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10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

Kingdoms and Empires always feel grand to read and There are Manga and Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom or improves an existing empire and today we bring you Some of the Best Manhwa Where Mc Builds a Kingdom or Kingdom building Manhwa.

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List of Kingdom Building Manhwa

Kingdom building manhwas have a general storyline where The MC uses his skills and strategies to build an empire from the scratch or rekindle any dying empire with the flames of his hard work and determination. So let’s begin with our list of some awesome recommendations.

Release that Witch

manhwa where mc builds a kingdom

First on our list is a famous web novel which was adapted into Manga due to it’s popularity. This adaption was known as release the witch. The manhwa has transmigration, magic and all the stuff give it fiction vibe.

The plot is set around a A young engineer called Cheng Yan who is transmigrated back into the middle age time and luckily is born as a son of a king and is known there as prince Roland. Roland discovers that this world has witches with magical powers and supernatural abilities but are looked upon as bad creatures and are often hunted and killed. He feels sympathy for them and wants to bring a change. But he can’t do much for the start as he was not his fathers favorite and struggles to establish his himself in the kingdom. but once he acquires the throne, He develops and alliance with the witches and reinvents his empire with their help to reach to new glories.

The artwork is pretty good and the colors and tones are used in a clever manner.

Trash of the Count’s Family

Okay the next one on our list is pretty different kind of manhwa. The story has the reincarnation into a novel aspect and much more. Also the our protagonist does not reincarnates as the hero he has hoped for to be but a side character who has potential to change the story.

Kim Roksu has read the not so popular novel ” Birth of the Hero” where the protagonist of the novel lost everything and everyone he cares about due to some perpetrators planning against him. In order to avenge himself he leaves behind everything and goes into a nearby city to settle matters with a Noble who has been messing with him. In the novel when he beats up this noble it becomes an important moment in his journey of being Epic. Now Kim Roksu suddenly and misfortunately reincarnates as the same noble in the novel and already knows his future so he devises a plan to stay away from the Hero and lead a peaceful life but this is not that easy! read this amazing manhwa to find out how things change in a completely new direction for the hero and the noble.

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Santairiku Eiyuuki

This is one of the perfect recommendation For manga where mc builds a kingdom. Hercule a young Prince is ascended to a throne of a Once almighty nation the Lemuria Empire. Now as the time passed by the Nation has lost all it’s past glory and is destined to doom soon. The economy has been crippling and the invaders have brought down the military on their knee. Now all of them are looking up to the new king who can change their fate and rise them again to their past glory.

But the question is Can he? A 12 year old boy has so much to do from abandoning the old and rudimental laws to making new and modern reforms to strengthen the empire. The artwork is fantastic and the story becomes more engaging as it progresses further.

Bug Player

This one on our list is an underrated manga with an awesome storyline and nice character development. The Main character is brilliant gamer who unfortunately dies but is reincarnated in the game he has mastered.

MC is a young genius gamer Taepung Shin Who is really passionate for the RPG games that he plays day and night. One day as he was playing really hard and focused for a dangerously long period of time he suddenly dies and teleports into his favorite game known as “Paradise” But he is out of luck as he is born as lord Jared the big fat obese prince who is looked upon by everyone in the game. But as the protagonist is genius gamer he makes use of all the bugs to become the best young and lean looking prince in the game. He also becomes overpowered and rules his territory with Grace. Do read this amazing Kingdom Building Manhwa with great artwork and awesome storyline.

Hail The King

This is another Transmigration manhwa where mc is teleported into another world where he becomes overpowered and dictates his will.

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Sun Fei our protagonist is just another student who minds his own business and is stays out of troubles. One day out of nowhere he is suddenly transmigrated into a new world where he becomes the king of the Kingdom called ‘Chambord Kingdom”. He is called Alexander here and has a trump card ability known as ” Cheating Code” which makes him overpowered and all mighty, With this ability and a genius his strategies he builds an Empire so Epic and Legendary That it will be known for years!

The artwork is decent and the line work is clean which enhances the reading experience of the reader.

Duke Pendragon

This one is one of the perfect recommendation for kingdom building manhwa. MC not so strong from the beginning and coming from a humble background making his way into the top House and establishing a kingdom. sounds Interesting right?

Raven Varte is young lad who dreams big and is stubborn to reach his goal. he does not come from a well off family and is considered a ordinary guy. He comes into limelight when he is framed for planning a rebellion and is then ordered to scout in the Demon Corps where no one has survived for more than a year. But Raven is strong willed and sustains himself for about 10 years in the Demon Corps which puts him again in the spotlight. He is chosen to be the guard of Alan Pendragon who is supposed to be the next Successor of the Pendragon Household which is most powerful household. He tries to do well in his job but fails miserably dying in a battle while fighting along Alan Pendragon.

But things do end here for our protagonist as he is reincarnated back in time 7years before his death in the body of none other than Alan Pendragon. Now it’s time for him to prove himself and establish a super strong kingdom.

Record of The Mightiest Lord

This is an Interesting manhwa where the MC is a transmigrator and can also move into different bodies.

Richard an aristocrat who has an ability to transmigrate into different bodies uses his skill to build a strong empire in a chaotic war waging world where Monsters have the upper hand and the nobles are wreaking the kingdoms from within. Richard discovers a system in this world called Lord System which leads him to dwarves from whom he gets all the unique Equipment needed for his mission in order to establish a strong kingdom.

The artwork is pretty good as different tones of colors are been used in a clever manner to bring out the story in a detailed way.

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Dawn Empire

Next one on our list is a manhwa involving a bit of science fiction and involves things like wormholes. The concept of wormhole is a bridge between the continuum of space and time which can make you teleport you in different timelines.

Our protagonist Jiang Cheng who is first year student at a university who comes from a poor background and has financial problems at home. He tries hard to help at home but it does not make much difference. One day as he is passing through his dorm room he discovers a wormhole and when he goes to enquire it he is sucked and teleported back into medieval time when world is in chaos. Can he use his modern day intelligence to help out his family in the present time by making money in the medieval world. The artwork is cool and overall storyline is great.

Reborn as an Emperor

This manhwa is a story of Betrayal, Power , Passion, greed and other emotional aspects of human life. The storyline is intriguing and the character development of the protagonist and other side characters is also cool.

Zhao Dongting was a nice person but fate was not nice on him. He was betrayed by his own people and was killed by his lover. He is reincarnated as an Emperor again in the dynasty of Song South. This time he is determined to make his comeback and build an Empire stronger than ever! will he succeed though? read out this amazing manhwa to find out.

It Start With A Mountain

Okay so the next one on the list is a manhwa where MC is OP and kind of Sigma male who is stud and a brilliant strategist. He builds his village from the scratch.

Our Protagonist Cheng Li Dae here is a Isekai-ed in a war dynasty. He leads a group of Bandits who are keen to devour him but due to his awesome tactics he manages it all. In a war mongering state will he be able to live like a king and build his own empire? Thanx to his Hot temper and ability to pick up fight anywhere he is already in disadvantage. The artwork is fine and the storyline is interesting too. Overall a solid recommendation.


We hope that you found out some good recommendations from the post above for Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom or Kingdom Building manhwa. We read a lot of content and went through deep research to bring out these awesome recommendation for you. If you liked the post above do not forget to check out are website Animeindie.

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