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50+ Best Anime Characters that Start with A

If you are an anime fan then you might want to know about anime characters that start with A. So here our Team Animeindie worked to provide anime fans with some amazing information about anime characters that start with a letter.

Read our list to get anime characters with the letter a in their name.

List Of Anime Characters That Start With A

Check out our list of anime characters starts with letter a and if you are interested in more amazing anime content then click on the link provided below.

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Akashi Seijuro

Anime Characters that Start with A
Anime OriginKuroko No Basketball
PositionPoint Guard
TalentEmperors Eye

A total badass character who was the former Captain of Generation of Miracles. Akashi has crimson hair and small stature but still overpowered anyone in basketball. Since he is a bit intimidating and was someone who controlled his best talents as captain he has great pride.

Abarai Renji

Anime OriginBleach
BankaiSoo Zabimaru

Renji a crimson-haired badass shinigami works under Captain Byakuya Kuchiki as the lieutenant of the 6th Division. Renji’s personality is very changing as he acts arrogant before any fight but soon became depressed if his opponent defeats him. He married his childhood friend Rukia Kuchiki daughter of his captain. Kentaro Ito and Wally Wingert are voice actors in Japanese and English Language.

Accutrone Robert

Anime OriginBleach
Spirit Weapon Reishi Pistol

Robert is tall black hair, and Quincy with a stoic and respectful personality. He is in the 8th division under Captain Shunsui Kyoraku with great confidence. Robert is strong and has pain resistance ability because even after receiving a fatal wound in a fight he stood firmly. With his spirit weapon, he can shoot at even point-blank range. Takaya Hashi and Neil Kaplan are Japanese and English voice actors of Robert in Bleach.

Ackerman Kenny

Anime OriginAttack On Titan
AliasKenny The Reaper
Relative Ackerman Clan

Kenny is a prominent member Police Brigade of the 1st Interior Squad and also was captain of the Anti-personnel Control Squad. Kenny is known for his vicious personality and also gained the famous nickname Kenny the Reaper. After he slits the throats of many people in a fight along with his proficient skill of evasion he became a legend. Moreover, Kenny taught Levi many things since he was his uncle. Kenny is a ruthless person with a greed for power for achieving his goals he can do anything like betray someone or kill.

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Ackerman Levi

Anime OriginAttack On Titan
AliasHumanity’s Strongest Soldier
RankSquad Captain

Levi after surviving harsh childhood transformed into one the strongest character in the series Attack on Titan. Levi attracted massive popularity because of his badass personality. His strong sense of justice and awesome skills lead almost every battle to victory.

Akerman Mikasa

Anime OriginAttack On Titan
RelativesAckerman Clan
Voice ActorYui Ishikawa

Mikasa suffered a lot in her childhood as her parents were brutally murdered by some traffickers. However, she survived because of Eren and then soon became close to his family as they started living together. Since Shogun Clan stayed at Paradis Island and had great influence, Mikasa is their last descendant.

Afro Samurai

Anime OriginAfro Samurai
Directed ByFuminori Kizaki

The story of this anime is based on Japanese legends about the greatest warrior. People thought that wearing their headbands will make them immortal or grant them some special powers. Afro our main character had a headband with the number 2 on it and also become an object of the target. He faced assassins, criminals, and many more on his journey.

Agas Hiroshi

Anime OriginDetective Conan
AliasDr. Agasa

A Famous Scientist in Detective Conan, Hiroshi Agasa plays an important role in the series as he invented many gadgets for our male lead. He was also known as Professor Agasa and was 1st person to know about Conan being Shinichi. Agasa was simply living his life while inventing tons of gadgets and games.

Agrippa Gordon

Anime OriginBlack Clover
SquadBlack Bull
OccupationMagic Knight

Gordon is a unique and silent character in black clover. He is a junior magic knight and a commoner of Black Bull. He always mumbles something that makes it hard for him to connect and communicates with others. However, Gordon is kind and friendly and loves to become friends but his appearance makes it difficult.

Agrippa Nathan

Anime OriginBlack Clover
Magic AttributeBlack Oil Magic
Country Clover Kingdom

Nathan is somewhat similar to Gordon in appearance and mumbling behavior but Nathan has a broad mindset and wants to do good with the curse and poison legacy of his family by doing experiments to discover and create something helpful.

Aikawa Love

Anime OriginBleach

A resident of soul society who is affiliated with Visored. Aikawa was once Captain of the 7th division. He loves reading and enjoying his time but love believes in respect and peace. Tetsu and Travis are the voice actors in Japanese and English.

Aino Minako

Anime OriginSailor Venus
OccupationSailor Guardian
AliasPrincess Venus

Minako is the leader of Inner Sailor guardians and the main lead of the series. Minako’s family is not known and she is associated with Artemis, solar system sailor guardians, etc. She mainly likes yellow and red colors and video games.

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Aisaka Taig

Anime OriginToradora
AliasPalmtop Tiger
Occupation Student

Aisaka is a character in the anime series Toradora and she is very charismatic and popular in her school. She loses her temper real quick and acts brutal toward others which is why she has gained the nickname Palmtop Tiger. Rie Kugimiya is the Japanese voice actor of Aiskas.

Aizawa Shouta

Anime OriginMy Hero Academia
AffiliationU.A, High School

Aizawa also known as the pro hero eraser head has amazing abilities to erase the quirk of anyone he touches. He is currently teaching at U.A. High School and is the homeroom teacher of Class 1A. Junichi Suwabe and Alex Organ are Japanese and English voice actors.

