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10+ Best Isekai/Reincarnation Manhwa with non-human mc

Reincarnation Manhwa with non-human mc

Isekai Manhwa lovers who are very interested in reading reincarnation manhwa with non-human mc should try this intriguing non human mc manhwa recommendations specifically prepared by our Team Animeindie for reincarnation manhwa lover.

We also have many different types of reincarnation/ isekai manhwa recommendations posted on our website so if you are curious and enjoy reading this genre of manhwa.

Isekai/Reincarnation Manhwa With Non-Human Mc List

The non human protagonist isekai manga list mentioned below are worth reading so enjoy this amazing non human isekai manhwa.

Beast World’s Wild Consort

A very intriguing non human mc plot based on female lead Ji mo who decided to go to orc continent and found charming and attractive male non humans who can easily fly. They were very different and was close to a beast with specific power and characteristics. Moreover, our female lead Ji mo was most beautiful lady who everyone wanted to marry.

Ji Mo was the ideal and was admired by everyone but ji mo doesn’t wanted to live a normal life of as a married woman. Read this new typical fantasy isekai manhwa with non-human mc .

The Devilish Duke Can’t Sleep

The manhwa is about the Duke who was the descendant of devil and was very troubled because of his curse. Due to his curse Duke Luave wasn’t able to life a normal life like aristocratic people. Almost everyone was charmed when they see due and started acting very perverted. His life was mess because of this unknown curse but everything changed by appearance of a girl.

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Lena a was a normal girl who was not affected by the devlish charms of duke and then duke selected her as his personal maid to serve him. Things started getting way complexed as the story progressed.

Of All Things I Became Crow

The fl of this manhwa gets reincarnated into a fantasy world after dying in her previous life due to car accident. She was very shocked that her luck is so bad that she didn’t even became any side character but a crow. After wondering in jungle he met the prince of the game name Otome. She managed to comprehend the situation that she was inside the game and now she wanted to help her favourite character the crown prince.

After helping the crown prince Reinel in the danger situation he started liking her and even named her. So read this amazing manhwa both art style and characters are amazing.

Surviving As A Fish

Lee Yoo Shin a normal man gets betrayed by his friend and was on verge of death when he saw a ray of light and something miraculous happened with him. A strange voice asking him a question whether he wanted to live again and somehow he gets a new life and opened his eyes and found himself in a vast reservoir.

Moreover, Lee Yoo Shin who was once a human now became a fish and the real challange of his second life started from that point where he have to survive in the body of small fish.


One of the prime demon named asha was somehow captured alive. Asha was the king of demons at that time but after capturing her she was isolated and was imprisoned into a tower. The tower was in between Prince Jeongjin who was the crown prince of that time and Genral Muryang. Everyone attempted to destroy it due to fierce political battle.

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Read this unique fantasy manhwa where imperial family handled the king of demons and enjoy the story that is surely top notch.


It is a story about a time when demon and human exist and continue to attack each other where a strong demon ruled that part and was fear by all the human and even demon. Then a priest visit that area who want to make a paradise where human and demon can live in harmony and happily. It’s a journey where they both work together to achieve there dream.

This manhwa is has very fiery female lead with badass power who was the pinnacle of power so make sure to try this manhwa out and you will love it.

Shadowless Knight

A mysterious forest that was very dark and dangerous where shadow lives. These creatures were rare and they can mimic anyone regardless they are human or animals. During an unfortunate incident Rosalin who was the member of white night Chivalric fell inside that forest. She was severely wounded and out of the blue a shadow was there observing her all the time.

After some time people find her unconscious under below the cliff but when she gained her consciousness she was behaving very strangely. The whole fiasco was very typical and uncertain that nobody knew what exactly happened with her. Read this manhwa to find out whether she is Rosalin or shadow.

The Lady And The Beast

Empress Martina the founder of Empire Carabella reincarnates after 100 years as a daughter of count. Astina Lette was her name and since she had her past life memories she was exceptional in everything. Martina was once the strongest knight who led the foundation of empire after killing the tyrant emperor.

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In this life she was forced in a situation to marry a beast who was Grand Duke of the Empire. But she supressed him easily after marrying him and started changing the life of Duke who was cursed wolf.

Beast With Flower

A fantasy romance manhwa where the beast changes his appearance to get love of young beautiful girl. Hwa Yeon was very beautiful and kind girl who loves puppy. Therefore, the male lead who was beast used trick to become puppy to get close to her.

This manhwa is very lovely and enjoying so you can give this a try. After all many fans are appreciating this manhwa where plots and characters are lovely and nice.

Talented Baby Squirrel

Beaty a baby squirrel was the single daughter in the lion family. She was sent to capital city from north to live with her aunt after her mother died while giving birth to her. She thought that her father didn’t love her and his brother also hates her. Her aunt used Beaty to achieve her goal and after using her she was betrayed by lover.

After getting killed she gets back to past and decided to change her cruel fate of death. She headed to north where her family lives and somehow manages to find the real truth about her father and brother. Read this amazing non human mc manhwa.

Our Editors Opinion

We are looking forward to your response on our Reincarnation manhwa with non-human mc recommendations. Comment your favorite non human mc manhwa if you have any in your mind. Isekai manhwa with non-human mc lovers should check our website to get more amazing manhwa recommendations.

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