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20+ Best Manhwa Where Mc Is Bullied And Gets Strong

This world is a place where strong and rich can do everything and weak gets trashed. Fans who loves reading manhwa where mc is bullied and gets strong then this article will provide you with some top and interesting manhwa where the mc is bullied and then gets strong.

Here in this article our team Animeindie have provided some best recommendations on manhwa where mc is bullied and gets stronger.

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Manhwa Where Mc Is Bullied And Gets Stronger List

Below are some high rated manhwa bullied mc who gets trashed and then changes his life after vicious bullying. These bully manhwa is worth readers time so give this amazing manga where mc gets bullied a shot.

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To Not Die

Manhwa Where Mc Is Bullied And Gets Strong

This bully manhwa is based on story on Yim Dajun who was bullied a lot in his high school every single day. One day while he was thinking of committing suicide he saw an interview of a murderer confessing his story if how he became one. He explained everything on live TV that he was continuously bullied by his classmates and no one helped him.

His words motivated Dajun to not kill himself instead take revenge on his vicious classmates. However, things didn’t go the way Dajun wanted it to and he was kicked out of school. Dajun’s family didn’t supported him and also made him leave his house. Then he started leaving with some runway fam and from their his real hardship begins. This manhwa bullied mc became stronger with each episode and overall this bully manhwa is totally worth your time so give this manhwa where the mc is bullied a try.

Nano Machine

Cheon Yeo Woon whose life was miserable in the demonic cult despite being the son of cult leader. Cheon’s mother was assassinated by the great families who were after power. They wanted to drive him into corner so that he cannot take part into the crowning ceremony. One day he was attacked by some black clothes wearing assassination squads but miraculously one of his future descendant came and saved him and also inserted a nano machine inside cheon’s body.

This future machine helped him in the power struggle and Cheon’s finally joined academy where he can learn as a prince and got many opportunity to strengthen himself. He finally started taking revenge from all those who killed his mother and made his life living hell. Try this manhwa where mc gets bullied and gets stronger. After all the manhwa where the mc is bullied and slowly became stronger excites the reader with bullying fetish try it.


This is an amazing high school bully manhwa where gangs prey on weak high schoolers and make their life living hell. Yashin who was a normal high schooler always pretended he didn’t see any bullying that happened with his classmates. But one day one of his classmate committed suicide because of this regular torcher.

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Everyone forget him like he didn’t even existed but that incident left a deep impression on Yashin. He then decided that he no longer will let such things happen to anyone but he never knew that he himself will become their next target. Yashin got a master and started changing his weak self so that he can save weak and punish those who targets weak. This in an amazing manhwa where mc is bullied and gets stronger with bullying fetish.

How to Fight

How to fight manhwa is one the best bully manhwa with character development manhwa where manhwa bullied mc was weak as trash at first but he worked his ass off to get stronger not immediately but consistently. This manhwa is based on the story of Yoo Hobin who was always ignored and bullied by his classmates in school. But one incident unknowingly made him simple life turn 180 degree.

He became viral because of a video and earned a lot of money and started making videos professionally. He then introduced a new concept in his videos that made him popular and gained many fans. Hobin started learning martial arts by watching online videos and get stronger. Check out this amazing manga where mc gets bullied and then becomes total badass and bullying fetish.

This World is Money and Power

This is an interesting bully manhwa with power struggler in high school. The mc Dan geon a talanted and genius boy of the school challenged Chaebol members in the general high school. The students started getting themselves into brain fights . A total interesting and new plot based on high school power struggle that is worth your time.

Moreover, mc is handsome with brains and art style is also top notch. Read this manhwa to know more about this bully manhwa.


Lookism is one of the most amazing and top trending ongoing manhwa nowadays. This manhwa is based on story of Park Hunsung who was small and ugly. Hunsung was prey of all his classmates because of his looks and poor background. He was badly bullied on a regular basis but one day while he wakes up. He found himself in another body that was sexy and most athletic body.

Moreover, His horrible school days transformed into a pleasant regular day. Everyone treated him with kindness and love this strange turn of attitude made him realize the fact that power and looks are most important things. Things took a strange turn as you keep reading this amazing manhwa where the mc is bullied and gets stronger. So try this gem if you haven’t read Lookism manhwa yet.

Weak Hero

Every bullies target weak who have no support and torments their daily life in school. Same was happening in the school that was run by people who loves to target and bully weakest student of the class. Everything changed when a new student join this school and threaten everyone who plays this shitty game with weak. Gray was small and very calculative, his brutal and merciless style of fighting left a deep impression on bullies of the school.

Moreover, he unknowingly became the hero of his classmates who saved everyone and fought with school strongest bullies and changed everything. Read this bully revenge manhwa to know what happened to gray. Did gray succeeded in crushing every bullies or not.

