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10+ Best Manhwa Where Mc Gets Cheated On And Gets Revenge

Manhwa Where Mc Gets Cheated On And Gets Revenge

Manhwa lovers check our latest article on manhwa where mc gets cheated on and gets revenge. Fans will love this latest ongoing cheating manhwa recommendations provided by our team Animeindie. So make sure to enjoy reading this article and get some amazing manhwa to read for yourself.

Manhwa Where Mc Gets Cheated On And Gets Revenge list

Geeks enjoy our article filled with best manhwa/ manga where mc gets cheated on and gets revenge list.


A latest manhwa where Sigrid an honourable knight of Empire working directly under the Emperor was charged of treason. Sigrid served the emperor as her master and did everything ordered by him without questioning him. People started calling her a loyal dog of emperor but she didn’t cared for about such thing and devoted her life. But king did something shady and put all his blame on her.

After her neck was sliced in front of everyone she came back in time 5 years when she was still a knight who didn’t became master class and was working under second knight order. Sigrid decided that in this life she will live differently and will not die a cruel death. Amazing ongoing manhwa where mc gets cheated on and gets revenge.

The Villainess Lives Twice

Artizea daughter of imperial concubine was very bright and intelligent. She did everything for her mother and brother’s love and affection. To make her brother the emperor she plotted many evil scheme and killed anyone who was against but what she get in the end was betrayal.

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After accusing her for crimes that she did for her brother she was sentenced death but Duke Cedric came to her asking for her help to change everything. Duke begged to her even after knowing that she was the one who plotted everything but all he wanted was citizen’s happiness. So guess what she get another chance to change her past and get revenge. An amazing cheating manhwa where mc takes revenge after betrayal.

The Villainess Reverses The Hourglass

Aria was daughter of a low class commoner become noble after her mother married Count by seducing him. She thought that her life would be good now but her step sister did everything to make her feel low and accused her for things that she didn’t do. After some time her step sister poisoned her mother and through many evil plots proved that aria is also a villainess that deserve death.

She gets executed by her own family but because of a strange power she came back to past when she was a child. In her second life she decided that she will take revenge on her family that killed her mother and executed her by falsely accusing her. We recommend fans to try this amazing manhwa where mc gets cheated on and gets revenge in the end.

I Don’t Want To Be Loved

Rehannan Alessin whose mother died one day and just after that her father brings an illegitimate daughter. She tried loving both of them but they used her and after she got married to the prince she died by the lot of previous queen and her step sister whom she loved and treated nicely.

Moreover, she only wished to get a chance to change her miserable death and strangely she came back to past. Read to know what major steps she took to change her fate and while crushing her enemies like family.

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Don’t Trust The Heroine

After getting reincarnated into a novel novel as a villain supporter but she decided to change everything by supporting heroine and make her life good. But she came to know that villain was nothing compared to heroine because she falsely accused her for treason that she didn’t even committed.

After she died by making foolish decision by supporting heroine somehow she didn’t died and obtained another chance in past. So she decided to support villain and change her fate by doing unexpected things in her second life.

While I’m Back In Time I’ll Get My Revenge

The female lead Arnell Radfell died in her first life because her loved once used her as a sacrifice for demon to gain power and wealth. Arnell an innocent saint died while trusting her family and her lover but she was betrayed and used.

After living in hell with demon queen she was given a chance to get her revenge on everyone that used and throwed her as a trash. She possessed a body of noble lady with power of dark that in very strong and cruel. Read how she will take revenge on everyone.

Revenge Of A fierce Princess

An amazing ongoing fantasy manhwa with strong fl and side characters. Our fl was very strong and powerful but her martial arts were used by her lover and when her use was over he betrayed her. After wrongly dying she regretted her choice the most and just wished that if she can get a chance to turn it over. She will give him a cruel death and get her revenge on him so that he will never use anybody.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

Yeon Woo who tried to find his twin younger brother lastly found a strange diary of his brother and managed to know what happened to his small brother. Yeon woo found out that he was betrayed by his onw comrade and was killed badly. Yeon woo after knowing the existence of tower where his younger brother died decided to go there in order to get revenge on those who killed his younger brother.

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This manhwa is based on player who entered into tower and grows his skills exponentially in order to get his revenge.

Not Knowing The Betrayal Of That Day

Tessa a kind women was betrayed by her trusted old friend and gets sold to an old man. She became wife of noble and was treated very poorly. After countless insults and suffering she somehow survived for 7 years their but she finally passed away due to continuous assaults. After dying very cruel death she cried and regretted her choice.

Suddenly she hear a voice that made her shock and that voice was of her friend who sold her. Means she was not dead instead she came back in time after dying by hands of that noble.

Villain To Kill

Cassian a great hero who killed countless villains and was a proud hero was framed by his co workers as a criminal who killed his own comrade during battle. However, he was not the one who killed his friends but still get killed lastly during battle between heroes. Cassian thought everything is gone but she found himself in a body of a child.

Moreover, a hero who died now became a child villain that possesses power that is very dangerous and catastrophic. Cassian decided that he will expose them and use this chance to help humanity. A great manhwa based on super natural powers and amazing fights so do read this Villain to kill manhwa cheating.


All these recommendations provided on manhwa where mc gets cheated on and gets revenge is ongoing and are loved by fans these day. We hope you will enjoy these cheating manhwa and will also comment your favourite manhwa cheating title. Visit Our site Animeindie to get more manhwa related contents on a regular basis.

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