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12+ Anime where mc trains to become strong

As a fan, we look for animes that we can connect with ourselves and feel therefore in this article we will talk about anime where mc trains to become strong. The regular hustle and diligent training to overcome the challenges while becoming stronger each passing day is eye-catching as it feels like we are involved in the protagonist’s journey.

These below-mentioned animes showcase the self-improvement of the main character along with their dedication and perseverance which brings them rewards. There are many animes where mc trains to become strong as they were weak from the start but change over time.

Anime where mc trains to become strong

These are some animes where the main character gets stronger for our anime lovers. All the below-mentioned anime where mc grows up can be considered gems or top tier so give it a try.

Demon Slayer

Anime where mc trains to become strong

An ongoing badass anime based on the story of a young boy Tanjiro whose whole family was massacred by a demon while he was out for work. After witnessing the horrific death of his mother and siblings he was traumatized but somehow his sister Nezuko was still breathing. Tanjiro wanted to save her and while carrying her he ran toward another town to get her treated but something that he considered vague stories really happened as his sister become a demon.

This story focuses on the growth of the main character Tanjiro who wanted to cure her sister and fought demons after learning from a demon slayer. The fight scenes are really op and character development is promising so make sure to watch this anime where mc trains to become strong.

My Hero Academia

Anime is about a boy named Izuku Midoriya, who wanted to become a hero to save people like his favorite and strongest hero All Might but he found out that he was quirkless. Quirk is a kind of supernatural power that almost everyone in the series has but bad luck our mc is quirkless. But do you think he will give up on his dreams to become a hero like his idol?

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Watch to know how our main character overcome the biggest hurdle of his life and transformed himself by consistent training and perseverance.

Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple

This anime is focused on our main character Kenichi Shirahama a high schooler boy, Kenichi was always bullied in his school as he was not strong enough to defend himself but he was courageous and righteous. Later he meets a girl named Miu Furinji and from there his life changes as he joins the dojo to become strong enough to defend himself.

But after defeating the person who bullied his life become more of a mess as more people started targeting him in order to fight. Read to know how Kenichi faced all the challenges and become strong through tough and rigorous training.

Vinland Saga

This anime is based on the life of a child named Thorfinn who was living normal life along with his family but the past always haunts us so his father was targeted by his old crewmates. As they were on the journey some rouge bandit crew attacked them and his father died in the process. But instead of going back to his hometown Thorfinn decided to take revenge and followed them.

This mature and intriguing anime is phenomenal as the story progresses we witness our small kid Thorfinn becoming more vicious and cruel. His life was totally different and his only goal in his life was to kill the person who killed his father. Watch this dark senin anime to know if our male lead succeded in taking his revenge on Did something unprecedented happen again?

The Sheild Hero

Our main character Naofunmi loved playing games as he spent most of his time in his room. However, after being summoned into a different world along with three more people, Naofumi and his friends become the legendary heroes who will save them from the upcoming disaster. But the problem was that our hero became the shield hero and was considered the weakest. Everyone treated him badly but he didn’t give up as he started his journey.

But he was betrayed by his own teammate and was accused that he raped his female party member but no one listened to him. The real struggle starts as he was left all alone but watch this kickass anime where our mc never did anything bad to anyone even after being treated as trash and still focused on helping innocent people who were suffering.

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One Piece

One of the most amazing ongoing adventurous anime where our main character aspires to become the king of the pirates. However, his own grandfather is a marine commander who is very popular but despite his wish, our mc starts his journey in order to become King of the pirate. Moreover, Luffy soon finds some good and loyal crewmates and saves them.

They fought and become strong with each passing episode as our main character never backs down from a fight. You can witness his growth and passion along with the series so make sure to watch One Piece.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

This series revolves around Tsunayoshi Sawada our main character who was famous as a loser in his whole school because Tsunayoshi was not good at anything. He was an easygoing person but was very generous and helpful. This makes him a perfect fit for our recommendations as he is not an overpowered character but trains himself to awaken his potential. This anime is filled with amazing fighting scenes and kickass character development.

Do watch this anime where the life of a simple high schooler changes after a fateful encounter.

Black Clover

In a world where magic is common and everyone is blessed with mana but there is a person who didn’t have any mana and talent for magic his name is Asta. Our main character despite lacking the mana wanted to become a magic knight as his dream is to become Wizard king. Nobody ever thought that a kid without magic would seriously become a mage.

How is this possible for someone to become a mage without having any mana, are you interested to know how our strong-willed mc manages to become a magic knight? Do watch this anime where mc trains to become strong without giving up.


Naruto Uzumaki an orphan boy was considered a threat to his village and everyone in his village was afraid of him. Naruto joined the ninja academy to become a ninja and learned various jutsu while training regularly. Our main character is a free-willed and goofy character but always helps others.

Watch his journey as he becomes the strongest person and the head of his village the Hokage. This series is top-rated and their’s many life lessons one can take from this series.

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Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

An interesting anime where our main character wakes up in an unknown land with almost no memory, and people have to work as mercenaries to survive as they are somehow forced into battles. In a foreign place will they be able to survive intense fights and pressure. Our main character is weak and their party is full of unskilled fighters.

Check out this anime to know if they managed to survive in such a harsh place while fighting unknown enemies.

Sword Art Online

An amazing weak to strong anime where our main character name Kirito plays a very popular newly launched game that he was playing even in its beta version so he knows a lot about the game and enjoys it .out of the blue the game denied the logout button and traps all is players in the game and whoever dies in the game dies in real life so from that point Kirito starts playing the game seriously and alone to improve its stats and in mean while helping other players and try to survive in the game as long he can.


the story revolves around our character Hanama Baki. Hanma Baki’s dream is to become the Strongest in the World. So he can challenge his sinister father for his mother’s death and defeat him to break his pride. But in what ways will Baki go to become strong and get to know how strong is his father? the young Baki who is still a child as to grow matures in a world full of some of the strongest fighters and how becomes stronger in his journey. A completely badass anime where mc trains to get stronger.

Anime where weak mc becomes stronger List

As a fan, we know the more the merrier so here’s a list of a few more anime for our otakus!

  • Dragon Ball Z
  • One Punch Man
  • Dororo
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Bleach

These are also very famous and have plots similar to anime where mc trains to become strong.


With this, we will end our list on animes where mc trains to become strong and will soon come up with some other fantastic anime/manga topics for our readers. So stay tuned to get amazing anime and webtoons-related content. If you have found this article helpful, share it with your anime-lover friends and comment on your favorite anime below.

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