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14+ Manga Where MC is a God Recommendations (Ranked)

manga where mc is a god

Hey Webtoons & Manga fans out there, we are back again with yet another Op Recommendation for You all. Being Reincarnated as Different Species, opposite gender is quite common in many Mangas out there. But what if MC gets reincarnated as a God? Wouldn’t be too Op to read… Do you want to read some Manga where mc is a god or Manga where mc is reincarnated as a god? If yes, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we are going to share 14+ Manga Recommendations where MC is God or gets reincarnated as god with all of you. 

We shared some recommendations before like Manga Where MC Reincarnated as a Different Species, where MC Is the Only Man in the world, Reincarnated as Child, Enemies to love Bl recommendations, and many more. All these recommendation lists received good responses from the users that’s why we decided to start a series of Manga Recommendations, Manhwa & Anime Recommendations on our Website. That is why today we are adding one more Manga Recommendation list to our series.

Best 14+ Manga Where MC is a God

All the Mangas given below in the list are Ranked, we shared the best Manga with this storyline at No. 1. So keep reading the article till the end to know about the best Manga (According To Our Team) where the main character is an Op God.

8. Oh My Goddess

oh my goddess

Imagine a world where the wishes of humans are granted by the Goddess Hotline Helpline Number. Just call & tell whatever you wish, and your wish is granted. This Isekai world comes true in Manga Oh My Goddess where a boy named Keiichi Morisato call on the Goddess Hotline Number & his call was received by Goddess Belldandy. 

He jokingly told her that he wants her to stay with him. To his surprise, his wish was granted & Goddess Belldandy comes on earth to live with him. He was kicked out of his All boy hostel because a Beautiful Gorgeous woman was living with him. They take shelter in a Monastery after this. This is where their Awkward Romance started.

What Will Happen After This? Read Oh My Goddess Manga to Know more.

7. Ueki no Housoku

Ueki no Housoku

The story revolves around a tournament where 100 God candidates fight with each other to win the most wanted prize in the Celestial world. The winner of This 100 Man tournament will become the King of the Heavenly World. Being the Ruler of the Celestial world is no less than being a God. 

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There is one twist though these Candidates can not fight themselves in this Godly tournament. They have to choose a Middle School student from earth who will fight for them in the tournament. They transfer their entire powers to that student & train them to fight for them. Students who will win the tournament for their master will be awarded a blank talent which can be anything. The God Candidate who will emerge victorious in this tournament will become the King Of the heavenly world. 

This Manga is very fast-paced so you will not get bored by the length. The transition in the story is quick & development of the characters is smooth too. One thing which pulls back this Manga with God MC is mediocre writing. So this Manga can be a Good reading for you if you are looking to Read some Mangas for a timepass.

6. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, Popularly known as Danmachi is at 7 Number in our list? It was first published as a light Japanese novel & later adapted as Manga as well as anime. The story starts with a City Of God Known as Orario which is home to many gods. In order to seek Adventure & Excitement these gods decided to live life like normal human beings. They limited their powers & divinity to start living in the city of Mortals called Familia.

In this city, they hire Normal Humans for their quest of killing monsters who live in the Dark dungeons of the City. This helps them to level up which further Excites them. This is a light weighted Manga with a normal storyline. Don’t expect any great character Development or Op mc as a god in this Manga.

We recommend this Manga to only those who are looking for some time to pass by reading Mangas in this genre.

5. Arion

arion manga where mc is a god

One day someone knocked on the door of Young arion who was living with his blind mother. The man introduced himself as his uncle but his mother was calling her Hades. He promised Arion that he knows a place where he can get a herb that can cure her mother’s eyes. Listening to this he agreed to go with him but mother knew that it was a must. He screams to Zeus that your brother is taking our little Arion.

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Hades takes Arion to the underworld where he was trained so much that he even fights with a god after this. He was pushed by Hades to fight in the war of Titan & he goes on a journey to Mount Olympus to settle scores with Zeus.