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Reality Quest

A school bully threaten Ha Do wan to play him game to get an item but Do wan died while playing too much game and pressure. He was shuttle of school bully who made him do all his chores. But the strangely when he died he traveled to past one week before he died.

Moreover, everything was little different and he also obtained skills. Some unknown bully game started where it feels like he was playing game in real life while having cheat skills and many more. Read this manhwa where the mc is bullied.

Guard Pass

A normal student Lim Sejun who loves eating and was very fat with large physique. He was always teased by his classmates but he never cared for those sarcasms. His only friend Seo Hajin who was very good in jiujitsu since childhood to protect sejun. But one incident between classmates caused a targic accident to Hajin.

Hajin was brutally attacked by group of mans and was hospitalized. Sejun tried contacting police to get those bastards behind bars but nothing happened. Lastly, he decided to learn jiujitsu to get revenge for his friend Hajin. An amazing revenge manhwa where the mc is bullied and gets stronger by learning martial arts.

The Breaker

After continuous and voilent bullying life, Ha Jae tried to jump from rooftop but a senior pushes him and he found himself in Nurse’s office in the school. His retaliation against bullying ended with oone sided beating. However, Siwoo started looking for Ha Jae and trained him to fight against those thugs who made his life misreable.

But things turned into something different when a person from murim world came because they were just too strong and different from normal peoples.

King Game

An amazing suspense and thriller manhwa where mc get an overpowered authority. The stroy is about Hwang Chomin who gets bitten and was bullied in his school since childhood. He informed his big brother about everything but he said become strong since he was also a diliquent. One day while he was returning from school he get a call from police. After geting there he found out that his big brother died in an accident.

Moreover, while checking his phone he gets to know that his brother was the leader of notorius diliquent gang. Then decides to use this as an opportunity to get back to those who bullied him and destroy gangs in his school.

Get Schooled

An amazing action-school life manhwa based on teaching technique of teacher Hwajin Na. Hwajin a very voilent and strong person works for ministry of education. Since bullies these days are not afraid of normal punishment and did whatever they wanted. He was selected for schooling these thugs like students.

However, Hwajin’s method is also very much like those diliquents. So read this manhwa to check out did he succeeded in educating those vicious thugs like students with his voilent and nasty teaching methods.


The mc in this manhwa was badly bullied and falls from the terrace. He was unconscious in hospital for six whole months and wakes up. One of his childhood friend wanted to help him by transferring himself into his school. His friend was good in martial arts and was also going to become champion soon gets murdered by those vicious bullies of the school.

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But by surprise mc travels back a get 30 days opportunity to save his friend from dying. This manhwa is very interesting and unique for bully manhwa lover. Check this manga where mc gets bullied and becomes strong.

High school Devil

This manhwa is another high school bully manhwa with amazing and interesting story plot. Manhwa mc who was nicknamed as the high school devil changed multiples schools after his mother died to live a normal life but gang members never left him alone and followed him everywhere.

This manhwa art and character development is amazing. Moreover, side character are badass with power and skills. Try this manhwa if you haven’t read this bully manhwa yet.

The Boy of Death

Lee Kyung Ho whose life was miserable and filled with bullying and since he lost his mother who he loved very much, he was badly depressed. Hyung ho finally decided to kill himself but his strong will to kill himself gained Grim reaper Sierra’s attention. Sierra offered him a cintract that gave him power of the dead for an hour. He got that in return of his one year life span, he wants to fulfil his last wish to connect with his mother.

This highschool bully manhwa is amazing with badass fights and this manhwa where the mc is bullied and gets stronger is worth fans reading bullying fetish.

Study Group

Gamin Yoon who was in a school full of future bad peoples that loves bulying and have criminal mindset. The school was full of vicious students who prey on weak and made their daily life in school miserable. Gamin wanted to get good grades to make his mom happy and enter into university. Gamin formed a group of people who studies and named it study group.

Read this manhwa to know what happened to gamin, was he able to get good grades to join university or get himself into something very complicated. This manhwa where mc is strong but helps is op and make sure to read this ongoing bully revenge manhwa and highschool bully manhwa.


Kyung Min was mentally broken by regular bullying by his mates but one day out of the blue he receives an invitation to a strange chatting room named ‘Deathcord’. This chat room was unique and very dangerous because you can kill any members in reality through voting.

moreover, All the members were anonyms and everyone is interested to kill each other for their own reason. A particular chat participant becomes target and then every members of chat group starts this game until this murder game end with killing each other. An amazing highschool bully manhwa.

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All the bully revenge manhwa, highschool bully manhwa, bullying manga, manhwa where Mc is bullied and gets stronger recommended above our team Animeindie are high rated and most popular manhwa for readers or fans who loves reading manga where mc gets bullied. Check more amazing articles on our website and stay tuned for more amazing webtoons, anime etc updates.

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