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Best 15+ Manhwa with Op Mc in School

Since School life is very nostalgic to everyone we are back with some amazing Manhwa with Op Mc in School. But everyone has different memories of their school life some get bullied while some enjoyed themselves with girls as they were very popular. However, what matters is that even after being a nerd or getting bullied did he or she change? So here in this article for our readers, we have bought some kickass character transformation School life-based manhwa along with many other kinds of school life stories with fiery plots.

Read these fierce school fighting manhwa mentioned below in the article without any hesitation as they are top-tier and very famous nowadays. So without wasting your time let’s start our list of manhwa with op mc in school.

Manhwa with Op Mc in School

Ready to get recommendations on a manhwa with op mc in school life then let’s get started.

Mercenary Enrollment

It is one of the top-tier action and school life-based ongoing manhwa because the story is about an ex-soldier who is now back as a normal high schooler. Many tragedies happened in Yu Ijin’s life but he still manages to survive now he got a chance to live with his family again.

He came back and started living with his sister and grandfather but suddenly found out that someone is targeting his sister. What will he do because he is not your normal soo called the guy who will try to resolve it normally? Read and you’ll have a great time reading this kickass school fighting manhwa.

Viral Hit/ How to Fight

School is a place where students learn and feel enthusiastic as they enjoy every moment while learning but what if you don’t want to go to school? There must be a reason behind it, yes our main character Yoo Hobin was bullied in his school very badly by his classmates and there is no one to help him not even teachers.

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But after all the suffering an incident changes his life now he has to decide his new way of living his life whether he wanted to go back to being bullied or want to revolt and change. Manhwa where mc goes to school you must read at least once.

The Breaker

People always have two choices when they are pushed to the corner one is to end their suffering by giving up and the second is to take things into one’s own hands and break the cycle of misery. A similar thing happened to the main character Shioon whose life became hell after being bullied regularly in his school.

But after reaching the limit he decided to change the way he lives and wanted to become stronger to challenge them. There he finds his teacher who is by no means a normal teacher rather you can say he’s a monster. Our mc after being determined decides to ask his teacher to help him overcome this challenge do you think he will help? Read this high school manhwa to know what will be the outcome of his resistance.

Random Chat

Our main character is having a hard time in his high school life because he’s all alone like an outcast. Sounds terrific but yup school life is not the same for everyone. Still, Joon Woo is enjoying his life by chatting with strangers on his phone. Read to know if somehow mc can change his life in this high school manhwa or not.

Get Schooled

Manhwa with Op Mc in School

If we are talking about teaching then we all know how difficult this task of handling students is. But nowadays teachers can not even hit students who deserve a beating for their deeds because of the aftermath of using violence. Now here in a school of bullies, our main character became the teacher in charge.

Hwajin Na was given the chance by the school authority to discipline those trashy students and change their way of thinking. But do you think it will be easy? since we all know those from rich families never back down and listen to anyone. Check out to know if he can change them or if he’ll be changed very interesting. You can also say that this is a manhwa where mc is a op teacher.

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The Bully In-Charge

What will you do if you were given a chance to become someone who will have to supervise bullies in the school? sounds cool but in this manhwa our main character was given this chance after thoroughly watching his past behavior and overpowering strength. Daegun was just managing his preparation along with a part-time job in a supermarket to manage things but after this proposal offered by Educational committee.

As they started a project to take care of all this mess using Daegun but the offer seems tempting to our mc and he just accepted the deal so that he can change those thugs like students who are working for money under some bigshot. Do you think he will be able to solve such a large-scale problem all alone? Who knows he might be able to pull off something grand so read to know.

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

What do you think you will do if you’re from a very famous family and all your siblings are popular for being toppers and stronger sounds like you’ll have a great life but no because our mc is the worst student in the whole academy. Everyone makes fun of him and his own family members bully him to the extent that he decides to end his suffering by committing suicide.

He died however an archmage who was locked for thousand years possesses his body and nobody is aware of this fact. Now just imagine an archmage who rivaled gods had to go to school sounds fun?

Devil Sword King

What do you think about a person who is living literally living two lives sounds absurd but what if it’s true? But in the Manhwa Devil Sword King, our main character is living two lives, in first he is a normal high schooler but second, he’s a leader of the magic world. And the most intriguing part is that our mc is very inclined in living such a burdensome life.

But don’t you think living two lives is very difficult? Yes, it is thus after some time managing his two personalities became too much for even him. However, do you think he will give up? Who knows so if you want to get a grasp of it then check out the complicated manhwa.

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Have you ever found yourself in a hopeless situation where you can not understand what to do? After living miserably continuously do you think one can remain sane? this is what happened to the main character of this manhwa. After trying to kill himself he was saved!

Sounds like god doesn’t want him to die but what do you think is the intention of the one who saved him? Is he a friend? or a foe? nobody knows but if you want to find out read this manhwa where mc goes to school and you will be amazed to know what happened to him after being saved.

Gang of School

Life is all about ups and down but what matters is what path one chooses when one faces such a situation like in the case of Won Hang Gil his life turned upside down after the untimely death of his father. But fate sure is cruel cause due to the trauma of the husband’s death caused his mother to mentally ill.

As he has to take care of both his mother and his blind sister he chooses the wrong path, you can say a bad choice but who knows until you read this manhwa to know what happened after his choice? Do you think he will not regret his choice of starting a criminal organization? Read to know if you are curious!

Manhwa with overpowered Mc in School List

Want some more manhwa with overpowered mc in school then try this list out.

  • Zero Game
  • Nevermore
  • Study Group
  • Unholy Blood
  • Windbreaker

These are some high-rated ongoing manhwa where mc goes to school for our fans to read.


With this, we have come to an end of our recommendations on Manhwa with op mc in school and we hope that you will enjoy reading these action-packed manhwas based on the school life of the protagonist. Do not forget to comment on your favorite manhwa of this genre and make sure to share this article with your manhwa lover friend.

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