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10+ Manga where MC can travel between worlds

How cool would be Travelling between world as per our will! right today we have some amazing recommendations of Manga where MC can travel between worlds. Teleportation and multiverse have been always famous and fascinating concepts in fiction world. Manhwa/Manga also have a genre about this and we have brought some of the best those in here today.

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List of some Manga where MC can travel between worlds

There is also a genre of Manhwa where MC returns to the past rather than to a different world but this can an interesting read to so we will also provides some recommendations on this genre to apart from Manga where mc can travel between worlds. So let’s begin!

Black Summoner

Manga where mc can travel between worlds

This is one of the famous Action fantasy Manga which also has a successful anime adaption. The protagonist Kelvin has transmigrated into a different world but has no memories of his past life. He feels fresh in here and discovers some Supernatural abilities in him. Here in this world he is a summoner and has a follower who is none other than the goddess who brought her in here. Kelvin is pretty excited about the adventures that are going to unfold in this new world. He realizes the zeal for battle in him and goes on an epic journey of fighting the strongest of the opponents and being OP!.

The artwork and the line work is amazing in this manhwa. The colorful tone goes well along with the story and the clean art increases the reading experience.

The Road of Karma

It is a whole story where The MC is suffering from a fatal disease who transfers to another world where He can finally cure his disease.

The Main character Inhan Kang suffers from Cancer which is about to end his life. He tries everything to cure himself but fails miserably Everytime. One as he is lying near a pond and is about to die suddenly as he falls into the lake he discovers himself in a new world which is full of magic. In here he discovers a substance called Mana which has amazing healing properties and can cure his cancer. Now in order to cultivate more Mana he prepares himself as a warrior and goes on an adventure to recreate his life, The artwork seems fantastic and clean and it’s a good recommendation.

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Doctor’s Rebirth

This is one of the unique Manwa where the MC migrates into one of his Favorite Murim novel and goes on an adventure to become disciple of the greatest.

The protagonist is a medical professional who was sent on a medical mission in abroad but sadly he gets caught up in the civil war going on there and dies while at the hands of rebel while saving one of his patients. But to his surprise he wakes up in another world as a child but with his medical knowledge intact. Just after he is teleported in to this new world he finds some people in danger of dying from an accident, he tries to save some of them he saves a life of a boy who turns out to be the demon king of that world an later on enquiring this new place he discovers that it is the same place as in his favorite novel. He works upon things and becomes the Disciple of one of the greatest doctors in this world. The Artwork is fine and it can be a unique recommendation story wise.


the story is led by a female protagonist and is fairly unique one as it is not just another romance tale. The plot is realistic and the protagonist is facing some real life career crisis as most of the teens around the world face today. The main character is not OP or a very solid built character but she is just another human being who is a bit naive and loves to fantasize about being a interworld traveler.

Garam is having her 25th birthday but no one remembers it even her parents have forgotten about it. She is is her mid 20s crises where she still doesn’t have a full time job and is badly confused about her life decisions. she dreams about teleporting to a new world and to her surprise at midnight a mysterious window opens up and she steps in to discover herself into a new world where she is a pathfinder! or in other sense one who can travel different worlds. But now she is displaced and everything from her past life is gone, she must find a way to reconnect back to the original world. The artwork is brilliant and the character development in the story makes it interesting.

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This is kind of a cultivation manhwa where mc gets stronger by fighting with different foes in order to be the Apex. The artwork is cool and the character development is also done in a good way.

Kim shu hyun was a former military man who is suddenly teleported to a game like universe where he has to live in hell like conditions for 10 years. he survives 10 years and becomes the apex warrior who has access to the code zero now through which he can travel back in 10 years in this universe and live the life he wanted to live without any tragedy and remorse.

The Live

The plot is about a broken young man who is willing to do anything to get back his losses.

Yoonjae the protagonist has fallen into despair and depression after his wife and daughter are killed brutally. As he is reading his journey one day he finds a secret revelation labelled as “you can see them again” as he tries to figure it out he is suddenly transported into another universe where he has to compete with different lethal players in a death tournament. If he Successfully survives this tournament he can be granted any wish and in desperation to see his wife and daughter again Yoonjae competes with his full strength. Will he succeed in his motive? Read this amazing manga to find out.

Return to the Player

This is an Action fantasy manhwa where he MC returns back in time and tries to defy the course of events which leads him to take fight to the gods.

The plot is set in an apocalyptic world where The gods have turned every human into a player of a game where they have to fight and defeat monsters or die fighting. Sehan Kim knows the plan of the gods as he knows this game. everyone dies in the end of the war and only sehan kim is left to live. He waits for his chance to go back into time and strategies against gods to change to course of events thereby changing the history of the world.

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The art style is pretty good and unique in this manhwa. The illustrations are done in a neat way and enhances the reading experience

How to live as a villain

This manhwa has a Manipulative MC who is super powerful and the plot is a mix of different genres. The MC gives of villain vibes but is not the villain although he is a self obsessed and a opportunistic guy. The artwork is decent and different shades of color are used very clearly.

The story revolves around a guy named Seonghoon who is transmigrarted into another world where he has to prove himself as the God’s next successor. Here in this ruthless world without any superpower or talent he has to really on his wicked tricks and clever manipulation techniques to rise above all and become the best.

I am the fated villain

This is another Transmigration manhwa where the MC is teleported into different world as a villain. The plot gets interesting as the story unfolds further.

A transmigrator migrates into a martial arts world where he identifies himself as Gu Changge the Villain in this world. Now his sole motive is to change his destiny as a villain and for this he tries hard to harvest the luck from ” The Son of Fate” who is his arch nemesis. The art work is done very carefully and the details are vividly depicted which makes it a solid read.

Off to an Invincible Start

The Manhwa has a great plot with a unique and fresh concept. This can also be categorized as a cultivation manhwa where the MC gets teleported into a cultivation world.

Chen changan a nerdy and geeky guy is suddenly transmigrated into a different world where he has an invincible shield as long as he stays in a field. He decides not leave the field and fights countless monsters and becomes strong and also tries to be immortal, While he does these things he also shelters some adorable disciples. The art work is fantastic and the character development is done with proper detailing.

Final words

we hope that you like the recommendations of Manga where mc can travel between worlds or transmigration manhwa. we have worked hard and read tons of different content to bring out some of the best recommendations to you. If you like the article above do not forget to check out our website Animeindie.

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