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Top Anime Characters with Tattoos on Hand (Ranked) 2023

Anime Characters with Tattoos on Hand

Tattoos are one thing that every Anime enthusiast is fascinated about. Tattoos are one thing that sets apart many anime characters from others & makes them fan favorites. Some Anime fans love body tattoos, some love Characters with face tattoos & others love Anime characters with hand tattoos. So if you’re one of them then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to share the list of Best Anime Characters with tattoos on hand that you can watch. This list contains the best Anime forearm tattoos list.

So Without wasting any further time let’s check out the list of Anime characters with fascinating tattoos on hand.

Anime Characters with Tattoos on Hand List

So, let’s check out the list :

Kakashi Hatake

kakashi hatake

Without a doubt, Kakashi Hatake from Naruto is one of the most famous characters among anime fans. He has some of the strongest attacks in the Anime World. He sports an iconic & legendary Anbu tattoo on his arm. Before turning heel he was a member of elite Ninja forces known as Anbu.

This is one of the fan-favorite Anime Characters with Tattoos on Hand & it was mandatory for all the members of Anbu Force & it’s a fan favorite too.



The Scar is one of the strongest Alchemists from the all-time Classic Anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. After his entire homeland and Family were killed by some forces, he became an Ishvalan Warrior and got tattoos as a symbol of the War & killings he participated in.

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Many people knew him because of the scar but he has some great Alchemist tattoos on his hand too, which he got from his brother. Scar lost his hands in a war & to prevent him from surviving the same fate his dying Brother gave him his own hands, which have magnificent Tattoos on them.

Renji Abarai

renji abrai

Renji Abarai is one of the most famous characters among Bleach fans. Renji’s full body is covered with a tribal tattoo which shows his rage, power & destiny as a warrior. He likes to hide his tattoo which makes it even more unique & Buzz-worthy among the fans.

Majority of the Bleach fans like to get Renji’s tattoo to show their love for the series.

Nami One Piece

nami one piece

Name Of One Piece is the first Female character on our list. In the series, she was shown as a strong, independent & extremely talented thief who was popularly known as Cat Burglar.

She has a beautiful tattoo on his forearms which represents Milkan & Pinwheels. It was a coverup tattoo that she has to show her linkage to Arlong.


Tatsu from The Way of The House Husband is one of the most famous Anime characters out there. The Way of the House Husband is one of the most-reviewed Anime on Our Website. You can check out our detailed review of the Series here.

Tatsu was a former yakuza Member who willingly gave up his violent profession to become a househusband. Tatsu’s iconic dragon tattoo on his back extending to his forearms & even banned in China is without a doubt a fan favorite.

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Kamina, the character who is still considered one of the most stylish anime characters of all time by some fans, has one of the most Stylish tattoos. Kamina, from Gurren Lagann, has some of the coolest tattoos ever & his tattoos in some way represent his hotheaded & charismatic personality.

Gurren Lagann is based on a Dystopian future where humankind lives in Underground villages, but two teens Simon & Kamina decide to change it and go to the surface.

Tatsumi Oga

tatsumi oga

Tatsumi Oga became a dad to a Demon Baby called Beelzebub IV when he was in high school. Tatsumi is a cruel and sadistic Student who wants to defeat all his enemies with the help of Demon Baby Beelzebub.

Tatsumi got a mysterious Zebul Spell tattoo on his right hand, which shows the contract between The demon baby and Tatsumi. This tattoo gave Oga many Demonic powers which increased as he fought. This tattoo became so famous that many Beelzebub fans got it inked on them to show their love for Anime.



The next Female Character on our list is none other than Black Lagoon’s Merciless Protector Revy. Revy is known for defeating her opponents in the most sadistic way possible. She has an iconic Right Arm Tribal tattoo on her hand which perfectly shows her dominant & iconic Personality. This tattoo is more famous among Male fans than Female fans keeping in mind that Revy Is a female character.



Next Anime Character with tattoos on hand is Uta from Tokyo Ghoul. He is the most beloved member of the Clowns. He has some of the most iconic Tattoos of all time. From the Gigantic Sun tattoo on his chest to the Iconic Design Tattoo on his Wrist. This tattoo on his wrist of the left hand is the reason why we included Uta in this list of Anime Characters with arm tattoos.

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The first time when Koujaku was seen with tattoos was when he disappeared from the island he used to live in just to appear back after some time with his body covered in Tattoos & Scars. After this, he started working as a hairdresser & led his Rib team. He was best friends with Apna & used to eat Tae’s Food quite often.

Koujaku has a Stripes Tribal tattoo on his Right Arm which made him look Fierce & Powerful in the entire anime. Otaku prefers to get Tattoos similar to his as it is quite common & looks good on anyone.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you guys loved the Anime Characters list given above. All the anime characters shared above have tattoos on their hands which makes them unique from the rest. We selected only those Anime characters with hand tattoos that are fan favorites and voted by our Instagram & YouTube Community.

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