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10+ Manhwa where MC is the villain

Hello There Otakus, Today we will talk about Manhwa where MC is the villain/ Manga where MC is reincarnated as a villain, The Main Character is the Villain Manhwa. Many of us like to The Thrill and adventure in the life of the Antagonist of a series, well this category of Manhwas will surely meet your needs. We have researched out some best Manhwa out there with the MC as the villain.

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The Main Character is the Villain Manhwa List

so let’s hop on to the awaited list of Villainous Manga/ The main character is the villain webtoon.

1. Legend Of Asura

Topmost for the First Position we have got One of he most famous Manhwa ever! out there, Legend Of Asura. I’m sure you must have heard about it and well no list about Villainous Manga could start without it. The story goes about a young boy of The Medical Sect known as Jin Ja Gang is left alone amongst his sect and everyone else is destroyed and annihilated. Jin makes up his mission to complete his Vengeance and take out each and every one of them who are responsible for the sad fate of his sect.

The Story is engaging and character development is a highlight of the series how dedication and hard work makes out a better version of you. The Main character as Villain shows that how things never exist in Duality that is black or white and there are some grey areas. The artwork goes well along with the story and overall its a very good recommendation.

Manhwa where Mc is the Villain

2. How To Live As a Villain

We have got How To Live As a Villain Manhwa on number two in our list. The Manhwa narrates a story about Seonghoon who is miraculously transported to another world where he is been appointed as GOD’s Next Successor. But To Certain his Position he must play a game and win his place as god, There are other players who may sabotage or assist Seoghoon but what matters is how far he can go with his ambition can he take up the higher and a cruel path to success? read and find out.

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The Manhwa is pretty detailed and well narrated. The artwork is fantastic and goes along with the theme. Do read it if you are looking for the main character as a villain manhwa.

3. Villain to kill

On our list third comes Villain to kill. This is an intriguing manhwa where the MC is super talent but gets angry very easily. The manhwa takes a note on how justice is served in society or how the injustice of the revered one’s leads to birth of Villains. The story is set around a world where Psykers( the good ones) are engaged in an ongoing battle with the Villains who aim to disrupt the peace. Cassian Lee a potent psyker and good hearted fellow turns up evil when he transfers into the body of a korean highschool kid who has joined the Villains. The story is engaging and artwork is depicted beautifully. Overall it’s worth a read.

4. I Got Married To a Villain

Moving on to number 4 we have this Manhwa called I Got Married To a Villain. The story tells about romantic cum thriller relationship between the Female lead and the Male lead. The male lead is toxic and is portrayed as a villain and the Female lead’s story revolves around him. The Manhwa begins with from a murder scene where the male lead is mercilessly killing some and he sees the female lead witnessing it which makes the matter worse for her. To her surprise she finds out that he is obsessed over her and wants to marry her, read the manhwa to find out thrilling adventures of the two.

The artwork is appealing and seems very beautiful. It is worth recommending.

5. The Villainess Needs a Tyrant

As we come halfway to the list here we have the manhwa The Villainess Needs a Tyrant. The manhwa talks about an Antagonist male lead and his love triangle between female lead and her cousin Arinel. The cousin is a cunning girl who stoles and takes away everything from the female lead. But as the tables turn The female lead has a Great Opportunity to get back at her by taking away the man she loves.

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The manhwa has a dramatic element which makes it engaging and the artwork is pretty good which makes it overall a good recommendation.

6. The Villainess’s Survival Game

On number Sixth we have The Manhwa called The villainess’s Survival Game. The manhwa has plot set around a woman called Yu Luna who was hardworking employee in a Company. She does overtime and strains her body to level where she can’t take it more and dies. But there is a golden chance for her to return to the mortal world if she successfully captures the male leads of the game called Otome. But things take a turn and instead of being the star heroine of the game Yu becomes antagonist wealthy lady who bullies the heroine.

The Manhwa is full of surprises and turns and takes you on an dramatic ride of emotions, The artwork is beautiful and goes well along with the story.

7. The Heat of The Reincarnated Villainess

Now coming to number Seventh we have The Heat of The Reincarnated Villainess. This is kind of a romance and thriller manhwa where there is no certain heroic lead. the story revolves around an antagonist female lead who is despised and Perfect Prince who is adhered by all. Both of them are physically drawn to each other but are still emotionally very far from each other. The story unravels a tale that answers the question of their Union.

The manhwa is beautifully depicted by the intense and particular artwork, It goes very well along with the theme of the story and keeps one hooked on it.

8. The Villainess’s Stationary Shop

As we come to number Eight we have The Villainess’s Stationary Shop. Now this is fairly unique Manhwa and is bit different from others in this genre. The female lead is an Optimistic and full of energy kind of Lady. Meldenique Babelloa dies from grief of the heartbreak when her Faincee Marries off her Sister Sheria. Now in the newly incarnated life she decides to be herself and tries to make it out for herself on her own. She chooses to open a stationary shop and builds her dream around it.

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The Manhwa gives of Positive vibes and is pretty well narrated. The artwork is fantastic and makes it more engaging.

9. Don’t Fall For The Villainous

This is one at Number Nine is a bit of Fantasy Romance Manhwa known as Don’t Fall For The Villainous. The Premise is simple as a girl named Liv gets teleported into the novel and can only return on Fulfilling One condition that is to Prevent The Male antagonist and lead Camian from Blackening. Now this remains a Tough task for her as Camian is no other common man but only the strongest of all men and the devil himself. Her expectations of lot Misery and hardships are shattered when she finds out that Camian has soft spot for her and can be helped. Can she Prevent The Blackening?

To know about it read the Manhwa. The artwork is great and depicts the story in it’s true sense. The manhwa is well narrated and is worth recommending.

10. The Villain’s Cultivation System Is Truly Crooked To Be No Good

Final recommendation today on our list is The Villain’s Cultivation System is Truly Crooked To Be No Good. This is also a bit different Manhwa from other in this Genre. Here is you’ll get elements of Betrayal, Science Fiction and Fantasy. The Plot is set around a Girl named Xia Xia who is brilliant scientist but is treated unfairly and left alone by her Boyfriend who is a scumbag for so many different reasons. But Suddenly she is transported a Mystery Novel World where she gets to live as the Biggest Antagonist and her adventures begin with this.

The Manhwa is deeply engaging and has a Interesting Plot. The artwork is fantastic and totally depicts the story. Overall it’s Worth a read.


we hope that we were able to bring out the best recommendations on genre The main character is the Villain Manhwa/Villainous Manga. We did a deep research and went through tons of content to help you out with the recommendations. If you’d like our effort and recommendations do not forget to check out our website Animeindie. We would like to keep creating this kind of stuff for you in the future.

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