her very own father sold her for money, and she became a slave to a very strict master.

But fate sure is strange because one day she comes across an injured person in the woods, and this became a turning point in her life that changed everything. Sylvia was a very kind and pure girl who decides to assist our unknown male lead at all costs despite her challenges and the linguistic barrier between them. Our male lead then becomes her top secret because she wanted to save him from a cruel fate. However, Sylvia was not aware that he would be a prince and would later kidnap her to be his bride.

Now Sylvia has to decide the best possible choice that may set her free or if it is merely a new form of imprisonment as she embarks on an unanticipated new journey. After reading this ongoing manga you’ll get to know about the story of Sylvia and how everything changed after a single incident.

The Newlywed Life Of A Witch And A Dragon

This manhwa is based on the story of a dragon and a witch. A dragon named Aiden was working in the tower of magic when he one day slept with the drunk female lead. Then Aiden manipulated her emotionally to marry him and she agreed lastly. Later she realized her grave mistake that for witches promises are very important if they break their promises then they will lose their magic.
Then they started their relationship as a lover and fall in love with each other. This manhwa is very interesting because mc is very manipulative and fl is soft and slow-witted.

A very manipulative love story of a male lead and a female lead so try this manga where mc is a dragon who really loves the female lead.

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Dragon Throne

The story of Prince Zhuo Fan who transformed into Ao Fan, later on, the East China Sea Dragon Palace owner and one of the eldest brothers of Zhou, somehow allowed Zhou Fan to inherit the main palace. Then Zhou Fan becomes the new East China Sea Dragon King. Moreover, after inheriting the palace Zhuo Fan then discovered a unique system, later after the activation of the system Zhou realized how terrifying its powers and ability are, the system can do anything but the most important part of the system is that even during critical moments system plays its invincible role.

Here people are obsessed with power and compete with each other. In this manga where mc is a demigod and fights Gods. Power is everything and anyone who goes against power gets killed! Encourage the dragon clan to rise, pursue hegemony, and contain the gods! If you’re a martial manhwa lover then I assure you that you will find this manhwa very amazing and interesting.

Ryuu Kusari No Ori -Kokoro No Uchi No “kokoro”

The esteemed Solminati Academy is a place known for its aspirational students who join to pursue their aspirations and achieve their dreams in the academy. This story is about a young lad named Nozomu Bountis, who only joined the academy to complete his lover’s ambition, and Nozomu is the protagonist of our tale. Nozomu was a quick learner whose powers eventually reached their maximum point where he cannot grow no matter what he did, and then his academic performance started to suffer.

Then one day, his lover got kidnapped by his best buddy. Nozomu wanted to concentrate even more on his overall training because he was not sure about his strength and was about totally confused about his next step. Then one day Nozomu encounters an elderly woman, who somehow serves as the spark for his future development. Though Nozomu knew that his future is uncertain, his environment is changing gradually with time. In this manga where mc has a dragon companion and is very overpowered. Try this amazing manga without any hesitation.

Dragon Master

Since the creation of a living being we know a living being had the possibility of becoming a mighty dragon. During their lifetime living being sometimes got a chance to enter its Dragon Gate. Moreover, if by any chance they made it, then they would become otherworldly being with shining brilliantly in the sky like the sun and moon. This whole concept is true for our main protagonist who surpassed his limits and then become a Dragon Masters.

Our main character is a total badass and obtained a skill with that skill he became Tamer of Dragons. So fans read this manga where mc has a pet dragon who dominates his peers.

Duke Pendragon

Manga where Mc has Dragon Powers

This manhwa story is about Raven Valte, a descendant of a low-ranking Valte household, who lost all his family members due to the sin of having planned a revolt against the empire. After the execution of his family members, only Raven was spared and was tasked with fighting demons alongside the “Demon” corp, one the worst place in the empire, in exchange for the pardon for his sins.

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It was believed that many people won’t be able to live there for even a year, but somehow Raven managed to last ten years despite this he ended up losing his life miserably during his final battle. During his last battle, he encountered one of the Duke of the great Empire Aren Pendragon, the sole “Successor of the Pendragon Duke Household.” This is a manga where mc has a dragon companion who helps him and travels along with him.

