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10+ Best Manhwa with Badass MC

Hey There! Otakus, Hope you are doing well and good. Today we are back with some aawesome recommendations of Best Manhwa with Badass MC. Yeah you heard it right we will try to talk about some really good Manhua with ruthless MC and our list will try to cover some cool School Manhwa with op MC and Webtoon with op MC. We will try to bring Out some of the best Out there.

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Manhwa with Badass MC list

So let’s begin out list of some great recommendations which will definitely help you out to select out the best one’s out there. we did a lot research to churn out the best stuff for you and we hope that you’ll like it.

The Villainess Lives Again

This is a pretty Unique Manhwa which has a Female as Main Character and she is totally Badass with cunningness and ability to Manipulate things according to her will. All she want is the Betterment and good for his beloved brother and she actually manages to make him the Emperor! But things take a bad turn after this as her brother totally abandons her and also accuses her with different charges in order to imprison her for good. This instance of Betrayal breaks her to the deepest levels and she is gives up on herself until The Grand Duke Cedric Ebron saves her from the prisons.

This ignites The flame of vengeance in her, Now along with Cedric she commits herself to overthrow her brother as the emperor and to this cause she sacrifices herself while using the forbidden magic to return back in time.

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The manhwa is chaotic nd engaging at the same time. The artwork is good and depicts the story in a beautiful way.

Manhwa with Badass MC

A Villain’s Dilemma: How to not Meddle too Much with a Clumsy Holy Knight’s Life

This is Ongoing and an Underrated Manhwa with elements of fantasy and action. The manhwa sets a plot about how a lazy and careless knight and a Magician who is in search for Emotional stability are in arch rivalry. But as the time goes by Miraculously both of them end up together forming a deep bond.

This manhwa is pretty unique and will be interesting to read do give it a try. The artwork is fantastic and goes on with the theme of the story.

Yuan Zun

This one is a great Manhwa out there for people looking out Fantasy Manhwa with Badass MC. The Manhwa tells a story of a world where war is going on. The Evil Pythons are keen to take on the Dragons. Now it will be interesting to see how a teenager deciding the dance of dragon will prevail over the Pythons or the dragon will be down and never rise.

The Manhwa is engaging and interesting tot read the MC character is Badass and controls the Story. The artwork is fiery and looks great. Overall its a good recommendation.

A Way to Protect The Lovable you

This one is dramatic Webtoon with OP MC. The female lead of the story is devious and intelligent women who knows very well the dangers of what she is getting into. She is about to marry a man who’s family was murdered by her own mother. She tells him to divorce her after six Month but the Husband tries to decline her which leads to a spicy story with drama and adventure.

The manhwa is full of drama and thriller elements. The artwork seems fine and characterization is awesome, Overall a worth recommendations.

My Dad is Too Strong

This Manhwa is fairly amazing and underrated. You’ll get vibes of Solo Leveling and Hardcore Martial arts Manga while reading this one. The story is Unique and Amazing. The Mc is an overpowered guy who was ordinary civil servant and lived a chaotic life, But now he has returned as a heavenly Demon and suddenly becomes The OP character of the story. He wishes to live his life in peace until out of nowhere his daughter emerges and ask to shield her till her graduation.

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The artwork is detailed and the story is unique. The character development is good and the story has elements of action and fantasy.

The Undefeatable Swordsman

This is again an underrated Manhwa where the Main character struggles to get his power in an original way. He is innocent of heart but still pretty Badass. The story goes on about a boy named Wumoon Song who constantly dreams of becoming a martial arts master but he has a weak frame which limits him in achieving his dreams, Untill one day a painting left by a mysterious person as a Payment draws Wumoon to itself and on discovering the magic behind it wumoon becomes greatest of all and his life is turned upon.

The artwork is fine and beautiful which brings out the story in a better way. Overall a worthful recommendation.

The Hero is Standing in My Way/ The Male Lead Won’t Let Me Be!

This is a Manhwa Where female lead tries to make her way out in the chaos going around her, and the main obstacle for her is the male lead of the story. When the female lead is reborn as Ariel Ellifritiz, who is a side character and is likely to be the fiance of Prince Eisa, She is feeling good about her life. But the fate had something else for her as she somwhow saves the young prince Siegfried who is the arch rival of Esia’s men and gets involved in the royal bloodshed. This was the last thing she wanted but now is trapped in it. Read the amazing story to find out if she will get out of it or the male lead won’t let her?

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The Manhwa is amazing and has a dramatic element to the story. The artwork is fantastic and looks very detailed.

The Strongest Hero Ever

This is a kind of Cultivation Manhwa but with a badass and Op MC. The Manhwa narrates the story of Zhao Xiaotian a young man with an ability to heal himself. He time travels to a cultivation continent where he undergoes hundreds of kidnapping. Thankfully his grandfather is the richest person int he world and pays his heart out to get him admitted into one of the most influential sect the Free Roaming Sect and from here the Journey of Zhao begins.

The story is beautifully narrated and the character development is good. The artwork is detailed and overall it is worth recommendation.

Super Player

This Manhwa narrates the story of the after the horrors of disasters the Humans are struggling to survive on the face of earth as the monsters are dominating and are trying to takeover. In this Chaos a scientist invents a game called “Sky Imperial Palace” from which mankind can change the aura into the energy. This game is seen as the salvation to mankind as a Player called Xiao obtains the “Vermilion Bird” system which connects the gaming world with the reality and now the question is how the things will roll out for humans.

the manhwa has a fantasy element which makes it thrilling and the artwork is amazing. It is worth recommending.

Memoir of the God of War

This Manhwa is a solid read full of action and fight sequences. The plot is about Dan Sa Yu who is a Descendant of Great Goryeo who rebukes the Central District on the orders of his beloved ally. He is a worthy warrior and is unstoppable in every battle. Read the Amazing journey of Dan and how his adventures unfold.

The narrator tells the Manhwa in an intriguing way and artwork fits in very well with the theme of the story.


We hope that we were able to bring out the best of the content out there for you. After reading the above article you’ll surely have some great recommendations for Ruthless MC Manhwa, Webtoon with OP MC and Manhwa with Badass MC. If you liked our content don’t forget to check out our website Animeindie .

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