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Best 10+ Anime Characters that use Katana

Anime characters that use katana

In the Anime world, multiple characters use swordsmanship however in comparison to Anime Characters that use Katana they lack the cultural symbolism and samurai aesthetics of Japan. Katana is deemed very important for a samurai and many users of Katna like Zoro, Akame, Zaraki Kenpachi, etc captivate fans due to their uniqueness and elegance. Katanas are visually appealing due to their sleek and elegant design while possessing deadly striking powers.

Katana users showcase honor, discipline, and a very sense of justice in them as they portray Japanese deep and rich historic culture. Both traditionally and in terms of sword skills they differ from normal sword users. It is historically evident that the Samurai Sword symbolizes their value in character and honor and therefore we can witness this richness in anime series. Now after knowing Katana’s importance in anime let’s check of Best Anime Characters that use Katana for fighting.

Anime Characters that use Katana

10+ Anime Characters that use Katana

Here’s the list of anime characters that use katanas as their main weapon for anime lovers so check out this dope katana users list.

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro is from the longest ongoing anime series One Piece, a famous katana wielder known for his unique sword style and uses three named katanas( currently using- Wado Ichimonji, Enma, and Sandai Kitetsu ). Roronoa Zoro is a crewmate of Straw Hat Pirates and fights alongside Luffy. Zoro’s aim is to become the greatest swordsman in the world and therefore he started his new journey by becoming a pirate.

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Tanjiro Kamado

The protagonist of the latest series Demon Slayer, Tanjiro whose normal life came to an end after his family was massacred by a demon then he choose a new path by joining the demon slayer corp to hunt demons. Tanjiro’s main weapon is katana made with a special metal that can inflict damage on demons, he worked hard in order to learn water breathing and started his journey along with his sister Nezuko.


The main character of the series Noragami, Yato is a god and his main weapon is katana. He possesses many abilities like teleportation, and immortality for a limited period of time, etc. Yato loves money but he is very poor, his personality is very different from normal main characters. Moreover, his a good who works very hard to earn money to change his poor lifestyle.

Himura Kenshin

Himura is a legendary hitokiri from the anime series Rurouni Kenshin, Himurs main weapon is katana named Sakabato Shinuchi and Kageuchi. Himura is a Samurai affiliated with Kamiya Dojo, he traveled the country as a ronin( rouge samurai ) for almost 10 years. Himura finally settles in Tokyo and fights for the peace of his country.


A badass female main character from the anime series Akame Ga Kill, Akame a skilled assassin uses a katana throughout the series and she has the ability to kill her opponents with one slash of the sword. Akame’s katana Murasame is very powerful and can inflict a strong curse on her opponent. In the series, she killed every opponent with her skilled swordsmanship and agility to make decisive and fatal blows.

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Afro Samurai

In the famous action-thriller anime where samurai Jackson, Afro wields a katana and we can witness his cold and composed actions as a revenge-seeking samurai. After his father was killed Afro started his journey to seek revenge and to fulfill his dream of becoming the strongest fighter. His deadly moves and shape sword techniques make him cool.


Mugen is an incredible samurai with cruel and strong savage techniques and is popular for being a vanguard fighter in the anime series Samurai Champloo. His moves are combined with power, agility, and a strong habit to use dirty tricks to kill his opponents. One can easily say that he’s one of the deadly fighters with an unparalleled battle instinct.

Ichigo Kurosaki

The main character of the series Bleach, Ichigo a normal high schooler became a Shinigami, he has light orange colored hair with a well-built body. After becoming a shinigami he bulked up his body as he trained with his sword and soon achieved spiritual form. The series is filled with thrill and action of warriors with different swordsmanship with detailed fighting scenes.


The main protagonist of the amazing anime series Dororo, Hyakkimaru is a ronin( rouge ninja ) discarded by his family as they considered him a cursed child because he was born without skin, eyes, and many body parts. Everyone thought that Hyakkimaru should be killed but since he was the son of the chief, he was thrown when he was a baby. But Hyakkimaru became a demon hunter and fought against the evils that his father was doing in order to live.

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The infamous Hero Killer Stain uses a katana very skillfully in the series My Hero Academia despite being a villain he is very popular with strong convictions. He killed many heroes in the series because he hates weak heroes and heroes with second-class mindsets. He can paralyze any of his opponents after licking his or her blood. He fights with a long katana with his unique fighting style.

Anime Characters that use Katana As their Main Weapon List:-

I have added more characters to the list so that you can check them out later since there are many amazing and strong character that uses katanas as their main weapons in multiple series.

  • Sword of the Stranger- Nanashi
  • Katanagatari- Shichika Yauri
  • Gintama- Gintoki Sakata
  • Bleach- Kenpachi Zaraki
  • Demon Slayer- Zenitsu Agatsuma


With this let’s end the article on Anime Character that uses katana, we hope that fans are able to find the importance of the culture and tradition of Japan that can be seen in Katana users mainly called Samurai. You can see katana users in almost every anime series either in the background or as a lead. if you enjoyed the above information about anime characters that use katanas then make sure to share this article with your Anime enthusiast friend.

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