Jaryuu Tensei

The whole story centers around a man who perished in a collision caused by a young couple having their fun time (really unfortunate timing!) Then our main character was reborn as a dragon in a fantastical realm a totally different world! How unfortunate that he was reincarnated once again but not as a human but as a mythical creature Dragon! Read to know more about how our unfortunate main character will survive in a dangerous fantasy world as a fearsome dragon.

Read this badass manga with a very intriguing plot and characters and the best part for fans is that this is a manga where mc is a dragon.

Dragon King of The World

This is a manga where mc is a demigod who rules the world as a dragon king. Overall story lineup is top-tier and the characters are well portrayed along with their amazing looks. The story is totally unpredictable so do give it a shot if you love manga where mc is a dragon and has overpowered powers.

Based on a different world with huge terrain where the dragon and pythons rise started, later highly intelligent creatures evolved into the dragon. A world where strong regimes and weak ones obey.

Kobayashi-San Chi No Maid Dragon

The story is about Toru forcing Kobayashi, who generally lives in an apartment, in order to live with her. Toru normally believes that people are stupid and low, but she owes Kobayashi for protecting her in the past. As a result, Toru is still trying best in her ability to assist Kobayashi in every way.

An interracial live comedy about a diligent office worker sharing a home with a dragon girl. A very loving manga where mc lives with a dragon girl.

Tensei Shitara Dragon No Tamago Datta

After our main character awoke in a very far mysterious forest. That forest area gives off the impression of a fantastical realm where big strange-looking animals roamed freely. Here mc obtains an ability and with that ability, he was able to gauge his opponent’s level as if he was in some kind of virtual reality game. Soon mc recollected his thoughts and started monster hunting and collecting titles to level up himself and in order to evolve into a better dragon!

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Now mc wanted to become the strongest in this fantasy world filled with strange monsters. Read to know more about this manga where mc has dragon powers.

Dragon Vessel

In the Kowloon continent where the warrior is revered as a high being, one’s “blood” determines success along with the power in his life, and it was a known fact that the strongest blood is dragon’s blood, this was written in a book which name goes by the same name, Zen Sword. Due to our main character Jiang Ting’s low blood grade, everyone even his relatives bullied him. However, with this small chance and the assistance of his ancestors, he worked very hard to train the blood, started learning advanced martial arts, and make a promise to kick the faces of anyone who looked down on him!

The Dragon Knight’s Beloved

Manga is about Melissa, a royal palace apprentice, who made her decision to work outside the walls of the castle during her sixteenth birthday. Then Melissa was able to work with her favorite dragons as well as Captain Hubbard of the grand Dragon Knights and his favorite dragons after Melissa was appointed as an official priest of the royal castle.
A well-known work that tells the romantic vision of a brave Knight and a dragon-lover. Read this manga where mc has dragon companions and is very loved by them.

Protected by Dragon Knight

Another isekai manhwa where mc Ichiru Futaba normal working Korean lady died one day strangely and gets reincarnated as a Priestess. As the title of the manhwa suggests Ichiru Futaba is protected by the dragon knight. The story focuses on the female lead more than the dragon knight however through the story our priestess uses her divine power to protect those who are in need while our Knight serves her. An amazing romance manhwa with mc is with dragon power holder.

Dragon Ego

If by any chance you enjoy reading revenge stories then this manga where mc is a dragon, this story focuses on Ignis whose family was killed by some guild in order to get money and fame. However, due to his sibling’s death, Ignis only wants one thing which is revenge.

An interesting action fantasy manga worth reading if you enjoy a typical revenge-seeking protagonist the dragon of destruction. So try out this manga where mc has dragon powers because mc is a dragon.

Goodbye, Dragon Life

This manga is based on the story of the former ancient dragon whose power rivaled the gods however he was killed by the hero of humans. Moreover, our main character thought that this marks the end of his life by going into eternal slumber. But he got reincarnated as a human whose name was Dran now our mc started living a normal life as a villager enjoying things he never had in his previous life as a dragon.


We hope that with this post you will be able to get some amazing recommendations on manga where mc has dragon powers or manga where mc has a dragon pet or dragon companions. We would appreciate if you will share our post with your friend who loves reading manga, manhwa, or manhua with interesting plots. If you want to connect with us then do click on the link provided below.

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