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10+ Manga where mc has a dark past

Hey there we are back with new recommendations on Manga where MC has a Dark Past. So we all love a good character development right? and it gets really interesting when the main character goes through miseries and hardships which brings out the best in him and he rises like a star. Sounds motivating right? so today we will be recommending you some Manga where the mc has a dark past.

Manga where Mc has a Dark Past list

so let’s begin with amazing Action manga where te mc has a dark past

Descent of the Demon Master

Manga where mc has a dark past

So this is fairly unique Manga where The main character even being Blessed with super power just wants to live a normal life. The MC is quiet entangled in his goals and lives with a trauma of his dark past.

Jinho Kang can not walk as he had a accident where he lost his walking ability along with his family. He was grief struck and couldn’t do anything until he is reincarnated in the Medieval China as Crimson Emperor and gains ultimate powers in this life. But to his surprise he wakes up again in his previous life before the accident but with all the superpowers intact which he acquired on being the demon. So can he save himself and his family from the accident this time and will he be able to live with superpowers in this normal world read to find out.

The artwork is compelling and has vivid art designs which enhance the overall reading experience.


This one of its kind manhwa which is set in future timeline around 2030s. Kensuke Hanasaki a detective boy meets a mysterious lad named Yoshio Kobayashi who has curse of not dying and is surrounded by an unidentified fog. He just wishes hard for his own death and is a loner who likes to stay away from others. Kensuke sees potential in him and agrees him to join the Detective team which leads them to a much darker adventure.

The artwork is brilliantly done and fits very with the storyline. The character development is also shown with details which makes the manhwa more intriguing and readable, Overall it is a worthy recommendation.

Darker Than Black

This is Fiction and fantasy manhwa where the main character have a dark past but are destined to do something great after overcoming their past. The story is set around a plot where the earth is not normal. Two gates at different locations namely Heaven’s Gate and Hell’s gate appear out of the sky in South America and Tokyo and different people with superpowers start coming out of them.

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The year is 1920 and America is getting flooded by demons. Our two main characters Rosette and Chrono who are posted in the New York branch are messing up with tasks as usual. But things change and both of them even after haunted by their dark past summon their Strength and are ready to face the challenge ahead. The demon Aion has also resurfaced which makes it difficult for both of them.

The artwork is done in details. There are different tones used while explaining the aspects of the story and the linework is neat.


This Manhwa has a science fiction element where the story is set around a different planet where several human spaceships crash land and at the site of crash landing civilizations starts budding out as vegetation is difficult to grow around on this hostile planet, But there is a man known as Vash The Stampede with a prize of 60 billion dollars over his head!. He is rumored to live around for ages a and is skilled gunman who is mistakenly stereotyped as a Cruel man which he is definitely not. He has deep and dark past and all the hunters are looking around for him.

There are special agents Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson who as assigned with a difficult duty to keep a check upon the evermoving Vash can the track him? What will happen if they did, What are Vash goals..? read the manhwa to find out.

The artwork is detailed and fantastic to look at. The tones are set amazingly and the linework is very clean.

Black Bullet

This is a fairly unique manhwa which has a storyline about Dangerous Microbe Gastrea creating havoc in the world. The virus has almost wiped out the whole of population and very small numbers of them are alive now protected by the Monolithic walls which are made up of the Special material called Varanium which resists the virus. The only hope for humanity is the Tendo Civil Society which is run by The “Cursed Children” who have immunity against the virus. Rentarou and Enju are two such children who have been effective against the virus and they have their life turned upside down when they receive a top secret mission from government.

The artwork is fairly unique and justifies the adventurous aspect of the story with varied tones of color and amazing linework.

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I am a Hero

This is fairly classic manga which has sold over 4 million copies. The story goes about a guy named Hideo Suzuki who fails his business venture and struggles a lot. He is forced to work with Mangaka as an assistant which drives him crazy but he still carries and on top of all this his relationship is also going down the lane as he feels that his girlfriend is cheating on him with her ex and out of doubt he probes into this possible affair which further makes things worse between him and his girlfriend.

His life is full of despair and remorse until one day everything changes and he wakes up to the reality. Read this amazing manhwa to find out more about it. The artwork is fine and detailed you will enjoy reading it.

Full Metal Panic

This is fairly unique manga which is quiet intriguing and interesting. The plot is set around a boy named Sosuke Sagara who is transferred into Jindai High School where he behaves badly creates chaos in school. But this is not just another high school story, Sosuke is an undercover military agent who is on top secret mission to protect Kaname Chidori who posses rare technological information from the hands of KGB. The story has Action, Humor and different aspects which make it engaging. His military background makes its difficult for him to mix in well with the schools customs.

The artwork is cool and depicts the story very accurately. Overall it is a good suggestion.


If you like supernatural and horror genre then this manga will be a good choice for you. The plot sets around a world where humans have another species to compete with. 17 years ago somewhere in Africa the first immortal appeared on the planet and since then these immortals also known as Ajin have been in war like state with the humans. Kei Nagai a young lad from japan who has secret regenerative abilities and upon surviving a sure death experience in a fatal accident is on the run from humans and Ajins as he does not want to be in the midst of this conflict. He is believed to be a Demi god and has a great price on his head. Where will his adventure lead him?. Read this amazing manga to find out.

The artwork is beautifully done and if you are into Fiction and Fantasy genre you will surely find this amazing.

Tokyo Ghoul

The manga is set around in a world where ghouls and humans live in a conflict. Ghouls are powerful creatures who live on human meat as their food source and the homo sapiens are not so happy about it. Ken Kankei is a young university student who meets an unexpected accident which turn him into half ghoul and now he is confused about what should he do. He meets some friendly ghouls at Anteiku Coffee shop but soon he joins the Aogiri tree , an organization of radical ghouls who want to wage war on humanity. Now he is trapped within the Tussle between both parties and also on the humanity front. Read this manga to find out The epic adventure between ghouls and humans.

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The manga is depicted in details through amazing artwork and the it can be a good recommendation.

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

This is fantasy manga which is set around a magical world. Alpha stigmas who posses the ability to analyze all types of magic are the key highlight of the story. These beings with awesome powers are also infamous for their Cursed sight which only brings death and destruction.

Ryner Lute who was a very talented student at Roland Empire’s Magician academy is also a Alpha Stigma which makes him really lethal. His nation goes at war and many of his classmates die and this makes Ryner fall into despair as even after being this powerful he couldn’t save them. Only one of his classmate Sion astal survives the mayhem who is appointed as the king of Roland soon. Now he orders ryner to search for These relics which can aid the empire making it super strong. Ryner tags along with Ferris Eris a talented and Gorgeous young lady who is skilled in sword fighting. Together they are set upon an adventures journey to strengthen their empire. The artwork is also amazing and it can be a worthful recommendation.


This is a manhwa where mc has a dark past and being fed up with injustice and despair he decides to take things in his own hands. It is a Korean manhwa where the main character is guy who loses his friends and family when he gets into a tussle with a criminal organization. He feels helpless when the authorities responsible for providing justice turn deaf upon him. It is then when he realizes that the current law and order system is obsolete and needs to undergo some changes. The artwork is done very fine and the detailing is done perfectly to bring out the story.

Authors Opinion

We hope that you did like the recommendations we provided above of Manga where MC has a dark past. We have put in lot of efforts and read up tons of content to bring out some of the best recommendations to you. If you do like our content do not forget to check out our website. Animeindie.

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