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10+ Manhwa Where MC Kills Everyone

Lot of times a Manhwa is deemed good to read because of it’s Main Character. . Today we have some cool recommendations about Manhwa Where MC Kills Everyone or a Manhwa with emotionless MC. The main character Can be good hearted Protagonist but also an evil Genius! and people do love these manhwa.

List of Manhwa where MC Kills Everyone

You may have also read about Cultivation manhwa and cultivation novel with evil MC. This list will include Some of them too so sit tight and let’s Begin!

Shotgun Boy

Manhwa where MC kills everyone

If you have read Sweet Home then you’ll definitely like this one as the story takes place probably in the same universe. You can even find some of the Characters from Sweet home like Hyuk Lee who is the best friend of The Main Character.

The story is set around in world where shapeshifting monsters called Variants and their Tussle with the human kind is creating havoc on everyone. Gyuhwan a guy who is bullied by a groups of idiots from his class is running into the woods and suddenly finds a shotgun. He finds raging shotgun at his defence but is surprised to see Variants devouring his classmates. Now will he save them or enjoy watching his bullies get devoured read to find out this amazing tale of Gyuhwan.


Next on our list is manhwa full of violence and thrills. It contains Gruesome murders and uncensored violence along with an awesome storyline. The Manhwa has it all what it takes to be Suspense thriller Manhwa and the MC is also a kind of Cold hearted person.

The Plot Narrates the tale of Girl named Erika who is shocked and is in despair to find that her loving husband has been brutally killed and she herself has been framed for the murder by some vicious group of people. She has to serve a hard sentence in jail for 10 years and as soon she’s out she decides to avenge her sufferings without any bars. But the story takes up a surprising turn when she finds that there is a duo of Psychopathic Assassins who have done the stuff. The art style is simple and looks efficient in depicting the story.


Everyone loves a BATMAN don’t we and this is because he is a vigilante. The one who goes as a rebellion voicing against the inefficient justice system serving the society, Well this next Manhwa on our list is about that only.

Kim Ji Yong a smart cop who feels that he has what it takes to bring the change in the society takes up on his own ways to deal with the Criminals But as he decimates the criminals in really Inhuman way as possible he does starts enjoying it! It may sound that he is a kind of Sadist Psychopath now instead of being the promised Hero Vigilante. The Story and Character development are really good in this manhwa and it is worth a recommendation.

340 Days

Okay so next we will talk about a Manhwa with a very unconventional L Lovestory Which has various emotional aspects in it. The story takes place in a universe where the population is divided into two sections with different predispositions one of the are ‘Shuts’ who are weak with controlling their emotions and feal with denials and rejections in a very bad way while hurting themselves emotionally. On the other hand there are ‘Destroys’ who can raging violent and wild if given the chance and circumstances. They thrive for murdering people.

Dosung a destroy meets a shut called Lin and instantly falls for and their amazing yet orthodox Lovestory begins! The artwork is fantastic and the linework is fine too. Do try this reading this one.

The Uncomfortable Truth

A psychopath MC who kills everyone what do think about it? A man or a women deranged from his/her emotions having dark past or something but wait! What if he is a high school lad?

This manhwa tells a tale about a Young high school lad who inhumanly murders Eight Civilians and serving his sentence. The dark psychological aspect of this manhwa really takes upon the reader. You will feel range of emotions and thrills while reading this. The Artwork also goes well along with the theme of the manhwa.

Forest of Humans

This is a bit unique and different recommendation on this list as the story is pretty different and has a new perspective to it. It also has the suspense and thrills which the readers are looking for the story goes about a group of doctor in south Korea who in order to decode a psychopathic criminal mind set up a research experiment in woods which includes interviewing some of the most deranged and cruel psychopaths of the country. As they start the interview and take up the readings and observations mishaps happen and all of the mare killed by these criminals on loose. Only one Young women remains alive but for how long? as these bloodthirsty criminals are on the loose in the same facility.

The artwork really good and the story is full of suspense and really has a new perspective. Overall its a worthy recommendation.

Incompetent Villain

This is a Manhwa where you will find fantasy element along with the violence and Killer MC. Dongjing Kim a young lad in high school has psychic abilities and dreams to be the greatest villain that one could ever be. In order to turn his dream into reality he murders his entire class! but shockingly he is just thrown back in time when all his classmates are alive. He tries again and again murdering different people in various inhuman ways but every time he is just teleported to a timeline when none of the murders Occurred. He is basically struck in a loop and is fed up of this until he discovers that their is another psychic in his school who is failing his plans again and again.

The artwork is cool and lineworks seem impeccable too. The story is Engaging and full of thrills.

Heaven Guard

This is a kind of revenge manhwa where The Mc reincarnates with his memory and decides to kill everyone who has ill him.

Tan Yun is deceived by his own friends and loved ones who snatch his wife and hurts his relatives an finally kill him. But to their bad fate Tan is reincarnated and that to with his past life memory intact. Now he is up for seeking Vengeance and decides to take upon each and everyone whomever he feels is responsible for his turmoil in his past life. The story is simple yet Engaging along with fiery artwork with brilliants tone selection.

Pumpkin Night

This is a really graphic manhwa in terms of Violence and murders as The Main character is a female With a Psychopathic Mind and really evil intentions.

The plot is set around a female lead who’s face is disfigured and she is trapped in a mental hospital from where she cunningly escapes out and decides to Murder people around wearing a pumpkin mask. The Horror Aspect of this manhwa is brilliantly put out by the author and it will give the readers a bit of tremble for sure. The artwork is also done in a way that is bring out the storyline and the emotions very perfectly.


So This one on our list perfectly goes as the recommendation for Manhwa where MC kills Everyone.

The MC of this Manhwa is pure villainous and thrives for evil. He knows how to torment the very soul of people in most inhuman ways that can be imagined. “Usobuki Tadashi” is the name that everyone fears he works as a killer who kills anyone irrespective of their background or personalities. He meets the person who has called him upon to kill someone and confirms the target after that the target cannot survive. He really shows up the darker side of the humanity. The artwork is perfect and gothic which goes very well along The theme of the Manhwa.


We worked hard and went through lot of contents for suggesting you the best recommendations on the manhwa where MC kills everyone. Some of the manhwas up there also fall into category of Manhwa with emotionless mc and cultivation novel with evil mc. So we hope that you really did enjoy our content and found some cool suggestions in this article. Do not forget to check out our website Animeindie for more such content.

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