Best Manga where mc becomes Rich (2023)

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manga where mc becomes rich

This article is for Manga/Manhwa fans who are looking for a new story with a main character who flexes his money or manga where mc becomes rich. Reading manga or manhwa with a main character who makes tons of money and then flexes his money is really cool and exciting. Since rich characters have different vibes so make sure you read this type of plot. We have also suggested some latest Korean webtoons where mc is secretly rich for readers.

Also, some of the manhwa mentioned below contain a plot in which the main character is wealthy but hides it, so keep reading our article. Visit our website Animeindie if you enjoy reading manhwas and mangas of all genres.

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Manga where mc becomes Rich

Check out this awesome list of manhwa/manga where mc makes money or manga where mc becomes rich. Try reading them out once if you haven’t read any manga/manhwa mentioned below.

Super Rich

This is a school life-based action manhwa where mc makes money for fans. The story is based on Daeho Han and Jihoo Han, one of them was the best fighter and the other one was a born genius. They secretly concealed their identity and did many big things to anyhow join the super-rich class.

This manhwa art style and characters are amazing but what makes it fierier is its story manipulation and twists.

Born To Be Rich

This manhwa is based on the story of mc who was abused by his stepbrother but everything was over once he and his sister gets killed. After this, some plot twist happens and our mc came back in time and now he will take revenge and will change the fate of his family by using all the money.

Lord of Money

manga where mc becomes rich

A total badass ongoing action manhwa where mc has too much money. The story is about the third son of the wealthiest company Cheon Joong Myung who gets killed by his own assistant Seong Chang Ook he somehow almost covered it up as an accident but something out of the world happened. Seong Chang Ook along with his boss had an accident and then he find himself in each other’s body.

Now, he become a conglomerate, read to know what will happen next. An amazing manhwa where mc is very rich and shows the power of money.

Rich Player

A manhwa based on the story of an ultimately rich player who loves to spend his money to solve any kind of problem. Since our main character’s hobby is acting pretentious he loves to spend his money to buy the most extravagant gaming equipment and armor. Check this manhwa where mc is very rich and loves to spend his money.

Global Martial Arts

Global Martial Arts

A martial arts manhwa where tournaments are held to determine the current strongest fighter. Our mc Song Kang, a talented martial artist who wanted to win that tournament trains very hard and somehow attracted the attention of Choi Tae Won who became our main character’s sponsor. Kang faced multiple obstacles but never give up and made multiple friends on his journey. Read this manhwa where mc changed his life and become badass.

Reverse Villain

This is a well-known action-fantasy manhwa that centers on the life of Jung Woo, a badass main character who once excelled as a martial artist. He is reborn in a world where magic and martial arts are practiced. Now, Jung Woo wanted to attain his former life power and authority. In this manhwa, mc has the money and power to do anything. Overall, this manhwa is pretty fast-paced along with badass action scenes, an intricate plot, and well-developed characters.

Medical Return

medical return

This manhwa is an amazing science fiction manhwa where our main character who was not a successful surgeon somehow returns to the past. Now our main character is back to his school life with all his previous memories and started working to change his bad fate. This time he used all his past and present knowledge to excel in the medical field and discovered new medicines. Moreover, the best part is that while he was trying to reach his ultimate goal he made tons of money and became filthy rich.

Trapped in a Web Novel As A Good For Nothing

Trapped in a Web Novel As A Good For Nothing

This manhwa is based on the transmigration of MC into a Web Novel he once read during his free time. Now, he has to survive in a fantasy world with dungeons. The most thrilling part is that our mc is a villain who only has money and a power-seeking family. Since our main character is aware of the story plot his main objective is to survive anyhow using his money. During his Survival process, he groomed many talented people to face any challenges that can come anytime.
Moreover, the overall character development of the main character makes this manhwa where mc is rich worth reading.

Tomb Raider King

Tomb raider king

The whole world witnessed the appearance of God’s Tombs with relics everywhere. After anyone looted those tombs successfully they obtained relics with legendary power. This manhwa is based on the story of a Tomb Raider who gets another chance in his life as he returned to the past before all the God Tombs started to appear.
He changed his life by using this opportunity and previous life knowledge to become rich and powerful. Overall, the action and art style of this manhwa where mc becomes rich is cool so do give it a try.

The World is Money and Power

the world is money and power

A popular action thriller manhwa is based on a cruel world controlled by money and power. The main character Jae Hyuk wanted to live frugally even though he was born into a wealthy family. But everything changed with an accident in which his father got killed and he had no other choice except to take over his family business. This embarks his new life in a ruthless world ruled by power and money.

Jae Hyuk has everything but still running a business is a very difficult and intense job, so read his journey to know what he did and how he managed to take revenge and justice. An intense and suspenseful Korean webtoon where the mc has money which totally makes it worth reading.


This concludes our article on manhwa/manga where mc becomes rich/ manhwa where mc is secretly rich. We have provided you with some best ongoing manga where mc makes money/ Korean webtoons where mc is secretly rich. Since the rich main character seems more fierce and different than normal powerful characters.

We hope that our article helped our manhwa/manga fans to find their next favorite manhwa/manga where mc makes money to read.

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