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10+ Manga where the Mc is weak but everyone think he is Op

Manga and Manhwa readers who loves to read manga where the mc is weak but everyone think he is op should read this recommendation provided by our team Animeindie after knowing that fans are excited to read manga with weak mc plot.

So enjoy reading our recommendation on manga where mc is weak but others think Mc is strong. All the below mentioned manhwa/ manga is of top tier and are really worth reading so do try reading if you haven’t read any of the manhwa/ manga named mentioned below.

Manga where the Mc is weak but everyone think he is Op List

This list of manga where mc thinks is weak is very intriguing and promising so our team Animeindie highly suggest readers to check out all the below manga/ manhwa recommended. Also if you Love reading manga/ manhwa then make sure to click on the link provided below.

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Weak 5000 – Year Old Vegan Dragon

Manga where the Mc is weak but everyone think he is Op

A latest action comedy manhwa written by Enomoto kaisei based on the story of a dragon and a small little girl. The story starts from a young girl who somehow managed to find the dragon den and then entered inside it. Inside the den was a 5000 year old Dragon who was living in isolation from humans to live peacefully. But everything changed after the proposal of the girl in order to save her village.

Moreover, The great dragon pretended to be the demon army leaders who leads the soldiers of the demon king to help or you can say to get rid of girl after fulfilling her wish to live normally. During an incident the power that was hidden for years gets released and his dream of living normal and silent life ended.

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kukuku……. He Is The Weakest Of The Four Heavenly Monarchs.” I Was Dismissed From My Job, But Somehow I Became The Master Of A Hero And A Holy Maiden

This manga is very ongoing and promising manga written by Nobuno Masayuki and Yoshihashi Atsushi. The manga story is based on A Death Scorpion name Capsodia serving under the Great Demon King and was one of the Four Heavenly Demon Monarchs in the Army of king.

However, he was kicked out because he was weakest among them after getting kicked out of the army he wanted to live simple life until the day he die. He hid himself inside the human’s territory and acted as one of them to live peacefully. But somehow he became hero who was respected by a saint, heroine and many more and things gets excited.

Above Ten Thousand People

An amazing ongoing Action fantasy manhua written by Boyi, the concept of manhua is very new and intriguing. The main character is very strong but in the new world where everyone is very strong and are big shots of this new world he thinks himself as weakest of all .

The manhua is based on overpowered main character who is unaware of his powers and lives a normal life as weak. The manga with weak is worth your time and you’ll enjoy reading this amazing manhua full of fights and comedy. Later on people in manga where the mc is weak but everyone think he is op. So make sure to read this manga where mc is weak but others think mc is strong.

I Was The Weakest Of The Four Heavenly Kings. Since I Have Reincarnated, I Want To Lead A Peaceful Life

This new yet unique manga whose author is Kenkyo Na Circle is a very promising ongoing manga where mc is weak but others think mc is strong. The story is based on Ogre whose name is ranga. He was strong and also served under the demon king in his army as an elite warrior.

However, something very unfortunate happened with ranga that led him to his death. Ranga was betrayed by his own peoples and died but gets reincarnated. He was born as human with prior knowledge and strength. Read this manga to know how and what lies ahead of ranga who is now a human. Read this manga where mc is weak but others think mc is strong.

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Trash of the Count’s Family

An elegant and fiery manhwa whose author is Yoo Ryeo Han is very famous ongoing manhwa. This manhwa is based on transmigration into novel named The birth of a Hero. The mc read this novel in his free time but strangely after waking up from sleep one day he possessed a body of the son of count.

The count’s son was a famous trash personality and wicked man who was destined to die by the hands of main character of this novel. But after transmigration our mc changes everything and tries to survive since manga where mc thinks he is weak but face many challenges to survive. Read this manhwa where mc thinks he is weak but becomes strong.

Regressor Instruction Manual

The author of this ongoing action fantasy manhwa is Wooden spoon midnight studio. This manhwa is based on the story of another world that is filled with monsters and gods. The mc along with many people gets summoned into a strange world with unique powers based on their aptitudes and body constitution.

Moreover, mc was the weakest among all but in that hopeless situation he didn’t give up and acted strong to protect everyone. He used every vicious tactic in order to survive and in hopeless world full of strong people and monsters. The manga where mc is weak but others think mc is strong is worth your time so enjoy reading.

My Insanely Competent Underlings

This new and exciting action manhwa is based on game where mc is weak but obtains a very strong subordinate through his luck. He was warned that if he didn’t managed to control his subordinate and acted tough his underling will leave him.

Moreover, his underling is very strong and deadly he kills people easily and because of his bad nature it is very difficult to manage him. Main character is really managing things on his own to survive there by hanging with his underling. He then also manages to attract attention of a npc who specializes in assassination. Read this manhwa where mc thinks he is weak.

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I’m Not That Kind of Talent

This action fantasy manhwa is new with very fiery and intriguing plot. The story is based on the chaotic wars that is going between humans and demons. This long was with hero and demon king never ended despite death of hero. While dying hero releases his power so that a new candidate obtains that power to defeat the demon king.

The main character of the manhwa Deon who was a human very weak and fragile somehow managed to survive on long lasted battlefield. But in a fight between hero and demon king he got caught and somehow managed to gain the trust of the demon king. Deon becomes a corps commander under the demon king reign. Read this manga with weak mc who somehow tries to survive in demon realm.

My School Life Pretending To Be a Worthless Person

After discovery of new source of power called edeya that was based on the essence of soul of mankind. Later on this became one of the most important criteria of deciding ranks or category. This invaluable weapon edeya after materialization helps in achieving enormous power.

Jinsong who was weakest of all was ranked f in every thing. He was considered as the weakest of the school and higher ups wanted to kick him out of the school. However, the reality was far from normal and he never cleared their misunderstanding. He was the owner of edeya named absolute killing intent which was very dangerous and chaotic. Read this amazing manga where mc thinks he is weak but in reality the manga with weak mc is very strong.

Ultimate Legend: Kang Hae Hyo

An amazing action packed manhwa written by Choi Byung Yeol, this manhwa is still ongoing and art style is also worth looking for. This manhwa is based of gangsters who were causing problems in society. Young high school students were bullied by their peers then a major decision is taken by decision.

After government took a serious action against those delinquent by gathering every gangsters in one place. Kang Hae ho a normal frail student was also among those vicious group of gangsters. He was very confused that he who was also bullied became a criminal somehow. Read this manhwa to know the reality of Hae Ho who is we


Our team Animeindie worked hard in finding these unique and interesting manga suggestion for our fans so your likes and comments would be very encouraging for us. We hope that Manga where the Mc is weak but everyone think he is Op List mentioned above is valuable for our readers.

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