Aizen Sousuke

Anime OriginBleach

Aizen was once the leader of the Arrancar Army, and captain of the 5th Division but later with his followers, Aizen decided to leave soul society. Aizen level of intelligence is beyond normal human understanding. Sho Hayami and Kyle Hebert are voice actors in Japanese and English.


Anime OriginOne Piece
OccupationFleet Admiral

Sakazuki is the current Fleet Admiral who is also known as Akainu. After Sengoku left his position as fleet admiral Akinu was given this opportunity. He made very bold decisions after becoming fleet admiral like the relocation of the navy headquarters.


Anime OriginOne Piece
Devil FruitMera Mera No Mi
AliasFire Fis Ace

Ace is the son of pirate king Gold d roger and was raised by Monkey d Grap. He became very close with Monkey d Luffy main character of our anime and manga. Ace then decided to become king of pirates and left to explore the world but later on joined white beard’s pirate crew.

Armstrong Oliver Mira

Anime OriginFullmetal Alchemist
Rank Major General
AliasIce Queen

Arruruerie Aaroniero

Anime OriginBleach
AliasKaien Shiba
Occupation9th Espada

Arruruerie Aaroniero is the 9th Espada of Sosuke Aizen with very high spiritual powers and agility. He can even evolve himself by devouring hollows and loves to support Aizen in his goals. He is also known as Noveno Espada and can shapeshift and evolve.

Asakura Yoh

Anime OriginShaman King
AliasLord Yoh

Yoh is the male lead in manga and anime series named Shaman King. Yoh is Asakura’s family heir and shares blood with Asakura Hao who is the villain in the series. Later, Yoh became the team leader after Shaman fights and marries his love Anna Kyoyama. An amazing and famous anime characters with the letter a in their name.

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Ashido Mina

Anime OriginMy Hero Academia
AliasAlien Queen
PowersAcrobatics, Acid Manipulation, etc

A very energetic and friendly character Ashido Mina from My Hero Academia, Mina is very skilled in dance and is free-spirited. She joined U.A High School to become A pro Hero to protect others. Eri Kitamura and Caitlin Glass are Japanese and English voice actors of Mina.

Asogi Rin

Anime OriginRIN; Daughters of Mnemosyne
PowerImmortality, Hand to Hand Combat

An immortal female and also our main lead of Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne. Rin is known for her beauty and emerald eyes. A dark suit and tie are her common look in the series and she is very kind and considerate and loves justice. After living years she’s still very energetic and smiles.


Anime OriginBlack Clover
SquadBlack Bull
Magic AttributeAnti Magic

Asta’s origin was unknown and was raised in Hage village church after his appearance in anime he didn’t have any magic despite never giving up the personality of Asta is something to look up to. After his long hardship, Asta ended up with a grimoire of the anti-magic devil. Later, Asta joined Black Bulls and there he made many friends and fought many death battles. Gakuto Kajiwara and Dallas Reid is Japanese and English voice actor of the character Asta of Black Clover.

Asui Tsuyu

Anime OriginMy Hero Academia
OccupationU.A High Student

Tsuyu is a very strong and brave girl, her parents were mainly out because of their work, and she grew up alone with many responsibilities. Later, she joined U.A High School to become a pro hero so she can protect and become strong. She had a tough time making friends due to her appearance and her schedule. Aoi Yuuki is the main Japanese voice actor of Tsuyu.


Anime OriginSword Art Online
Full NameYuuki Asuna
AffiliationKnight of the Blood

Asuna is the female lead in the anime sword art online and the daughter of the previous CEO of RECT Inc. She has long orange with brown shade hair makes her beautiful as her kind personality. Asuna changed and survived in sword art online and became a strong raid member of the tower. Moreover, Asuna fell in love with Krito in the later part of sword art online. Tomatsu Haruka and Cherami Leigh is the main voice actor in Japanese and English language as Asuna in sword art online.

Ayame Sarutobi

Anime OriginGintama

Ayame is a beautiful ninja whose familiar name is Sacchan. She is a part-timer at Cafe Kunoichi but she is a trained ninja from Oniwabanshuu. Her eyesight is a little bad and Ayame is a bit obsessed with Sakata Gintoki. Ayame’s past is pretty unknown; she works as an assassin. A bold personality along with a childish personality. Yu Kobayashi and Carli Mosier is the voice actor of Ayame in Japanese and English.

Ayasegawa Yumichika

Anime OriginBleach

Ayasegawa Yumichika is a unique character in Bleach who adores beauty more than anything. Ayasegawa is ranked 3rd in the 11th Division( 13 Gotei ) and serves under Kenpachi Zaraki. Jun Fukuyama and Brian Beacock is the voice actor of Ayasegawa Yumichika in Japanese and English. His personality is different than any regular power-showing character because he suppresses his true abilities and keeps everyone in check.

Astro Boy

Anime OriginAstro Boy
GenresAdventure-Superhero-Sci fci
Written ByKobunsha

Astro boy is the male lead (Superhero) in the anime animated by Osamu Tezuka. Moreover, Astroy is an incredibly powerful robot that was created by a scientist. Later, he was thrown out and there his real journey started and ends with becoming an uprising hero of mankind. Freddie Highmore is the English voice actor of the character Astro boy.

These are some badass anime characters start with letter a or anime characters with first letter a.


As we know, anime has a wide variety of characters that start with the letter A. From Characters like Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist to Android 18 in Dragon Ball Z, there are many A-named characters that have become Otaku favorites and earned popularity among them. These characters showcase the diverse range of personalities, strengths, Powers, Stories, and vulnerabilities that make the anime they are in so beloved by fans around the world. Whether you’re new to the anime world or a seasoned otaku, there are many A-named characters in our list that you’ll find captivating and relatable.

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