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Best 16+ Manhwa/Manga like Eleceed !! 2023

Fans who have read Eleceed loves to read manga like eleceed. Eleceed is an awesome action comedy manhwa that is written by famous manhwa author Son Jae Ho who created Noblesse one of the best action manhwa with badass characters along with amazing story line up. So in this article Our team Animeindie recommended Manhwa/Manga like Eleceed to fans who are die hard fan of Elceed webtoon.

So below are the list of webtoons like eleceed that every manhwa readers would love to try at least once. So enjoy reading reading your favorite manhwa recommended below by our team Animeindie.

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Manhwa/Manga like Eleceed

Below are some amazing manga like eleceed provided by our team Animeindie. All the manhwa/manga like eleceed are amazing and have high ratings so every reader must read if you haven’t tried any of the following manhwa.

The Rebirth of An 8th Class Wizard

This manhwa is based on the story of Morris who was a legendary 8th class wizard. He helped his friend in unifying the empire and become one the founding members. But Henry Morris was framed as a traitor who led rebellion against the empire to kill the king.

Henry was finally executed but some tragic incident occurred and henry wakes up in the body of young son of the baron family whose name was also Henry. Now what will henry do to those who betrayed him and plotted things behind his back read this amazing mangas like eleceed to know more.

In The Bleak Midwinter

This is an amazing science fiction manhwa where Anya tries to survive in apocalyptic world after waking up. After he sister died and her soulmate also died she couldn’t understand what to do with her life. Anya decided to kill herself by taking cryogenic.

But yup life sure is strange instead of dying now anya is stuck in a land full of killers and their she tries to survive. Totally a new story plot for manhwa readers so do give this webtoons like eleceed a shot.

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Sword Fanatic Wanders Through The Night

This manhwa is based on the story of Jin sohan who was kidnapped by the Four Great Demons, the Venom Demon since he had special body and was child he was treated as a lad rat and survived their for a long time and finally gets acknowledged by the Great Demons and became his disciple.

While he was kidnapped the Mystic Lunar Dance Troupe with whom Sohan lived gets destroyed and some members killed. Sohan who was looking for the survivors of the dance troupe that treated him very kindly when he was a kid. He decided to kill everyone who are related to the dance troupe destruction.

Leveling with Gods

Kim Yuwon who was faster stronger than anyone worked with the greatest and strongest people to defeat the disaster but everyone lost in the end. The difference between their powers were very great that they fell into despair.

But Yuwon’s comrade trusted him and provided him an opportunity that can change the future. Yuwon returned to past when things were normal and then he started his journey again in the tower to protect the tower from an ancient devil.

The Tutorial Tower’s Advanced Player

This manhwa is amazing with an overpowered main character who was trapped inside the tutorial tower for over 12 year. Their he did everything to survive all those years just to get back home. Many players comes in the tower and then gets back to the earth but he was the only one to be struck there.

But after helping someone during their trials he fortunately gets back to earth and gets to know that he was just too much strong and can be considered a mortal god.

Volcanic Age

Joo Seo Cheon was a survivor of the age of war who became an elder of Hwasan Fraction. He wasn’t able to achieve great things in his life and was very regretful in his last days of life.

As he was waiting to die he fortunately returned to past when things only started. The great war was about to start and so he decided to change the outcome of the great war.

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Weak hero

Weak always have a hard time wherever they go. In this manhwa thugs always tormented weak and bullies them in class. Everything was normal until gray appeared in class he never back down and always retaliate against this injustice actions.

Moreover, his size was small but was merciless, he single handedly changed environment in the school and for his classmates he became hero.

Second Life Ranker

Manga like Eleceed

Yeon woo who lost his younger brother searched every place for him but only get his belongings. Yeon woo found his younger brother journal and after reading it he found out that his brother is dead. Yeon woo gets to know about the existence of Tower.

Moreover, he found out that his younger brother comrades betrayed him for power and killed him. Yeon woo decided to enter in the tower after reading his brother’s journal and wanted revenge for his younger brother who died helplessly by the hands of those whom he trusted the most.

White Blood

This manhwa is based on vampires that destroyed and wrecked havoc to peoples life. The main protagonist of this manhwa Hayan wanted to live a normal life far from all ruthlessness and hid her dark past. But after things turned out she gets some support of police force and decided to take revenge.

Hayan wanted to protect her loved ones and to crush those vicious hunters who are getting in her way.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

manhwa like eleceed

Lucid adventure a virtual reality game that was very popular that time Ethan worked his ass of and became the strongest player. But strangely ethan while doing a raid gets killed by a Strange player and becomes a level 1 player again.

Everything was getting in his way of reaching the top. Ethan who was once the strongest became level 1 player now ethan decided that he will reach at the top and will destroy that mysterious killer who killed him secretly.

The Beginning After The End

This manhwa is amazing manhwa like eleceed because this manhwa contains both romance and action in the fantasy world. The story is based on King Grey who gets killed while he was sleeping and gets reincarnated as a baby into magic fantasy world.

He gets reincarnated as Arthur Lewyin and started his journey in the new world with his previous knowledge as a king. He soon became strong and started using mana that was necessary in this new world. Read this manhwa to enjoy a badass story line up because this webtoons like eleceed.

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Solo Leveling

The human world changed a lot after appearance of mysterious portals. Thousands of monsters came out of that dungeon and destroyed day to day lives of people. Humanity would have gone extinct if Hunters wouldn’t appear. They saved everyone and with their power. Soon society gets divided into hierarchy of power and powerful hunters started to rule the world.

Jin woo who was the weakest of all the F rank hunter did all sorts of thing to survive in this tragic world. But almost died during a sudden dungeon break and gets mysterious power to level up. Now he can grow stronger everyday. Read this best action manhwa and can be considered as interesting as mangas like eleceed.

Legend of The Northern Blade

When Darkness destroyed and almost swallowed the world martial artist gathered from everywhere. They formed a Northern Heavenly Sect that fought against silent nights and created peace and protected everyone as a wall for years.

Jin Kwan Ho who was the current sect leader of Northern Heavenly sect gets betrayed by his own people and was declared as a traitor who conspires with the silent nights that threatens the peace of world. Jin mu won who was his son witnessed the vicious scene where his father was killed and his sect was destroyed by everyone and couldn’t do anything. Read this unique and amazing martial arts manhwa like eleceed.


An amazing ongoing manhwa like eleceed the story starts when Chaeah who suddenly saw one of her friend from church Park Yoonsoo. Yoonsoo was with a girl and passing the street but something very vicious happened there and she witnessed that secene. Her whole life gets changed after that she gets involved in burying murder’s evidence and her day to fay life gets changed.

Read this awesome webtoon like eleceed that contains mystery, romance and fantasy.

These are all some awesome manhwas like eleceed for manhwa lover. we recommend some best articles for manhwa fans like you:






We hope that the all the best manhwa like eleceed, manga like eleceed mentioned above helped our readers and provided you enough information on webtoon like eleceed. Do enjoy reading this article and also comment and share this article with your manhwa like eleceed lover fans.

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