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12+ Best Manhua, Manhwa, Manga with Manipulative Mc

Fans who are looking for Manhua, Manhwa, Manga with Manipulative Mc where the main character is the villian manhwa so this article is boon for you. Read this manhwa to get amazing manhwa with manipulative mc / manga with manipulative mc recommendations.

Moreover, we have also provided with some amazing list of the main character is the villain webtoon for fans who loves to read this genre of webtoons. So make sure you read this article to get amazing recommendations.

Best Manhua, Manhwa, Manga with Manipulative Mc

Read this hero villian manhwa to enjoy manga/ manhwa with manipulative mc. We would suggest you some more articles similar to this one. So try reading those articles if you love reading manhwa with typical and unique plots.

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I am the fated Villain

The manhwa with manipulative mc Gu Zhangge who gets transmigrated into a martial arts world named Xuanhuan World. Moreover, Gu Zhangge became the main character is the villain manhwa after getting transmigrated into the new world. Since the manga with manipulative mc knows how to survive as a villain. He used everyone as a stepping stone to became stronger doesn’t matter whoever they are.

Since he was of high status he used small things as a leverage to manipulate everyone and drain fortune points from the fated main character or the female character. Gu Zhangge obtained a system that helps him to get more stronger after completion of tasks. The main character is the villain manhwa is really worth fans looking for and also read this manga with manipulative mc.

I Grow Stronger By Eating!

This manhwa with manipulative mc named Known Mr. Kim who runs a pet shop. He was born unique and was different from others but a strange incident happened, Kim gets transmigrated into a world full of magical creatures. He had ability to use power of those he ate and became strong. The main character is the villain webtoon really is badass and merciless.

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He used his ability to get skills of trolls, ogre and many more different creatures and became more stronger than he previously was. In this new world full of opportunity with his immense power what will he do and how will he live. Read this manhwa with manipulative mc to know more about what happened with Mr. Kim.

Regressor Instruction Manual

After suddenly getting summoned into a dangerous world full of monsters. People get powers based on their physique, intelligence and many more. The main character was the weakest and obtained useless skill in order to survive in such cruel world he walked a path of wickedness. The manhwa where mc becomes evil and manipulative that uses people to get out of danger and survive.

The main character is the villain webtoon is of fiery personality and takes advantage of weakness and bonds. Read this manhwa with evil op mc named Regressor Instruction Manual to enjoy your time if you love cunning and manipulative mc.

The Greatest Estate Developer

This manhwa with manipulative mc sometimes seems pure evil but this manhwa plot sure is awesome to read. The story is based on Suho Kim who gets transmigrated into a fantasy novel as a useless and stupid character named Llyod Frontera son of baron Frontera. He was laziest and his family was in great amount of debt. Since, suho became Llyod he wanted to live a peaceful and extravagant life without any obstacles.

Moreover, he had knowledge of civil engineering and started using those knowledge to get his family out of debt and made many different thing. Sometimes the main character is the villain webtoon seems very notorious and bad but he still loves and cared for his family and people.

How to Live As a Villain

After Sunghoon who one day became player and was thrown into another world where all that matters is how you survive and become strong. Since, Sunghoon was weak he used his manipulative skills to get out of danger and also used people. He choose the path of villain instead of hero. He was well aware of his strength and talent so he made decision to choose wicked path and then the main character is the villain manhwa.

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Read this amazing hero villain manhwa with manipulative mc to know how did sunghoon survived after becoming villain and gets chosen as the successor of the god. The manga where mc becomes evil.

My Insanely Competent Underling

Manga with Manipulative Mc

The game where anyone can die easily in depth of abyss, everyone failed to clear the labyrinth and died without being able to retreat. All those with absolute powers and the generation of hero failed. Heyeon’s who a normal player who started playing this game with his insanely strong underling.

He made party with the main character is the villain manhwa is pretty bad natured and kills everyone at order. His underling is too strong for him to control and use. After getting another subordinate whose as strong as his party member he started his journey as an adventurer. This manga with manipulative mc tries to manage everything without getting noticed that he is weak.

Reverse Villain

The main character is the hero villain manwha named jung-woo he wanted to become to strongest in murim and tried conquering the murim with his martial arts but strangely he wasn’t able to fulfil his dream and died. Jung woo gets reincarnated as a child into modern world with this time he got motivated to enjoy his life with past knowledge and power.

He then wanted to face strongest people of this modern world and wanted to become most powerful person. Jung woo’s passion for martial arts and to fight with stronger opponents led him to an impossible goal. This manhwa with manipulative mc who is strong and merciless is worth your time. Overall the fights and arts style is badass to so read this manhwa.

Magic Emperor

The main character who was once the strongest and mightiest being gets betrayed by his trusted disciple and almost gets killed. He who was once a demon king has to take a body of an insignificant boy after getting severely wounded. The main character is the villain webtoon used Zhou fan’s body to get his revenge from those who betrayed him.

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He became the butler of the Luo family and started his plot. Moreover, the manhwa with manipulative mc uses people and opportunity to become strong. The Main character is too cunning and strong since he was a previous king. To defeat enemies and stablish the Luo family who he was bounded because of the body. Read to know how he changed everything after getting betrayed and becomes badass.

I’m An Evil God

The main character is the villian manhwa is amazing with interesting and unique story plot. Xie yan who became evil god and gets a unique system that helps him travel to different dimensions. He can then learn martial arts of that realm and can use it in his own world after completing the missions prvided by the system.

Read this amazing story of the main character is the villian manhwa where mc has a cheat system and becomes powerful and changes his fate from being weakest to strongest. Xie yan was only known for his beauty and personality but everything changed so make sure you read the main character is the villian manhwa.

I got married to A Villain

The story starts with the female lead who mistakenly saw the villain doing murder. After she witnessed murder she got nervous and get caught by the Villain. But he didn’t killed her to keep everything under his control instead he offered her a marriage proposal.

Female lead had no choice since the man was close to the emperor and can do anything if he wanted to with her. So she accepted his marriage proposal and started living into his house. Read this amazing and unique manga where mc doesn’t hesitate to kill.

Manga where The Mc Is Evil

The list of Manga where Mc is evil for Manga/ Hero villain manwha readers.

  • Reaper of the drifting Moon
  • Hero who shall exterminate darkness
  • Dungeon Seeker
  • Duke Pendragon
  • Ubel Blatt


We hope that the above mentioned manga with manipulative mc evil, manga where mc becomes evil, manhwa with manipulative mc evil recommendations is up to your liking. If you enjoyed reading this article make sure to check our website Animeindie to check more amazing articles similar to this one. Make sure you share and comment on this article our team would love your responses.

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