What happens after this in the story? Why was little Arion kidnapped by Zeus’s Brother? This is one of our favorite Isekai manga where mc becomes a god.

4. Saint Young Men

 Saint Young Men

Imagine Buddha & Jesus Christ living in an Apartment together in the modern world. If this sounds crazy to you then the next manga on our list is for you. The story revolves around Buddha, the founder of Buddhism & Jesus Founder of Christianity going on the Vacation together on Earth. They started living in an Apartment in Tokyo together as tourists. 

This is the Manga where Mc is overpowered as well as Mc is a god, that’s why we listed this Strange yet Marvelous Manga at number 4 in our list.

3. Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

 Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

God Of Mischief Loki has been Exiled to Earth for a Mistake. Loki MC of this manga was Turned into a Child on earth. The only way to go back to God’s world for him is to collect the souls of the Evil who were taking over the hearts of Humans. 

He starts an investigation agency to complete his mission to go back into the world he belongs to, “God World”. He was soon joined by Cute Girl who loves to go After mysteries, adventures, etc. Everything was going fine but suddenly Other gods started coming to earth with the sole Aim of Killing Loki.

This is the Manga Where the MC is Op God “The God Of Mischief Loki”. We strongly recommend this Manga to all those who want to read some mangas where the mc is Literally God.

2. Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss
Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss also known as “I became a God”, and “Debut as a Deity” is the Runner manga on our List. The story revolves around Nanami Momozono, a kind-hearted School Going girl. She keeps helping everyone around her despite the fact that her personal life is a mess. Her father is a gambler who has taken a ton of Loans in her name.

One day she was kicked out of the Apartment she was living in as she was unable to pay the debt. Nanami Momozono was sitting on a park bench when she saw a man on the tree who was hiding from the dogs chasing him. She helps him & in return, he tells her she can live in his home. To her shock, his home was a Shrine of God. Soon she was told that Mikage was the land god of that shrine. Now Mikage made Nanami the new goddess of the shrine. 

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What happens after this? Can Nanami handle the pressure of being a Goddess or she fails? Read Kamisama Kiss a Manga with Godly MC to know.

1. The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace

This Manga Where MC is a Real God is the favorite of our team from this Genre/List. The majority of our team members agreed to make this Site Number 1 on the list. The story starts 800 years back when the demons attacked earth to make humans their slaves. A new force of Fearless Warriors gods born Called Idaten who defeated the demons & make them flee from the earth.

Coming to present times demons & Evils are back again even stronger to rule over Humanity. But this time the Idaten who are facing them are young & inexperienced in Wars & Fighting Skills. Rin the Only Idaten who lived 800 years back started Training these new Young idatens in hope that they will defeat the demons.

This Manga where the mc & all the Side characters of Idaten army are God is the favorite of our team. We strongly recommend that you must read this Amazing Manga with Overpowered Mc at least Once.

How We Ranked Best Manga where mc is a god?

So the first question that will come into most Of Manga lovers’ minds after reading this article will be on what basis we ranked these Mangas. So after our team decided to make the Manga Recommendations list on this topic, they read many Mangas where MC Is God or Reincarnated as God. After reading they picked out the 14 best Mangas & ranked the Mangas on their degree of likeness in the list. 

Then we saw the Rankings, Reviews & Ratings of The manga that we picked on the internet. On the basis of Ratings, Reviews on different forums & Webtoon websites we ranked these Mangas on this list.


We hope that you liked our recommendations, all the Manga listed above were picked by Our team after reading Several Mangas with the same Genre. All the Mangas Where MC is a God listed above are available in many languages for you to read online. They are just one google search away. So what you are waiting for Go n read the best Manga where the MC is a god or Reincarnated as a god now. If you want a more Awesome List then follow our Recommendations series & Visit Animeindie daily to get the latest Updates of the Anime & Webtoons world. 

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