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Best 15+ Manhwa Mc weak To Strong 2023

Check out your favorite manhwa mc weak to strong journey where he suffers but in the end changes into a badass character. Trashes all those who looks down or bullied him in the past while helping and protecting his loved ones. Since fans love weakest to strongest manhwa transformation our team have worked hard to provide best ongoing and best manhwa where mc starts weak.

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Manhwa Mc Weak To Strong

These are the best manhwa where mc starts weak and becomes strong so if by any chance you haven’t read any of these best weak to strong manhwa then try it.

Heavenly Inquisition Sword

Manhwa Mc weak To Strong

This manhwa is presented by redice studio which gave us one of the best manhwa Solo Leveling so we strongly recommend trying this manhwa. Jeokha was the son of the strongest martial master of Nine Heavens but his father’s health degraded after deadth of his mother whom he loved the most. His father locked himself after marrying a second wife but Jeokha was treated badly by her stepmother.

Moreover, after suffering there he finally found his father lost sword techniques and after countless hard work made those techniques finally his own. Jeokha then left his house without telling anyone and starts his journey into

Overpowered Sword

This story is about the previous hero who used the holy sword to defeat demons but after his death sword was lost and everyone was waiting for the holy sword to select the new hero who will challenge and defeat vicious dark demons. Leon a very hard working academy student challenged his fate by overcoming his limits but still wasn’t able to defeat and surpass his friend who was strongest among everyone.

One day Leon obtained a chance that can change his life completely but the upcoming challenges will be very dangerous and life threatening. Leon decided that he will accept that and will show that he is worthy enough to be acknowledge by everyone.

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Your Talent Is Mine

This is a story based on totally new concept where weak mc obtains a very badass ability to copy talents of other. Ye tian lived a very hard life with his sister who was talented. Ye tian was weakest and was struggling against heavens to change his fate to protect himself and his only sister after apocalypse.

After all heavens listen to those who are worthy and thus he obtained an ability to copy any talent from strongest to weakest from hunters and monsters as well. From there his real journey starts as a hunter who changes his levels quickly and developed himself at a rapid rate.

The Constellation That Returned From Hell

After a sudden outbreak that changes the life of people and destruction can be seen everywhere. Hunters appeared after getting unique powers and some through learning martial arts. Mc was one day offered a chance to learn and become a servant of god. While travelling with god in upper realm mc got lost and found himself in abyss of hell.

There he fought against countless of demons and monsters restlessly. He worked inside the hell to survive and learned about many mystery of world. There he became so strong that after arriving earth he became a living god who can bless and give powers to others. A very new and ongoing manhwa weak to strong mc lovers.

Reformation Of The Deadbeat Noble

Airen Parreira after an incident starts avoiding reality and only sleeps but everyone mocked him. After a long wasting of time a young noble became Deadbeat noble in high society. One day while he was sleeping he saw a strange dream about a man who was swinging his sword without skipping a single day for almost years. After that dream where a talentless swordsmen who became as ferocious as tiger after hardship gives Airen a spark.

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That spark helped him to start and change himself not instantly but slowly. Arien learned many things and started enjoying his struggle and joined famous swordsmanship academy to learn and hone his skills with help of masters. Read this weakest to strongest manhwa.

Poison Eating Healer

Mc who was in very bad condition because of poison in his body that can’t be healed. His sister was only family he had who worked hard to pay for his medical fees but doctor said that he will die soon. But while he was returning home Haesun and many people got attacked by monsters due to sudden outbreak. His sister ran there to protect Haesun but they got stuck in a dedly situation where his sister protected him and got some severe injury.

However, in that life death situation he fought with monsters and overcome his limits but soon more monsters came there and situation became out of control. A lady appeared out of blue and healped him save his sister and also saved Haesun from his deadly poison. She trained him for few weeks and gave him an opportunity to become strong and survive.

Murim Login

After the appearance of monsters, the hunter era started when everyone aspired to become a strong hunter to gain fame and money while protecting humanity. Tae kyung was also one of them who wanted to become a famous hunter but he get awakened as low tier hunter. One day while he bought an vr machine to play a game he login into a strange murim world as character.

He later realized that this game world affects the real world too and from there everything started to change. Tae Kyung started leveling up in-game and his real-life hunter power also sky rocketed. Check this manhwa where manhwa weak to strong journey is very amazing.

Infinite Mage

This manhwa is trending manhwa presented by same studio that released Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint. The story is based on a young baby who was left in stable of woodcutter’s house. After knowing the situation they adopted that child and treated them as their own son. Shirone was very talented but since he was a commoner he wasn’t able to get an opportunity to learn and grow.

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Shirone was a gifted child that learned everything quickly and also by himself. Shirone was very interested in magic and wanted to become a mage. However, for commoner learning magic was prohibited. Check this latest and amazing manhwa where mc has infinite potential to grow.

The Book of Lagier

Embilden one of the prime demon king who dominated the demonic realm was one day summoned into human world by fat and ambitious young prince. Laiger who was blinded to become stronger and rule over the world summoned him to from a contract but due to a mistake during summoning he died and demon king obtained his body. Now to leave his body Embilden needs to fulfill wish of that stupid prince and that was to conquer the world.

From being weakest to strongest manhwa where mc body is possesed by king who changes his situation and started ruling into human world is very intriguing. So make sure to check this new ongoing manhwa.

Dr Player

An illegitimate son Raymond of imperial family who was treated as a trash somehow wanted to survive. Raymond was bullied by his siblings and was treated badly by everyone from servants to nobles. He wanted to change his life and somehow gained an opportunity by awakening healing powers.

But his power was not strong since he was weakest healer but Raymond never stopped working hard. He worked and learned in the clinic for years but result was nothing and soon he was about to be kicked out from there. However, he obtained some modern medical knowledge and started treating patients. Read how raymons survived and changed his miserable life.


These Best manhwa where mc starts weak but soon through hard work and luck changes his fate. After all weak to strong manhwa is very trending these days because of their plot twist. Our team would love your thoughts on this best weak to strong manhwa recommendations. Moreover, share and join us on different social media platform.

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